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  1. All night fighters (NF) models had a stick instead of a yoke, by RAF demand. This was carried over to the fighter-bombers (FB). There was no advantage to the stick, except that this is what fighter pilots were used to from other fighters they may have transitioned from, or were trained on. This is just simple thinking of the top brass that fighter = stick, bomber = yoke. @Krupi afaik, the elevators inertial weights were on both the fighters and the bombers, since the control cables were identical. This system was originally designed for the bombers to stiffen the stick
  2. Costal command grays for me
  3. Bozon

    Community A-4E-C

    That cockpit... amazing to see it in a skyhawk. Its like having a digital dashboard in a Volkswagen Beetle, except the Skyhawk is probably even older than the beetle...
  4. I have been looking for a good offline campaign for my Bis. Looking good.
  5. F-4 Phantom by Heatblur? I’ll be all over that! Yes please! After their superb F-14, HB seem to be the best developer for a phantom - I suppose the Jester AI can be adapted to the Phantom relatively easy. Both planes are more or less from the same era, with rio operated radars and before the days of FBW and fancy computers. I prefer F-4E model since this is the one that saw the most action and served in the largest number of airforces around the world. I would take any other variant as well.
  6. Probably the entire internet would have to be re-installed.
  7. To: “DCS: Mosquito FB.VI” Include the model designation so it is in the same format as the Spitfire forum section. I am sorry, but my OCD makes my eye twitch when I see the current section title next to the titles of the other DCS models forum sections... Unless this section covers the NF.XXX, FB.XVIII, B.XVI too... nudge nudge wink wink
  8. Best written WWII pilot autobiography I have read - by a wide margin. Both Sid the pilot and Dave McIntosh had a good dose of self humor and Dave is brutally honest about his deeds and feelings (mostly terror...).
  9. @Mogster, you are confusing different speed measurements. The absolute top speed of FB.VI 386 mph, which is achieved around 23,000 feet was indeed low even for a mid 1943 plane. However, FB.VIs rarely operated above 10,000 feet, therefore this absolute top speed is completely irrelevant. After a short production run with Merlin 23 engines, FB.VI were fitted with Merlin 25 engines that are optimized for low altitudes. Two stage compressors were not needed under 10,000 feet and even the high speed gear was rarely needed (switch from low to high gear is at around 12,000). We don’t hav
  10. Bozon

    Very pistol

    Mosquitoes had a tubular hatch at the canopy above the navigator through which he would fire colored flares with a Very pistol. Mosquito formations used these for signaling and coordination, in the case of FB.VI the Very flares saw a lot of use with coastal command anti shipping raids. It would be great if we could fire signaling flares, not unlike the BF.109 in the game. For single players it would also be great if you could order your wingman, or formations you command to fire a flare for you to find them more easily.
  11. The only jets that will be day 1 buy for me are Mirage III and F4 Phantom (E please!). Other 60s 70s fighters are place holders for the above two.
  12. Well this kite is about more than just bombing. However, it is not a dive bomber and its style of delivery is from low altitudes and at shallow dives - just the recipe for bombing yourself to pieces if your bombs are not delayed.
  13. Things I want my AI alligator to do: 1. Read to me number of gallons total fuel remaining. 2. Call out heading and range to a way point. 3. Fire a colored Very flare through the tube in the canopy above. 4. Hold the stick for me while I take a whiz in a plastic bag (that’s an actual thing). Comes to think of it, it is better that I hold the mossie stick which I am better trained to use and the navigator holds and aims “my stick”, which he should be able to handle just as expertly as I can. 5. Make tea. 6. Operate Gee if that is ever implemented.
  14. @Fri13, I and I suspect that the OP as well are not talking about spotting a dot 12 km away - I am talking about 2 km away. The nice graph you are showing is completely irrelevant to what we are talking about. Yes, I flew in planes and helicopters from Jet Rangers to F-16D and I know how easy it is to lose a plane at a distance - but at 2 km it is enough to know the quadrant and you can re acquire the other plane at will. Part of the issue in the game is that I have to trade angular resolution with field of view - if I zoom in enough so that the target has a shape rather
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