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  1. Sure. Otherwise I wouldn't know exactly where to point the radar, in any mode.
  2. If you watch the 'look down' part of the vid, it's quite stable, VR part is always jumpy. You can clearly see the radar elevation being slewed down to position the bandits between the upper and lower limits, From high PRF to medium as I got closer and back to mixed. It really shouldn't make any difference. At some distance the bandits should've been filtered out. They were at 3000 feet above water.
  3. There is a thread in DCS v2.7 forum in weapons section. Pretty interesting discussion. Now, LHAQ can certainly do 40nm. In the look down part of the vid, I was checking if the radar is still incapable of acquiring targets from altitude difference more then around 37k feet, at any distance or angle. It still is. Then I decided to use LHAQ from 48k feet on a target flying at 3k, almost directly below and... it worked. The first Amraam tracked fine (pointing down at extreme angles) then the following ones didn't even try to track. I fired them at a significant angle off but with each missile I made sure it was active before switching LHAQ lock. No lock was ever broken so all missiles should've at least attempted to turn toward the targets. Only the first one did. To me it looked like there is some randomness to it. Anyway, do you think that LHAQ beam has so much more power and filtering abilities then RWS?
  4. Yep, I'm planning on doing that once ED presents the 'final' version. For now... just trying workarounds. Anyway, after reading some posts about newest version of Amraams, I decided to check how Hornet's radar was progressing. I checked the look up, look down... still the same. I noticed one interesting thing about look down radar capabilities when augmented with LHAQ. The Amraams took a step back but it's WIP... I guess. https://youtu.be/Jk_EoyP03t8
  5. The ICLS was probably fixed, then again, the deck pitching has been dumbed down a lot so I can't say for sure. With 15, 20 knot wind (30, 35 WOD) the 'bullseye' seems to be stable in pitch. The deck movement is very moderate and slow. So... I modified the test a little and then the test became entertainment: https://youtu.be/b_IRbW_1Ob8
  6. The way it works currently: Within 10 nm, your target designated, Your FLIR in INR mode - bump your SCS switch up toward HUD to use AGR ranging. If your FLIR is in SCENE or AUTO modes (using ATFLIR in this example) - bump the SCS switch up toward HUD. 'FLIR' will show up on HUD as the ranging sensor (I'm not sure if AGR is also working to 'help' in this case) So, it does work within roughly 10, 9.xx nm slant range.
  7. Welcome back hein22. A bonus answer to a question you didn't ask: Can my radar AACQ my own Amraams so I can bump lock them as L&S? The answer... resounding yes! I had too much coffee this morning...
  8. Sometimes the best part of a mission is sightseeing... Punching through clouds and running into scenery I haven't seen before is always fun:
  9. I tested it some more. Seems like there's no need to trim to any specific AOA. Once ATC is engaged and settles after the initial 'craziness' it slowly gets to the middle of a bracket. It disables the manual trim... fine, I can deal with it. In order to avoid the scary power idle dip and loss of altitude (around 350 ft) I tried engaging the ATC right after lowering gear/flaps at around 220 or in the break. The 'ATC' did not show on the HUD until I slowed down a little. I guess it's a function of LE flaps extending to a certain angle (I don't remember exactly) so... as I'm leveling and slowing down, the worst of the initial power dip is behind me. Still, the corrections are slow. The stick movements need to be quick, just taps up and down instead of smooth deflections. (I've read that's the way it's done in RW) Straight in approaches are fairly easy. Case I... I've managed a few but they were not pretty. The power corrections during turns are actually not that bad but the roll out in the groove with only seconds to get everything on numbers, not that easy... for me at least. The main 2 problems in my opinion are: the power dip on ATC start and the corrections are slow. If ATC is engaged when approaching on-speed (trimmed or not) the loss of power and altitude is unacceptable.
  10. Whenever I think I have the AI 'thing' figured out... something else comes along. This time I'm not sure if the issue is the weapon (CBU105) or F15E's pilot logic or most likely combination of both. I was running this little scenario trying to coordinate an attack with a Mudhen. First thing I had to do is remove the 'CAS-a' line from WPT 0 (advanced setup) in the F15E's flight plan. Other wise the Mudhen would go after some other, less significant targets I had placed on the map. At the initial point the target group, weapons, the amount to be used (all) were all specified and the jet was hauling ass toward the targets. It dropped only 2 CBU105's and the bomblets exploded 2000 ft. long. The egress waypoint called for 600 knots run but the Mudhen decided to extend the boards and casually turned above the target and headed out. After a few miles the AI decided to reattack. This time all remaining CBU105's were dropped and found their targets. https://youtu.be/MzM9IzD_L5A
  11. I gave it a quick test on my way back from a mission... it's way behind the curve. Too slow, regardless whether it was activated when on speed or at 220 kts. After initial power down to flt idle (it shouldn't do this when the jet is on speed) it took too long to capture the proper AOA again. When I engaged ATC at 220 kts, the power to idle was no reason to worry but when onspeed AOA crept up, the power didn't catch it in timely manner and since I was already at 1200 ft. my butt 'tightened up' a little when I saw the VV dip way too much. I can anticipate and do corrections manually a lot better. It needs to be tweaked... in my opinion.
