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  1. That is not how it works in real life. ILS is supose to be able to guide you right to the runaway without the need of ay other visual guidance.
  2. Hi. I have been having this problem I think since 2.7 update: I select ILS for landing (the airport has ILS working), I get all the navigational data, I follow the path, and I can see the square on the HUD marking where the runaway should be and where I should pint my fly path to. Well that marker in many runaways is not on the runaway but to a side. If I have to fly only by instruments, and If I should follow that marker/the info provided on the instruments, I would land on the ground next to the runaway. What do you think the problem is here? alignment problems or it is actually a bug?
  3. I sometimes starts the pkane and as soon as I turn on the battery, this sounds starts: BEEP BEEEP BEEE PIRI BEEEP.... since the radio still has not been turn off, I assume is some message from the computer? But I nca see any error in the panel... Aslo whn this happens, there is no way I can update my DTC. I try to do it through the coms as usual and Not even the pilot request is said, and of course I never get an answer from the crew. If I ignore all this and continue, the beep sund continues all over the flight. Any ideas what is happening?
  4. Problem is: this is not what we should see and not what is in the documentation. The behaviour we are looking now is not what a "normal" HSI does. O normal HSI has 2 needles: 1 of them points the direction to a waypoiunt FROM your actual position, and the other shows the planned path from 1 waypoint to the next one, so you can use them both to find the proper navigation path. ANd the heading in degrees on the top left corner, definetely is not working. Rreading the manual it clearly says that should give you the heading from the actual position to the selected waypoint if you are navigating.
  5. I can confirm that too. I was just about to post it and saw this post. ATTItude autopilot is not working since last update, it was ok in the initial 2.7 update, it is the latest update that broke it. The autopilot all the time tries to bank rick, very slowly but in a constant way . This happens also with the altitud autopilot, it holds altitud, but starts banking righ slowly. At some point, both autopilots desingage.
  6. That is the purpose if this post. It is not doing that. Is this the proper place to report a bug?
  7. You are describing how it should work, but it is not working like that, have you read my description of the problem? the heading on top left never changes...
  8. Hi. I have jsut noticed the HSI "needles"are not working. When you set up a waypoint, needles appear on the HSD pointing at it, but they freeze there. Once you change to navigate to that waypoint, that initial heading pointing never chages anymore. In the screenshot you can see the "needles" and on the top left cornet the course. The degrees pointed as the course to waypoint 1 is clearly wrong. Also, the HSI "needles"shoould be pointing to the waypoint? they are not and it doesnt matter if I go all the way around the waypoint in curcles, those needles stay in that position with no chage
  9. Hi. Anyone known what is this for? There is a buttom on the left of the HSD MFCD screen, called "open" and can be changed to PRTY. I can see what it does
  10. Hello. Im trying to do air refuel. I have found a couple of videos with slightly different information while setting the tacan in one video it is said ti use channel 033 Y, the other video talks about channle 16 X None of these settings give me the tacan to work, what settings are you using guys? Thanks in advance
  11. Anyone knows where can I find the DCE? I would like to build new campaigns using this framework Thanks in advance
  12. Hi. Im having these small issue: when a F14 launches an AIM54, I can see the smoke trail of the missile only if I zoom in my cockpit view. I hav seen tutorial videos where the smoke trail is visible without making any zoom in. What is the video setting that might be affecting my configuration in such a way I need to zoom in? I have a nvidia video card, I control antialising and all video setting from the card configuration. Any setting on the SIM I shloud take a look too? Thanks in advance for the help
  13. Yes, that is what I think it is happening, OR the missile head is being active but there is no warning in the su27 defense systems
  14. Here you have another tacview file: Im facing a F14, I shoot him my missile, a second later he shoots me his AIM54, and he immediately goes vertical to evade my missile. He even drp the tanks. I saw the AIM54 launch, and again I did my best to try to be in a good position to check if a warning would be triggered and also I did small evasive movements to the side so if the missile was not being guided by TWS, there is no chance the missile to follow those path changes, and if it did follow me using its head, for sure I should have gotten a warning: my bank angle was barely 5/10 degrees. magi
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