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  1. Nothing changed as far as I know. I turned everything on (NORM and both REJ modes) then disabled blanking altogether just for the heck of it and it all looks the same to me. I've always seen these in NORM mode. Unless I missed something.
  2. I was just playing around with RAID and as long as bandits were not too far from each other in vertical (if they were stacked... forget it) and was able to plink away 4 120s with all connecting. Nothing changed in ED's implementation of RAID in months. I was able to designate each bandit on RAID page with TDC. First press created a tiny diamond on bandits track, the second press designated it as L&S. I marked the vid on entering the RAID mode. Disregard the other 'stuff' in the vid, just goofing off with HUD + HMD setup... imagining I was flying fat amy
  3. I ran into this a while back. The way it worked at the time: you would have to zoom in before getting too close. It didn't matter whether the target was designated or not, you had to do it far enough from the target. I'm not sure if things changed recently but I doubt it.
  4. I wish that 'slew' was as fast as Hornet's TDC on HUD. Hornet/carrier ops fanboi here
  5. For me, it would be more about mark points. If I end up with all 9 of them in my database, I'd like to be able to put some sort of ID's on them (or I could use my kneeboard... in VR), to know what's what later on and be able to quickly punch them in as steerpoints. I suspect then between the map slew features and the CAS page there 'might' be something there. Perhaps I'm complicating this a little. So far this hasn't created any problems for me, just a slight nuisance in some situations.
  6. Oh well... then again, in the current state of DCS world this wouldn't have any practical use. Are there any sensors in DCS capable of picking up electronic emissions other then radar? How about Combined Arms? Any other modules? Speaking of Combined Arms, I have it but never really tinkered with it and I think it might be a good idea to get back to a pancake screen once in a while and try it out.
  7. I didn't even bother checking in the last few months but I doubt anything changed. Today's update... I won't even bother downloading. Nothing for the Hornet in it. The current pre-implementation of emcon is just a 'place holder'. I think it's worth repeating from my previous post: When the EMCON gets implemented, turning it on should show a persistent indication at least on HUD and UFCP. Say you already have your radar on SIL and turn EMCON on after a while, get comfy and 'forget' about it, loosing valuable few seconds of reaction time. Well... you could look at TACAN and notice DME part missing. It actually shows that currently.
  8. There might be a way when we get map slew... some day.
  9. Just checked this on my rig and seemed to working as expected. I went into A/A mode and configured radar, AZEL and weapons. Stayed in A/A mode to see if the throttle angle will force the NAV mode at 56 deg. throttle travel. It did as I accelerated down the runway will full blowers on. After rotation, gear up, flaps auto, switched to A/A mode with weapons sel. switch, master arm on, fired 120s, switch to heaters and fired. Do you mean you tried to press A/A master too quick, with weight off wheels? EDIT: I tried selecting Amraams before the wheels were completely up and... what you said. I was still able to fire the weapons without HUD symbology, Out of curiosity: Was someone 'vulching' above you during your T/O roll making you rush?
  10. I haven't done any measurable tests yet but I did notice improvement when I started a mission on carrier deck at night with all the flood lights on. Previously, (tbh, I'm not sure if the last patch fixed this or the earlier ones) the flood lights in combination with 'boatload' of junk piled up all over the boat, caused noticeable FPS drop and stutter on my rig. Since I only play SP now, using my own mission setups (no ED missions or campaigns), I have everything maxed out in settings except no in game AA, aniso set to 16. Running G2 in native res, no motion smoothing, no 'advanced' supersampling in VR setup. I recently tried setting Nvidia AA to x8 and transparency to SS x8 and it seems to be running fine and looks good enough for me.. I didn't even bother looking at FPS... I'm happy (in SP) I'm slightly behind the curve on graphics tweaking and I always thought that Nvidia AA settings had no effect on DCS even when set to 'enhance...' The only time I saw stutter was when I attempted to create "iron dome' on Syrian map, with hundreds of air defense units and batteries and bunch of AI jets. It was still playable.
