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  1. Would you find time to meet up on TeamSpeak maybe? Yes, on Monday I'm available and we could talk. Maybe this way we pinpoint this error bug sooner.
  2. I have just got this error message (see attached image) the moment server launched ONCE trigger, at mission time, action DO SCRIPT: DAWS.oncallworkflow() No mission file was created inside C:/FTPVAULT/Missions/. Here's how I have configured your script: -- DAWS_SaveMission for DCSW 1.5 local MainVersion = "1" local SubVersion = "5" local Build = "2191" -- THANKS TO (cronological order): -- Rider (AMVI) -- Grimes (ED community) -- MBot (ED community) -- xcom (ED community) -- Ian (ED community) -- vicx (ED community) -- Pikey (ED community) -- USER VARIABLES local CreateStatics = false -- If this is set to "true", for each dead vehicle/airplane/helicopter a corresponding dead static object will be spawned in the theatre. local HiddenStatics = true -- If this is set to "true", the spawned static objects will be set as hidden to declutter the mission editor. local MaxTimeFileCheckHours = 72 -- when in multiplayer mission the Save function will only work whithin this limit of hour from the server start. After, it will give an error by text. local KeepContinousMission = true -- if true it will set the saved mission start time at the saving command minute local UpdateSceneryDate = false -- if true it will add "1" day at each mission save. Works ONLY IF KeepContinousMission is FALSE!!! local NightMission = true -- if set "false", it will prevent to set up mission in evening and night hours. local theMessageState = true -- if set "true", it will print out any save mission messages (autosave doesn't print anything) local MapObjectPersitence = false -- if set "true", it will enable the map object persistence mod (BUGGED!) local RadioMenuVariable = false -- if set "true", it will enable the save command by F10 radio menu. If "off", the save function shall be called by script using the DAWS.oncallworkflow() local KeepGroupsRoutes = true -- if set "true", the mod won't delete group routes while saving local AutoSaveEnable = false -- if set "true", the mod will execute the autosave function every 10 minutes. local AutoSaveFileName = "DAWS_AutoSave.miz" -- this will be the name of the autosaved miz local ExcludeTag = "Xcl_" -- using this tag as a prefix for group name will prevent those groups to be tracked by DAWS. If killed or moved, those groups won't be affected. local AirUnitTracked = false -- if set "true", if a plane gets killed the plane will be removed from the saved mission. If an entire flight is killed, it will be deleted. --local StartingFileName = lfs.writedir() .. "Missions/" .. "DAWS_AutoSave.miz" -- THIS SHOULD BE REMOVED if allowSave == true then --local OldMizPath = nil --OldMizPath = loadedMissionPath if debugProcess == true then env.info(("the loadedMissionPath is " .. tostring(loadedMissionPath))) end --local NewMizPath = theAutosaveFilename or missionfilesdirectory .. "DAWS-SavedMission_" .. saveCounter .. ".miz" -- change to writedir local NewMizPath = "C:/FTPVAULT/Missions/" local NewMizTempDir = "DAWS_TempMix/" lfs.mkdir(missionfilesdirectory .. "Temp/" .. NewMizTempDir) local OldMissionPath = missionfilesdirectory .. "Temp/" .. "mission" local NewMissionPath = missionfilesdirectory .. "Temp/" .. NewMizTempDir .. "mission" here's my local thread for this scenario if you wish to help there: http://forum.51st.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=3247&p=32697#p32697 Thanks!
  3. Allright, so basically it saves within one minute, cool. Hey man, let me rephrase my other question. I was asking if from player perspective if I may limit access to DAWS script comms menu to selection of clients through UnitNames. Thanks for your work :) Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks a ton for clearing this out. In case of my squadron, commander asks me only to make one single save 1 minute before mission ends and then actions to open DAWS_AutoSave.miz and continue from there. I do hope 1 minute is enough for .miz file to be saved. Another question. May I limit F10 menu function for DAWS to my selection (table) of UnitNames?
