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  1. Veteran Air Force Pilot, Sea Captain or Fire Fighter ?
  2. Athens Flying Week 2016 Please enjoy !:) Athens Flying Week 2016 HAF F-16 Demo Team Zeus Display Athens Flying Week 2016 Dogfight by 2 Hellenic Mirage 2000-5 Athens Flying Week 2016 Hellenic Army AH-64A Apache Athens Flying Week 2016 Hellenic Air Force 2 F-4 AUP Phantom Display Athens Flying Week 2016 Polish Air Force Sukhoi SU-22 in Tanagra Athens Flying Week 2016 Belgian F-16 Solo Display Team Tanagra Athens Flying Week 2016 RAF Chinook HC2 Athens Flying Week 2016 Spanish Air Force Patrulla Aquilla Casa C-101 Athens Flying Week 2016 Spanish Air Force Eads C-295M deparure Athens Flying Week 2016 Boeing Stearman Wingwalker
  3. The fate of an F-16 dogfighting a M2K is in the gun sights of M2K eventually ! After that there is no way to brake lock ! :smilewink:
  4. F-16 "Ζeus" Solo display hellenic Air Force at Royal International Air Tattoo 2015" (RIAT) UK in cockpit camera [VV]134187168[/VV]
  5. sungsam

    Desert 3.0

    You mean the season had to be Fall. Great work ! And my eyes are not blinking to spot targets any more.
  6. Yes your memory details are remarkable. Are you an elephant ? I do used a flight stick and a pacman coin-op controller as a throttle with a sungsam made wooden handle attached on it . :D
  7. OK ! Now you forced me to dig out my Amstrad 6128 and Atari 1040ST. Currently I'm setting them up to feed my nostalgia ! :cry:
  8. Come on old gentlemen ! None mentioned F16 Combat Pilot ! Dynamic compains, logistics casualties of war, and scrabling response of enemie, MFDs, Nav data. ED are you listening ? Amstrad 6128 back in 1989
  9. Try booting with full admin rights and redoing the procedure you've already done (adding your user account in permissions). 1) Control Panel > User accounts > Change UAC settings - drop the slider to the bottom 2) Type 'Local Security Policy' in start screen/menu search and press enter 3) Go to Local Policies > Security Options, scroll to the bottom and set 'User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode' to Disabled 4) Restart PC when prompted 5) If needed, Re-add your user account to Temp permissions and re-enable the option from step 3
  10. Powered USB Hubs usually have bad quality transformers with voltage instabilities making pots tremble. USB Hubs share bus and generally is a problem for X52 drivers. You will have already noticed that even changing usb port triggers driver reinstallation witch is something to be avoided. On the permanently choosen MB usb port for X52, Check out for how to enable 5 Volts feed (far more voltage stable than cheap usb hubs power transformers). It's on BIOS or on Pins on motherboard. There is also a setting on Win8/7 power scheme options not to allow to sleep or wake up usb devices when not used causing resets on X52 (X52 suddenly Blinks). Disable that. Don't worry, I faced all problems above and even more as Saiteks noobie client some 5-7 years ago. I spit blood but finally overcome all of them. Once you master all of its traps, you will not willing to abandon it for years. It is also one of the most moddable sticks that really enhance handling precision and feeling, something that will start concern you in future time.
  11. Hi, just discovered thread and I intent to use this fabulous peace of software using single big monitor configuration. So my questions are for the options bellow: - Can I hide/close/disable ultra MFCDs on demand (useful on single monitor) ? - If I can, is rendering of displays capable to be diverted back to in-cockpit and vice versa on demand ? (without needing to be rendering simultaneously on both) hope I not repeat a question thousand times answered.
  12. Indeed there is a possibility, from experience, your rotaries to tremble because : - you are connected to a self powered hub instead of direct motherboard usb port - if you are connected to a motherboard usb port then disable power management for that port on device manager. - completely uninstall drivers and do the reinstall procedure exactly as described on post http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2384085&postcount=4 then do clean your pots using the right spray clenner (pain free not included) :D !
  13. Sometimes there is coil dirt inside potentiometers by production line or your pots were immobile for so long inbox (X52s are not brand new models, there are stocked). You just have to use spray cleaner without alcohol for potentiometers. No just any other cleaner spray. Mine is 5-7 years old and pots are becoming almost unusable every 2 years. I keep them precise like day one, by cleaning them. Follow video procedures bellow how to open X52 throttle without risking any bad moves. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2384701&postcount=8 On the other hand you may return it if convenient but no reinsurance the same matter will not exist. Eventually every pot develop dirt from use or immobility.
  14. Maybe send it ED for physics bug tracking. I imagine, there must be no wing structure so strong to cause horizontal roll at that inpact speed. :huh:
  15. Here is the guide for open up throttle and stik in detail and without risking wrong moves.
  16. Yes do please follow the reinstall procedure first. Chances are high to be resolved . If wires is the case, then after fixing cover them with dact tape as extra shield, friction will apply on dact tape not on wire shield coating.
  17. Hope you escape with solutions above ! In any case dont miss to completely uninstall and reinstall drivers/software the way Saitek mentions as Uninstall Dance, if abone doesn't work. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=84295 Also There is a bad possibility to be an incident of cables shield coating ware / misconduct caused by the movement of throttle. Cables are running from buttons of throttle down to the base of it and into the printed circuit Good lack with that.
  18. Additionally, if you create an SST profile for mouse pad to behave as buttons etc, then you have to delete any shifted state column in profile if you also want pinkie to behave as button as well.
  19. Well, I could fly a C-130 but only the version bellow :)
  20. If you have the "touch" you can disassemble the unit and use a contact cleaner without oil, to spray on potentiometers and sliders. This will stop spikes, your pots have developed dirty inside them. Thats how I maintain my X52 perfect shape for almost 5 years.
  21. It's my wish that development should focus on more complicated 4th generation combat ACs in general.
  22. Maybe ED finally takeover and create a export/import functionality ensuring proper transition between versions ? Bytheway is there any custom procedure that I'm not aware of ? I know that you can export to HTML but how can I take advantage of it other that reference ?
  23. They say "wrong maneuvers" because plane immediately after departing ground at 40 feet, banked to the right and wing scratched the airstrip. This is possible due to stall imbalance from flame out situation .... or FBW / control surfaces failure ..... or to the unintended disconnection / destabilization of AGM-88 HARM simulation POD carried on right wing. In any case NATO has lost too many special pilots and ground crew at once yesterday ! SAD
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