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  1. Hello, on today's update I saw there was a thrust modification for the JF17 engine. What was this change exactly?
  2. Can I use Matric to have not only the UFCP but the left/center o right MFCDs?
  3. you still have a mode that will do something similar to what you want: ACT mode. In that mode you set up coordinates and launch, the missile will then sear for target in the coordinates zone. Thant means that you can launch the misile to an area where you suspect the SAM is located, then try to make that sam goes active and paint you. With some coordination you might achive having the missile many kms closer to the sam when it goes active and paint you.
  4. Thank you all. For the procedure and for the controls advice, they were reset indeed!
  5. Hi. How do we exactly use the exp mode added in the latest update? I dont see how to use it, not at least clear to me. Thanks in advance
  6. I have stopped using this missile because of this. When you are looking for an opportunity target... you just have NO opportunity to find it with the visual quality you have now. This together with the other bugs in this weapons, makes it almost useless.
  7. It is happening to me too: many times Im just in the cockpit, everything turned oFF (engines, electronics, batteries are OFF), and I spend some time watching the action as spectator. When I decide to run the start routine, as soon as I turn on the batteries, a whole bunch of warnings are already there, like I had fogotten to turn on the air on the electronics. All the failures start to desapear after a while, but it is not logical to have an overheat on something that has not been turned on
  8. Of course, if not they start screaming "What are you doing!" jaja
  9. I can give a contrary report: I noticed yesterday, flying on MP server, after I landed and rearmed, the next landing I had no chute. TO rearm I just execute the comm command "refuel and rearm" select the payload. Is that enough or should I do something else to get the chute replaced?
  10. Hi. THe JF has just been banned because it seems you can cheat with the JF. IS Deka planning to fix this in order to have it availbale on SATAL? It would be sad not having the Jef there, it is one of the best chances to show its capabilities
  11. Hi. I have the KA-50, flankers all, modules and I have flown missions on the syria map with no FPS problem. TOday was my frst time with the JF-17 and it is imposible, I get 5 FPS! What is the trick with this map or what is the problem with the JF-17? My computer is not a high end but in the caucasus or the gulf maps, I can fly multiplayer missions with 20 players with steady 45 fps.
  12. private message me and I will beb glad to help
  13. Well, yes, Chucks is like the most comlete manual out there, the offcicial one is like msssing a lot of information. Back t the issue: it doesnt sound logical and what you describe is not what we see in the module: If I set the waypoint in the ME, then the arrival time is calculated... but that calculation is not static: if you accelerato and move faster, the arrival time is modified in the HUD. If you go slower the delta time is calculated again. So: the time is calulated onlive, is not just a number we get at the start of the mssion. The onboard computer is the one doint this calulation based on a GPS posicion + speed. So the assumption that the arrival time is set only by the ME editor is not correct. We can leave this issue like it is now, but every other player that has seen my JF module has pointed this like a bug. We smust take as correct that a 4th generation figther can not compute the arrival time to a GPS location and that we must do the calculation by hand? something is wrng here...
  14. I would like to, what is the mission? Count with me?
  15. But Im not talking about the ME, Im talking about the module not reporting the arrival time to a waypoint as the user manual says it should: In the attached image you can see what the manual says, and the time is calculated by the ME and the HUD shows the delta between the time calculated by ME and the actual time. THAT it is working. BUT, if I use the F10 map, and mark a location with WPT1, the delta time is not calculated as you can see in the image at the start of the post. The mission editor plays the role of the ground crew in this situation since it is the "ground crew"who loads the data into the cartridge, should we have the arrival time calculated also? It soud like the module is depending enterile on the use of the mission editor as a way to calculate the arrival time to a waypoint
  16. But then why the waypoints created through mission editor does show you the arrival time to each waypoint? In fact that calculation is dinamically done depending on your speed. That feature IS working, but only if the waypoints are created through the mission editor. In theory, creating the waypoints using marcs in the F10 map, should be same, because those waypoints are loaded into the data cartridge by ground crew, so whay it should be a difference?
  17. Anyone knows what and when it is the propper use of the switch "upper/lower antenna" switch? Its name is obvious but I found no dcumentation about how and when to use it or if it is working at all. Thanks
  18. When I set waypoints using the mark technique (puting a mark named WPT1 and WPT2 for example on the map), then I load the data cartridg and the waypoint correctly are added to my route. But as you can see when I set the waypoint, in the case in the image you can see IM going to waypoint 2, the ETA to that wapoint is --:--, according to the manual the HUD should indicate me how many minutes I have till arriving. Look at the image, in the HUDs right bottom corner the ET is --:--
  19. That is not how it works in real life. ILS is supose to be able to guide you right to the runaway without the need of ay other visual guidance.
  20. Hi. I have been having this problem I think since 2.7 update: I select ILS for landing (the airport has ILS working), I get all the navigational data, I follow the path, and I can see the square on the HUD marking where the runaway should be and where I should pint my fly path to. Well that marker in many runaways is not on the runaway but to a side. If I have to fly only by instruments, and If I should follow that marker/the info provided on the instruments, I would land on the ground next to the runaway. What do you think the problem is here? alignment problems or it is actually a bug? Thanks in advance
  21. I sometimes starts the pkane and as soon as I turn on the battery, this sounds starts: BEEP BEEEP BEEE PIRI BEEEP.... since the radio still has not been turn off, I assume is some message from the computer? But I nca see any error in the panel... Aslo whn this happens, there is no way I can update my DTC. I try to do it through the coms as usual and Not even the pilot request is said, and of course I never get an answer from the crew. If I ignore all this and continue, the beep sund continues all over the flight. Any ideas what is happening?
  22. Problem is: this is not what we should see and not what is in the documentation. The behaviour we are looking now is not what a "normal" HSI does. O normal HSI has 2 needles: 1 of them points the direction to a waypoiunt FROM your actual position, and the other shows the planned path from 1 waypoint to the next one, so you can use them both to find the proper navigation path. ANd the heading in degrees on the top left corner, definetely is not working. Rreading the manual it clearly says that should give you the heading from the actual position to the selected waypoint if you are navigating. Hopefully it will be fixed
  23. I can confirm that too. I was just about to post it and saw this post. ATTItude autopilot is not working since last update, it was ok in the initial 2.7 update, it is the latest update that broke it. The autopilot all the time tries to bank rick, very slowly but in a constant way . This happens also with the altitud autopilot, it holds altitud, but starts banking righ slowly. At some point, both autopilots desingage.
  24. That is the purpose if this post. It is not doing that. Is this the proper place to report a bug?
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