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  1. 7 hours ago, Raviar said:

    The flight model changed and I cant do it anymore, followed the exact parameters but its just deep tight dive spiral, at the best situation with by overriding FCS its get a little bit better but not even close to Pirouette 

    Overriding FCS? You probably mean paddle switch. Pressing it would probably deactivate the pirouette logic but hey... some other crazy stuff could come out as a result.

    I would wait till FM update happens...

  2. 1 hour ago, Wizard_03 said:

    ...The true strength of the jet is it's low speed controllability and nose pointing authority. So why are you not fighting the jet too it's strengths? 


    After all this time I still have to constantly remind myself to ease up on the stick in most turning fights not to run out of steam. Forget the paddle switch... I did run into the dirt couple of times in the past when evading SAMs and paddle wouldn't have made any difference. The switch is there though, so... might be worth to do some creative tests. Let's see, perhaps if I could combine a pirouette entry with paddle, followed by...

    runs to the flight line:biggrin:

  3. I'm afraid this PA ATC thing might take some practice getting used to, depending on how well it's modelled. I'm quite happy with the current power response we have in latest OB. I might find ATC useful during level part of approach (at 1200') before GS intercept.

  4. On 10/15/2021 at 12:32 PM, Stearmandriver said:

    I've tried contacting the tanker first, tried without contacting the tanker... he just won't refuel, even when we're joined on the tanker.  After he refuses and I tell him to RTB, I proceed to tank with no issues so it isn't a tanker problem. 

    Only thing I can think of is that I'm often in a multiplayer mission even when playing single-player, because of the significant performance boost associated with running a Liberation mission in a separate server instance.  Could this be more of a multiplayer issue, like the AI inability to get hooked up to a cat on the supercarrier?  

    No issues in a SP mission (my own). I had my wingy flying left echelon on this leg of the route. Approached the tanker from starboard. It seemed like the wingy likes to plug in to the left basket, so I let him... I plugged in on the right side. It's been awhile since I refueled from the the right basket but I managed to stay just below the wake turbulence on my right and jet wash on my left.


  5. I have to make a small clarification here. In the post above I stated that pirouette logic has not been implemented yet.  Perhaps it has been, in the past. I do remember performing a classic, air show pirouette a while back and the yaw was definitely more pronounced. Currently, it looks like there is more roll. Even if the maneuver is done the way Wags demonstrated in his vid (done in an older OB build).

    Someone commented on YT that I entered the maneuver incorrectly. Yep, not exactly the way it's done at an airshow but I did enter below 210 knots and above 25 deg. AOA so the pirouette logic should have kicked in. Although, starting this with nose up would not produce a snappy response. Then again, I'm simply relying on vids and some feed back as a reference... I've never flown the real bug.

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  6. 14 hours ago, Raviar said:

    Hello Hornet pilots,
    is there anyone have problem with Pirouette Maneuver ? seems after the last FM update it really changed, its not easy to do it anymore.
    like to hear your opinion if anyone can do it with clean hornet.



    I don't think the pirouette logic is implemented yet. I tried it from a pitch up to get above 25 AOA and below 210 kts and it simply looked like a sluggish rudder turn. Same when started in horizontal. When you have some more speed on the jet, say around 300 kts, the 'loaded' turns are very crisp. I like the way it handles at this speed range but... that's not a pirouette.

    Edit: The first attempt was entered within parameters and looked slow (split s would take the same amount of time to reverse), in the second maneuver I entered at around 300 kts and it sort of resembled a sloppy pirouette.


  7. 14 hours ago, rob10 said:

    ...Tanking on the turn is easy if you just treat the wings of the tanker as your artificial horizon.  As long as they look level in your view you're matching the tanker so you're good...


    Once you connect, it's easier to focus on some spot on a tanker, a refueling pod for instance and keep it aligned with top of your HUD or just below canopy bow (depending on a tanker).

