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  1. Thanks @Mogster. The Mossie looks so small next to the Lanc . It is good to see that though they don’t fly, they can still start up and taxi on their own power - there is still some life in these old birds
  2. I would pay full price for two modules: a land phantom line (e.g, C,E,G) and a navy phantom line (B,J,S).
  3. Not un expected. In polls like these the latest model tends to win, even though it represents a tiny fraction of the A-6E history and a period at which it was already obsolete, and about to be phased out. This is in contrast to the TRAM model that was considered as the top of the line for its time. Even the pre TRAM A-6E was considered very advanced. In relative terms to other planes of its period, SWIP is not the most advanced A-6E, but the exact opposite. I would much prefer to play a plane at its contemporary peak, but I am weird like that.
  4. How about some Frenchy toys: Mirage IIIc (it even comes in pink!) Super Mystere B.2
  5. Well, since no news I guess it is time for another "Less famous Mosquito raid". A solo day-ranger into Poland This missions is decribed in the most excellent book "Terror in the Starboard Seat" by Dave McIntosh, and it is the one that won the author (navigator) and his pilot Sid Seid their DFC. Rightly so, as I am sure you will agree. Their tale will be retold here abridged. Some background: Sid (an American flying for the RCAF) and Dave have been flying mostly solo night Intruder missions into occupied France and Germany. Inspite of 38 trips with many adventu
  6. Errr... no. Mig 21 of a slightly different variant that was contemporary to the Bis variant could carry the Grom. Since we are not getting that other slightly different variant, a concession was made.
  7. That may not be as fun as you may think. And I am saying that as a die hard mossie fanboi. I wouldn’t mind taking an NF.30 and use it as a day air superiority fighter though
  8. At what point does modeling accuracy becomes nit picking annoyance? I mean, does DCS model a “Mig21”? A “Mig21Bis”? A “Mig21Bis with tail number xxx”? A “Mig21Bis with tail number xxx after upgrade Y it had on October 1975”? Since we are not getting every minor variation, some leeway is given, so we can use the 21Bis as a substitute for a slightly different version. I don’t mind if the shade of red on the release button does not match the correct shade on the version that carried this or that weapon. We have the option not to use this leeway and not use mismatching loadouts.
  9. When I get the growling tone - everything looks like a target
  10. Especially since everyone else besides the BF109 rely on wing mounted guns with convergence set to “Berlin”.
  11. Take a wooden plane and paint it metal... I see what they did there
  12. How did the A-6 compare to or complemented the A-4 and A-7? Was it the sophisticated night bomber while the other two were the dirty day-time bomb-porters? I am pretty ignorant as to its place in US carrier groups during Vietnam/the 70s. Personally, I’d much rather have a Phantom by Heatblur - that would have been an instant buy, but the A-6 may still be interesting enough for me to buy to play offline/cold war server (since we won’t get an official A-4 either).
  13. Try to look for the 1998 edition, they can still be found in “new” conditions at regular prices. The 1st edition is already at collectors prices. Maybe here in the UK: https://www.abebooks.co.uk/9780773730892/Terror-Starboard-Seat-Trips-Aboard-0773730893/plp It’s a shame if this book fades into obscurity just because Sid and Dave were not famous aces. Unlike most autobiographies, Dave McIntosh had a talent for writing (was a news paper reporter after the war) and did not need a shadow writer to write his autobiography for him. It also describes the war from the eyes of a
  14. Current convergence on the P-47 is way too far. Probably OK for ground attack, but makes the guns half as lethal in a dogfight. Convergence should be a setting that you can choose through the rearming screen. Yes I know in reality it was a lengthy process to change, but since online you can’t set it before spawning, this is a reasonable compromise.
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