  11. This would be useful especially with markpoints. I wonder why the bug wouldn't have that feature?
  12. Just finished a few gun fights with JF17. I was trying to see if the Hornet's energy bleed characteristics changed. I didn't notice any differences after the update... Hornet is still a giant speedbrake if you're not careful with the stick, which I was told is correct. Here is the clip showing one circle fight with Jeff. To my shock, he didn't go vertical after merge. In spite of AI having unreal energy that almost never bleeds off, it's a piece of cake almost every time. I had to use the VR recording since the tracks are always f***** after 1 or 2 turns.
  13. I took the Hornet for a spin after the update and the throttle response has been tweaked a little. I flew a high alpha pass and watched the VVI, making small power adjustments. The response was definitely quicker then before. The energy bleed was a tiny bit quicker also (?) I have to test it some more. Some gunzos with AI Jeffs are on my agenda for today...
  14. My '+1' was more of a general sound-off on the total state of Hornet including combat readiness. I agree on the FM. Probably mostly FCS modelling, perhaps some tweaks to 'some' performance curves, drag... I don't know. I'm sure they have advisors and charts. I'm redirecting my '+1' to the idea of dragging the the dev A-team back to Hornet
  15. It is C. I have it mapped to a rocker switch on my WH throttle. Do you see it in the list of keyboard commands?
  16. In just about all of my A/A missions my 'radar' is on SIL for the most part. Even with enemy AWACS on the map, it's not that hard to stay in the shadows. Whenever I try to set up a large scale, realistic scenarios... I end up getting pissed (not necessarily loose)
  17. Yep, I noticed. At first I thought I cranked past the gimbals ('mem' was set to 4 sec) and I did, once or twice. Then, I watched it head down and as soon as I yanked and banked the track was gone. Not every time though but it does happen. Actually, 4 or 16 sec. setting wouldn't make any difference. That bug has been fixed. (track drops when hitting gimbals)
  18. Hey, for all these folks that asked at one time or another: 'how to undesignate w/o having anything else designated'... meaning of course 'how to get rid of all tracks' (I guess they wished to see the scope the way it looked when they entered A/A mode). Enter STT then undesignate,
  19. Until the IADS are available in DCS... https://youtu.be/CpFPwYFIC-A
  20. Make sure your on the correct freq. (by default 127.5) then from the the pulldown menu select ATC/carrier's name/Inbound and listen for 'BRC' number in the clearance.
  21. @callsign JoNay I didn't have a chance to answer your post since the thread was moved and locked and labeled 'reported earlier'. I'm not sure what exactly was reported but I'm assuming it had to do with FCS logic. Well, the FM and hopefully FCS code is being worked on so... I'll leave it there. You brought up a possibility of some sort of script to prevent jets from sliding all over the moving boat by not letting the wheels to lift off before the end of deck. I just tested this and seems like all 3 came off the deck with no problem. I think I remember something like what you described being implemented long time ago but apparently the devs came up with a better solution. https://youtu.be/hYwL0E1HkQ0
  22. Recently the daytime ball looks pretty sharp on pancake and in VR within a mile. That's with standard shaders. I haven't tried night time in a while, probably will tomorrow. I suspect it's still a glowing mess. In the first part of this vid I made today (for a different discussion topic) the ball seems to have no glow from .7 nm down to deck. It actually looks too dim. If the pixel brightness was higher without increasing the glow, the ball would look perfect in my opinion. The VR looked similar. The vid was recorded from the track. https://youtu.be/tjnJVlDxdgY
  23. The initial pitchup looked quite normal to me. I was fairly heavy though in my vid. I'm gonna try it with low weight to see if it makes any difference. The 'ballooning' is more evident after the carrier break. It seems to a bit less pronounced currently in my opinion then it it was a while back but it's still there. When you do touch&go's on the runway, you'll see similar behavior. If you don't make any input on the stick during and after liftoff and stay at mill power, you'll go into vertical quick, especially at light weight.
  24. I just did a short vid showing an intentional bolter. Total weight 32.5k lbs. It was a quick setup so my 180 and the line-up in the middle was shaky but it shows the nose position after flying off the deck and the momentary pitch-up settle at around 12deg. The power was at mil. till that moment then backed off to about 80 ~ 85 while applying forward pressure with the stick. Then, it was just a fluid power and forward stick adjustments to maintain a steady climb at around 140 ~ 150 kts, not approach AOA. Once level at 600 and turning toward downwind, power to on-speed. Note: when I flew off the deck after the bolter, I wasn't putting any pressure on the stick.
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