    Following the wings of a tanker might be tricky since they don't really turn at the same rate for a given bank as our Hornets do. On top of that... AI flight model.  Also, in case of KC135 MPRS, the wing dihedral might throw you off.

  8. 11 hours ago, Jenson said:

    carry 4 gbu-10, full afterburner diving for 30 degree from 30k to reach supersonic, at around 5k ft, pull your stick to the end while clicking pinky paddle to override G-limit, you might get a chance to break your wings. 


    Heavy loads or not, the jet was happily ripping through the air at 9.7 g. After few seconds, of course I was asleep...


    If you really want to get rid of your wings, accelerate to about M.9 or more in a level flight, flip the FCS gain switch to override, push the stick all the way forward and let go. When you see the pitch oscillations picking up, pull the stick all the way back. When the nose goes up to 15/20 deg., you'll see a nice orange glow in the mirrors.

  9. On 10/7/2021 at 12:28 PM, fagulha said:

    Ah yes! happened me once or two, but now just look down to the panel and got no problems to be honest 🙂


    It seems like LTD/R in auto mode keeps lasing for a 'while' sometimes. In this clip I dropped 2 GBU24s on moving tanks (35kts) in one pass. The laser still kept going after the second impact.


  10. 4 hours ago, Aarnoman said:

    I concur. Tested a range of bombs included a GBU-38 with DLY1 fuzing, a GBU-12 with INST fuzing for comparison (note identical effect from the GBU-38, though it should not have been able to damage the MiG), and finally the GBU-31(V)3/B with DLY1 fuzing, again exploding at impact rather than penetrating into the bunker in the F/A-18C.

    Track attached.
    Expected behaviour would be as in here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN7yX-1LmVo (same bomb type dropped from F-16), which correctly penetrates into the bunker before exploding.

    PenetrationFa-18track.trk 1.29 MB · 1 download


    I did a very quick test using 31(v)4/B. It does seem to have a delay, regardless of efuse setting. The first bomb and the crater was set to DLY1, the second one was INST. The explosion effects and damage looked identical. Perhaps it's just the explosion effect creating a very small delay. The effect in the F16 vid definitely looks better.


  11. Currently I can also reject it by switching TDC priority to another DDI and then back to ATTK. I normally switch to azel on LDDI then back to RDDI but like you said, pinky should also be an option.

  12. I can't believe it but I'm on ED's side on this one... No, actually in my opinion these black dots from afar are a bit too visible. Perhaps an occasional sparkle from a sun reflection on a canopy. At mid to 2 or 3 nm, it all depends on background and and lighting angle... and eyes. 🤓 I use a lot of foul language when I loose track of a bandit but that's definitely not BS. 

    One thing that cracks me up is an exaggerated puff of smoke effect from the motors. :biggrin: It applies to almost all jets here and could be a life saver.  

  13. 1 hour ago, Exorcet said:

    The Hornet is one of the planes with good lights. You can actually see them from a distance instead of them disappearing arbitrarily. We need more planes like the Hornet.


    When you're right next to it, maybe. When you increase the distance the lights get smaller but the freaken glow stays the same size before blending into a blob.

    In my opinion, it should look like one of the brightest stars on a moonless night, perhaps bit brighter, right on top of (or next to) a blinking red colored star (military beacon), moving through the sky... no damn glow. As you get close, you should see some distance between these two. Within .3 or .4 nm, the position lights 'pixels' should perhaps be distinguishable. Yea, a little glow maybe around them and the beacon. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, BarTzi said:

    It might be a bug, but saying it makes the aircraft useless in A/G is not very accurate..


    Would 'dumbed down' be more accurate?  I don't know how convoluted this code spaghetti is but for some weird reason we always have to loose something in order to gain something else :confused:

  15. On 9/23/2021 at 1:45 PM, Theweasel11 said:

    For those who don't know, the helmet display can be custom set to show specific symbology. If the HMD has been turned on and BIT checked, then the HMD button is available on the DDI SUPT page. There you can set the REJ level similar to the HUD. Additionally, you can click the REJECT SETUP button to choose what is displayed on each level.