  12. I've seen it too. I had 2 Mudhens drop couple of CBU105's and they drifted off quite a distance from an assigned target group. I captured this on a vid. (F2 view) I'll post it tomorrow.
  13. Finally... the giant inverted WIFI symbol behind the boat is gone! Thanks ED
  14. Overriding FCS? You probably mean paddle switch. Pressing it would probably deactivate the pirouette logic but hey... some other crazy stuff could come out as a result. I would wait till FM update happens...
  15. After all this time I still have to constantly remind myself to ease up on the stick in most turning fights not to run out of steam. Forget the paddle switch... I did run into the dirt couple of times in the past when evading SAMs and paddle wouldn't have made any difference. The switch is there though, so... might be worth to do some creative tests. Let's see, perhaps if I could combine a pirouette entry with paddle, followed by... runs to the flight line
  16. Probably related to ops in DL environment. Well... currently my primary concern is making sure I'm not shooting sown my own missiles but wait, there are a few more concerns,
  17. I'm afraid this PA ATC thing might take some practice getting used to, depending on how well it's modelled. I'm quite happy with the current power response we have in latest OB. I might find ATC useful during level part of approach (at 1200') before GS intercept.
  18. No issues in a SP mission (my own). I had my wingy flying left echelon on this leg of the route. Approached the tanker from starboard. It seemed like the wingy likes to plug in to the left basket, so I let him... I plugged in on the right side. It's been awhile since I refueled from the the right basket but I managed to stay just below the wake turbulence on my right and jet wash on my left. https://youtu.be/hwdu56GvNO4
  19. I have to make a small clarification here. In the post above I stated that pirouette logic has not been implemented yet. Perhaps it has been, in the past. I do remember performing a classic, air show pirouette a while back and the yaw was definitely more pronounced. Currently, it looks like there is more roll. Even if the maneuver is done the way Wags demonstrated in his vid (done in an older OB build). Someone commented on YT that I entered the maneuver incorrectly. Yep, not exactly the way it's done at an airshow but I did enter below 210 knots and above 25 deg. AOA so the pirouette logic should have kicked in. Although, starting this with nose up would not produce a snappy response. Then again, I'm simply relying on vids and some feed back as a reference... I've never flown the real bug.
  20. I don't think the pirouette logic is implemented yet. I tried it from a pitch up to get above 25 AOA and below 210 kts and it simply looked like a sluggish rudder turn. Same when started in horizontal. When you have some more speed on the jet, say around 300 kts, the 'loaded' turns are very crisp. I like the way it handles at this speed range but... that's not a pirouette. Edit: The first attempt was entered within parameters and looked slow (split s would take the same amount of time to reverse), in the second maneuver I entered at around 300 kts and it sort of resembled a sloppy pirouette.
  21. That's why I always record a vid (a track at least) of every hop I make.
  22. Once you connect, it's easier to focus on some spot on a tanker, a refueling pod for instance and keep it aligned with top of your HUD or just below canopy bow (depending on a tanker). Following the wings of a tanker might be tricky since they don't really turn at the same rate for a given bank as our Hornets do. On top of that... AI flight model. Also, in case of KC135 MPRS, the wing dihedral might throw you off.
  23. Heavy loads or not, the jet was happily ripping through the air at 9.7 g. After few seconds, of course I was asleep... If you really want to get rid of your wings, accelerate to about M.9 or more in a level flight, flip the FCS gain switch to override, push the stick all the way forward and let go. When you see the pitch oscillations picking up, pull the stick all the way back. When the nose goes up to 15/20 deg., you'll see a nice orange glow in the mirrors.
  24. Just another photo op.
  25. It seems like LTD/R in auto mode keeps lasing for a 'while' sometimes. In this clip I dropped 2 GBU24s on moving tanks (35kts) in one pass. The laser still kept going after the second impact.
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