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  1. Squadron Name: None Discord ID on MVP Discord: Sir_Rocco#7778 Contact person Discord ID: Sir_Rocco#7778 Aircraft Selection: F/A-18C Pilots: Canada - Sir_Rocco
  2. Hey man did you get your 1-4 check your display cable error fixed? This seems to be happening across the board with windows mixed reality. My odyssey is doing the same. Also when you unplug your headset and re-plug it in is there an audible sound like you've plugged in a usb device? Sounds strange but mine becomes recognized but without a sound. Whenever I have got it working there's been that you just plugged in a usb device windows sound. I also had some luck uninstalling my usb serial bus controllers in device manager and then restarting to have them reinstall. After the restart I plugged back in to a 3.1 and it worked....until the next restart! Have you also tried command prompt as admin and then sfc /scannow   ?

    1. AKRocco


      No I never did get my first headset working. The replacement they sent has worked so it was definitely a faulty headset for me. Unfortunately the 1.4 error is not very specific and there's a hundred different things that could cause it.


      I did have an issue with the usbs on the mb itself, they were causing stutters in tracking and audio, and I would constantly hear the connect/disconnect sounds. Didn't matter which usb port I used, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, type C, they all did it. Fix for me was using a powered USB hub. No idea why it would work better than direct but it does for me.


      I haven't tried that command prompt command. I do know that there are a few things that register in the device manager for a headset. For the G2 it comes up as a display, a WMR device and under the usb for tracking. If you haven't already I would take a look in there and see which part isn't coming up.


      Hope you get your headset running!

    2. cochise


      Ah shame man! Yeah I'm thinking I'll try another headset. Once mine works it works flawlessly no stutters or audio crackles which is why it's so baffling. I'm scared to think it might be the motherboard though but it's a possibility! Thanks for the info.

  3. I've tried moving USB ports, USB C, regular USB using the supplied adapter, and using a powered hub. I've tried all my display ports, don't have an adapter to try the HDMI, and tested the ports with a monitor to confirm they work. I uninstalled my video card driver, headset driver, and WMR and reinstalled. Confirmed I had all the Windows updates. Updated my BIOS. Tried all different variations of rebooting and unplugging and plugging in the cables. Only thing I can think of is trying on another rig, I just have to find one.lol The thing is it was working for a bit and I didn't really cha
  4. No WMR doesn't keep restarting for me but it's the same error I'm getting, 1-4. From my online searches that error is kind of a catch-all with a bunch of different causes, a lot of the fixes involve reinstalling WMR and video drivers. I used an Oculus cv1 before so this is my first experience with WMR.
  5. Mine arrived on Thursday and I'm already getting an RMA on it. It worked for a bit but as I was setting up steamvr it just stopped working. WMR gives me the 'check your display cable' error and it looks like windows isn't seeing it as a display (doesn't show up as a monitor in device manager). Went through all the fixes I could find online but nothing. Talked to tech support and they told me to get it RMA'd from the reseller, so no idea when I'll get it replaced. Sounds like the cable or headset itself. It was great for the hour or so it worked, I hope I have better luck with the replacemen
  6. Yeah same with me, same issue just last month. It took 3 business days to hear back and another week for the new cable to get to me. Just under two weeks from ticket open to stick fixed.
  7. Congrats Sungho! Make us proud kicking that AI's butt! Thanks to everyone that put in their time and effort to make this event possible. I had a blast competing. I flew some virtual jets, met some great ppl and helped out an amazing cause, can't ask for a better way to spend a couple weekend mornings! See you all at the next one!
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