    I'm not sure who else might be looking for this, but I noticed today that the settings labeled as WINDOW 1-10 now have some function.

    I've been offline for the last few updates, so I'm not sure when this was implemented. The Chuck's Guide dated 21/08/2021 (page 352) shows these as No Function in DCS.


    What I've found out so far through trial and error:

    Window 2 - RDR/FLIR - Displayed when sensors are slaved to radar/FLIR

    Window 3 - MAV/CCIP/etc - Displayed when ATG weapons are selected

    Window 4 - GUN - Displayed when gun is selected in ATG mode

    Window 7 - ATC/NWS - Displayed when throttle lock or NWS is activated

    Window 8 - target/waypoint distance - Displayed when HSI is tracking steerpoint


    I haven't found what the other five do as of yet. If you find out, then post it here. Maybe someone has this info already, but I haven't been able to find it.


    Nothing changed as far as I know. I turned everything on (NORM and both REJ modes) then disabled blanking altogether just for the heck of it and it all looks the same to me. I've always seen these in NORM mode.  Unless I missed something.


  16. On 9/6/2021 at 9:25 PM, Mo410 said:

    RAID is for when you are unsure of the numbers in a group and want the radar to use some of its processing power to try and figure out if there are more targets in the location of the L&S.  EXP is simply an expanded view of what you have.  So if you have the contacts you want to shoot in TWS and they are closely spaced: shoot the L&S, hit expand, enjoy a zoomed in view as you step to the next target to verify it stepped correctly and shoot again.  What is supposed to happen with EXP is that as you shoot in EXP, it automatically exits EXP and returns you to the scale you entered EXP in. 


    If you need to let the radar do some work, TWS RAID to get your track files and then shoot both.  It won't automatically exit RAID, so you should do so in order maintain SA on the radar azimuth.  Both are similar, just different uses- if you have it all sorted, EXP to make sure it steps correctly on closely spaced track files, if you need to break the targets out, RAID until you have your targets.  


    I was just playing around with RAID and as long as bandits were not too far from each other in vertical (if they were stacked... forget it) and was able to plink away 4 120s with all connecting. Nothing changed in ED's implementation of RAID in months. I was able to designate each bandit on RAID page with TDC. First press created a tiny diamond on bandits track, the second press designated it as L&S. 

    I marked the vid on entering the RAID mode. Disregard the other 'stuff' in the vid, just goofing off with HUD + HMD setup... imagining I was flying fat amy:biggrin:



  17. I ran into this a while back. The way it worked at the time:  you would have to zoom in before getting too close. It didn't matter whether the target was designated or not, you had to do it far enough from the target. I'm not sure if things changed recently but I doubt it.

  18. 6 hours ago, sirrah said:

    On the matter of realism; I'm happy to be corrected here, but I'm pretty sure that irl missions do not have so many waypoints to begin with 😅


    For me, it would be more about mark points. If I end up with all 9 of them in my database, I'd like to be able to put some sort of ID's on them (or I could use my kneeboard... in VR), to know what's what later on and be able to quickly punch them in as steerpoints. I suspect then between the map slew features and the CAS page there 'might' be something there.  Perhaps I'm complicating this a little. So far this hasn't created any problems for me, just a slight nuisance in some situations.

  19. 1 hour ago, WobblyFlops said:

    Unfortunately this isn't on the roadmap and Nineline or BN never answered questions regarding this feature on Hoggit. So I wouldn't expect it to come.


    Oh well... then again, in the current state of DCS world this wouldn't have any practical use. Are there any sensors in DCS capable of picking up electronic emissions other then radar?

    How about Combined Arms? Any other modules?  Speaking of Combined Arms, I have it but never really tinkered with it and I think it might be a good idea to get back to a pancake screen once in a while and try it out.

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