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    MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

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    Logitech G915 und G502
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  1. They said…no distortions in DCS and MSFS 2020 with the Varjo Aero anymore. But still with the higher Model VR-3 ? Hmm….interesting but strange.
  2. I´m a newbie here on forum (so sorry for my bad english and maybe other mistakes), but well..maybe someone is interested on my experience with the Vario VR-3. We had this model in our company, so I could tested it in DCS World Open Beta (and MSFS) for some time. I was interested because Varjo maked an announcement by supporting DCS https://varjo.com/varjo-ready-software/ ("..XR-3 AND VR-3 SUPPORT IN DEVELOPMENT “Together, Varjo and DCS World Open Beta offer the highest definition, realistic human-eye resolution experience yet seen in the flight sim market.– Simon Pearson, Business Development Director, Eagle Dynamics), so I wanted to see this result. The Varjo is running on a high end system (as recommended) with a nivida 3090 and an AMD Ryzen 5090. First impression: Inside VR on the first "HOME-Room" I seen a big distortion from the screen where you can choose the menus and all. Not so nice ..ok further in the game I can confirm I had the best clear picture I ever seen in VR. And this in a "normal" mode, means the foveated rendering in the middle is not activated because I guess DCS not supported this in the moment. Don't want imagine when they will activate this in future by a software solution - must be incredible clear than. I really hope they work on this But even without the foveated rendering all is super clear, sharp and have amazing colours (special in MSFS). The bad thing: Still a lot of distortions in the game. Ok, you can say..hey, its an industrial headset, but when they announce that they have a connection with DCS, distortions should not be seeing. Here ist still some work to do, I am waiting for the next updates. The game runs with 100% rendering scale in the Varjo Base Software and same time in the Steam VR Software and with this the game will running without stuttering and good fps (not so good like with the Reverb 2, but you have a smooth flight)., but than you have not the full range and advantage of the clarity of cause. At the end: this headset is a hungry beast. Without high end systems its not working and also with a 3090 you are on the limit. Renderscaling in the Varjo Base Software over 100% nearly impossible to enjoy a flight. I am sure in this month they will make the step in the consumer market, will be interesting what we can expect and see. For the consumer market the headset must be more lighter (long flights not so comfortable for head and neck) and the distortions are a "no go" special for dogfights and kind of this (or you like to vomit in your virtual cockpit ;), also it must be "playable" for consumers who have not such high end systems. Interesting what than we will see of reduces in sharpness and clear pictures, because just this is the big plus of this headset. ok, this just a short review, because the original topic was here in the forum "Varjo Review" over and out and greets the community
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