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  1. I'm still stuck with the DCS startup. Hello greetings. Even with this latest update the DCS crashes at startup. :doh: Follow the advice on improving performance by paging file, which is recommended here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=230471 but I was not successful either. It is already several days that I cannot use the dcs, I would appreciate some help. :) I have uninstalled SRS version Here again the debug file that asks me when it crashes and the dcs.log dcs.log-20200321-083808.zip dcs.rar
  2. Thank you very much for your attention BIGNEWY If I have already done the repair several times, including using Command Prompt as Administrator, as you explain there very well. Attentive and waiting for the team's response. Greetings BIGNEWY. excuse my grammar google translator.
  3. First of all I ask for apologies I don't speak English I use google translators. My problem is that after a few days of updating DCS OpenBeta 2.5.6 the SIM worked well, but after a few days I started receiving a small block summertime, and from then on it never started again. Before writing here I tried the methods and tips for other forum users with blocking problems such as: 1_ Rename the DCS.openbeta folder in saved games. 2_ make the exclusions of antivirus and antiMalware, which are: Adaware Antivirus free version 12.7.1055.0 and Malwarebytes free 4.1.0 3_ perform the diagnosticon wi
  4. Saludos ante todo y es la primera vez que posteo por aqui en este foro, no se si sera el lugar correcto, si alguien me hace el favor de llevarlo donde sea mas conveniente, muchas gracias. Bueno después da la gran actualización ultima me funciono bien el dcs, pero después de unos días, me sale el cartel de bloqueo DCS ¨desafortunadamente DCS se ha bloqueado, permitir que DCS obtenga informacion adicional de depuración de errores usando dxdiaag.exe Le doy a ok y genera el .zip con el log y de ahí al escritorio. yo lo venia jugando muy bien al DCS esto apareció de repente no tengo MODs ins
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