  5. Hello :) I want to SAVE on demand under Trigger / Conditions, is correct Action to be used: DO SCRIPT: DAWS.oncallworkflow() Is there anything to be put inside these () brackets? No information in the manual nor in this thread, I have tried searching.
  6. Hmm, I still wonder what has caused this. Is there a way to check what specific value asked caused this?
  7. Hi everyone, I have been running a scenario on multiplayer server and this bug and error occured. I have looked into the dump file and it appears to be MISC script. Attached screenshots of the bug and possibly the code line, not sure which one though and why this happened.
  8. I think I got it! I am learning LUA guys! Amazing, I thought I will never program again since my childhood in BASIC language. Now more difficult exercise! There are two flags, nr:2 for Red coalition and nr:3 for Blue coalition. How to differentiate for Red helicopters picking up Red pilots and increase flag#2 +value, and same analogy for Blue.
  9. I have been trying to fix the infamous stutter spike for clients when first MiG-21 client joins multiplayer session by adding static MiG-21 object in same skin for preload at the beginning of the mission and there is still a stutter spike. I hope true dedicated server fixes this, but also MiG-21 receives a lot of peformance optimizations still.
  10. I see no mention on dedicated server... yes it is really needed, and better net code.
  11. Flight Servers Admins, Have you noticed desyncs and issues when Open Beta clients join Stable Release server? I think, because I believe I have. I have no clue why ED allows Open Beta to share the same lobby with Stable Release? :huh: Is there any way to prevent Open Beta clients from joining Stable Release then via integrity check?
  12. Now I am so lost =) am I to edit current CSAR script or make another Lua code and load? Can you help me with final example?
  13. Yes the client crashes appeared only in scenario version with added non used country audio transmission to for Beacons and Silence sounds following CTLD setup instructions. It has been removed in next version, problem gone. It might be it.
  14. I have installed it today, what a difference! :) That really low freq boom boom sound I hear when UH-1h approaches me is gone when it moves away from me, that is normal?
  15. We have just noticed this issue on <51>SERVER that if CTLD script beacon is dropped and Ka-50 tunes in to it, it works for the pilot.. but with every second FPS deteriorates to a full freeze and then all helicopter clients crash to desktop and server continues running fine. I am disabling this feature of CTLD to drop beacons for the next scenario version to see how it affects server. Excellent script nonetheless.
  16. <51>SERVER is now up for 24h live sessions, passwords are default for red and blue. If you wish to truly test your client, now is the time :) scenario 0.66b version and testing
  17. F-5E Tigers have been readied by your maintenance crews! Waiting for a go from general command 'ED'. <51>SERVER in multiplayer lobby :) URL (51st.hopto.org) same for TS3
  18. I have been running it successfully since purchased 1.0.0 license, almost 24/7 for a week on <51>SERVER. Question was if I disable or limit server exports it won't affect LotAtc server and client routine at all?
  19. How to make CAP flights and GCI flights use set pool of callsigns so they do not steal it from other flights? F.e. Blue, Enfield 91 to 99 Red, 991 to 999
  20. I did, it seems line dissappears each-other time I re run DCS, what is causing DAWS to stop working. Yes, using SLMOD. Any work around to make life easier, shall I set file as readonly?
  21. Thx for info, so default LotAtc behavior? I'll test it
  22. Has it been released? Caucasus texture pack?
  23. Can you expand what it means how 'just add it', where exactly in code, how would it look then, inside CSAR Lua script I presume, if so how to place it? Is this correct? function csar.rescuePilots(_heliUnit) local _rescuedGroups = csar.inTransitGroups[_heliUnit:getName()] trigger.action.setUserFlag(1,100) if _rescuedGroups == nil then -- Groups already rescued return end
  24. DCS 1.5 release (1.5.3), not using Open Beta
  25. Thanks for helping. Adding my dcs.log, DAWS does not seem to work on our server. dcs.zip
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