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  1. You're saying becasue of a few errors the BS pdf is a Beta manual? Anyway the sim has been out for years so how much longer are you going to wait for some minor corrections.. And even if they actually do make any changes then we can just print up the relevant pages and swap them out.
  2. Realistic game play has nothing to do with how many buttons you push to start up, missile logic or anything other than the capabilities of the mission editor and the mission you're actually playing. Red Flag would play out the same way as FC2 if the same approach was taken to the way the missions are and can be handled online. Grimes hit the nail on the head- A war of attrition is exactly what is missing. We need to set a certain amount of planes and a certain amount of pilots. When you're side runs out of either you loose simple as that. In IL2 1946 we have had that for years a
  3. You're absolutely right MadDogMcQ, but I just prefer a binder/folder. The ones I use are called "lever arch folders" and they lock the pages down so it opens like a text book or you can just unlock and swing the pages over like you see in the pic. I could have used the spiral binding instead but if you do damage any of the pages then you're pretty much stuck. I've already replaced about ten pages due to coffee and beer spills :) . IMO with the quality of ink jet printers you can produce manuals like this to any level you want for a fraction of the price of a company and you get your manual
  4. Printed mine out, in color, ages ago: And the cost to me for the folder + Ink + paper was approximately [£4 to £5] or [$6 to $7]. I could have used those spring looking things to bind it instead but I prefer folders
  5. FC: 2 be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The Alamos and Archers of outrageous Accuracy, Or to take arms against a sea of spammed AMRAAMs.. :pirate:
  6. So everything ED have studies for are modeled realistically in game ;) . In my wish list I’d like this improved: 1080p cropped images: F14 at 20km and 10 km is easier to see than 4 km. In fact at 4.0 km it disappeared completely for a split second and as far as I know camouflage should work better the farther you are from the object.
  7. Decrease for realism? Only if we are talking about pilots that failed the eye exam part of their physical. ;) When Lockon was first released seeing other aircraft was extremely difficult but after a post I made, on UBI boards, gained momentum both Stormin and Wags (+ Dev Team :) ) looked into the problem and increased the visible distance considerably. However some problems still exist. I.e. the disappearing and reappearing of aircraft as you close in on them and most of the time you just can’t see at the distances you should be able to in real life. Test this yourself by looking up in the
  8. Make aircraft visibility more stable at distances and increase the distance in which aircraft become visible. :yes: Oh and a flyable F-18 and Mig-29K :D .
  9. Others will give you a better explanation but I always CCRP in the Su25 becasue it can be very difficult to get LA on a target without flying too fast .. Basically just turn on the laser and place the pipper over the target then hold the trigger, level out and the bombs should release automatically.
  10. You're right on all points except I think 3. I've seen footage a while back and it looked pretty much the same as it does in Lockon, but don't quoute me on that as it was a long time ago ;). And remember it's an HDD not MFD so for basic course location it works quite well and for IFF through data link it works great.
  11. Same here friend, that is why I'm dual booting into XP untill I can sort it out. You may find this thread of some use: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=50846 Good luck.
  12. I use the ADI and HSI to follow the course the same way I would track a radial of a VOR in a civilian aircraft. First thing is once you've tracked the course then do not make any course corrections once you're about 5 or 10 km from the waypoint. What I do is to just select the next waypoint once I'm close enough to make a smooth turn towards the new heading and course. Also as GhostDog said check out Ironhand's tutorials.
  13. The sfdrvup.zip worked the first time I installed 1.12b in Win7 but after uninstalling Lo then reinstalling, that has left me with the problem of not being able to get past the CD checker. @thaFunkster; Thanks for the info. I'm having the opposite effect with win7 in that every game sim is running about 30% slower, so I'll have to look into it.. maybe something is turned on somewhere that's dragging my system down.
  14. Let me guess, you're running Windows 7? Try this: http://www.star-force.com/support/sfdrvup.zip
  15. I installed 1.1 on Win 7 but found a drop in FPS.. in fact all my games/sims run like cr@p in 7 ( anyone else find this?). Anyway I decided, for some reason :doh: , to try the "a" patch instead of "b" and as you would expect it didn't work, so I uninstalled 1.12a then reinstalled 1.12b but now I can't get beyond the CD checker and some activation nonsense comes up... arrg :cry: . My fault for trying the wrong patch but why can't you just uninstall Star Force :noexpression:?
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