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  1. Well, that's the way it worked in the SB sim and I can vaguely remember a RW Rhino driver talking about it once or twice. In case I'm mixing it up, ED can verify it with their SME's. However it's done in RW makes no difference to me as long as I can scroll through WPT's on DATA page without changing active WPT.
  2. This part works fine. Doesn't this option have another important function? When you go to HSI > DATA and start scrolling through your waypoints, using arrows but you don't want your current active steerpoint to change, boxing REFWP would prevent that. It's a very useful function whether you only scroll through data blocks or change parameters or enter a new WPT. Especially having AP coupled to a steer point...
  3. Only in the cockpit for now, at least that's all I could figure out
  4. I wonder why not. Not that there is really any need for editing them, but they are pretty much just like waypoints except you can't put them in a Nav sequence. BTW, as I was checking this I noticed that 'WP REF' is not functional yet. You can box it but it doesn't work the way it's supposed to. Probably implemented later on.
  5. Hey mods, I'm assuming this thread has been merged and... I ended up as a OP of a 'emotionally charged' title: 'AMPCD, OOOOH So GOOOD' or something to that effect. I don't think I'm capable of uplifting comments like that, lol. ... or, someone is screwing around here. Anyways, since my name ended up under this giggly title I changed it to more settled 'MPCD'
  6. Wait, wait... That's a big jump from Hurlburt to MacDill... gotta be something else in between
  7. The question was raised in the 'duplicate' thread with the same title about the purpose of this whole 'trick'. First of all, it an easy way to deal with the current mech. of the sensor fusion Let's say I'm at 40nm from a moving column of tanks (typical DCS spacing between them). Very unlikely to pick them up with FLIR (on RDDI) so I look for them on GMT page (LDDI). Lock'em up. Switch TDC to FLIR. The radar is still driving the lock. In my previous attempts, whenever I tried to move the cursor on FLIR to take control and make it ground stabilized but it snapped back to the radar lo
  8. Where's junior 'henikbrec64' when you need him?
  9. Certainly you can get used to either way but... since RL flying and everything else for that matter is done in 3d (who knows, possibly more d's), the VR makes it a bit more immersive.
  10. It's actually not that bad once you're sticking to your reference point on the tanker. You notice the change immediately and correct.
  11. I'll let our 'junior member' henikbrec64 elaborate... since he copied the title and text from my original post few days ago. Didn't include my vid tho
  12. I'm not looking! I'm not! Well, this one aspect of AAR can never penetrate my thick skull. I have to look, lol. I developed a slight modification to to the 'pro' way of flying an approach to the basket. I mostly gas up from orbiting S3's and I use its refueling pod for vertical line-up. I try to keep the pod along the line between the center (or tiny bit right of) my top mirror, so... that's my localizer The glideslope is the basket... more or less. As I get to within few feet of the basket, I'm ashamed to admit... I'm driving toward the basket. Now, once I'm in, my
  13. I'd double check the unit number/name. A wrong 'naval unit #' might have been renamed as 'CVN73'
  14. 'gripes' caught my eye for some reason Yep, gripes can be a proof of life... and lots of people still have some red blood left (in spite of the global effort to change that, hehe) I can definitely understand prioritizing 'important stuff' and shoving little things to the side. These little things sometimes would make a big difference, for instance getting rid of a horrendous glow at night that is uniformly attached to any light source, from FLOLS, line-up lights to a/c position lights. The lights looked better before and probably would not take that much effort to fix?
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