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  1. I have not tested it too much, but when me and my buddy tried it, it worked. Intercom was for him just hearing me (i was in Co-pilot) and the rest worked as in we were in one module.
  2. Dear Pilots. I remember seeing something about a Zero being added to DCS. Now with the Pacific theathre being added, i have not seen a single update about the Zero. It might be because most people are stoked about the Mosquito and P-47. But i can really not wait for the Zero to be added. And i wonder if it will be any update about it soon.:pilotfly: Have fun fighting boys.
  3. Goodday gentlemen. I got this helicopter for christmas as i love flying the heli's in this game. I now got all the heli's and every module work perfectly. Sadly my flightstick died a week ago, and because of christmas all the stores are closed. So i'm not getting a new one until one opens. But i'm really excited for this helicopter. As it's the first multirole module i got. Me and my mate jumped in the same heli and i was confused as the stick dosen't move. As i rebinded and reset all the controls to use the arrow keys (I'm good to fly with keyboard as well so it's not a problem for me) it does not move. Not even if i rebind it to something else and the settings don't say anything. So i wonder is there anyone that knows a solution. Because i'm dying to try out this heli. Your man Rob
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