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  1. Just had another breaking problem, after that server crashed. Have a look. SLMOD was still enabled. Took server is down for scenario maintenance. The only good tests come with good number of randomly coming in and out clients doing things, destroying groups, new groups spawning etc... otherwise there's no true test. Beforehand I have had same version with SLMOD doing save routine fine for like first day or something, now it just pauses with different errors and nothing critical was changed in the mission.
  2. I would like to nominate Breakshot, for his continued work since 2007 running 51st PVO, Crimean Incident, Georgian Incident I and II, largest multiplayer campaigns in FC times, and train squadron pilots to maintain discipline to never loose a squad challenge match and squad events while flying exclusively the underdog Su-27s... http://www.51st.org/results.html http://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=12455
  3. On some planes (e.g. Su-27) there is input function: + Kneeboard Shortcut Create + Kneeboard Shortcut Next + Kneeboard Shortcut Previous but on some planes (e.g. Ka-50) - these three are missing :huh: Are my Saved Games config files broken or is it common with everyone else? Version
  4. I have these non functional, no idea why. There is no interference from conflicting controls.
  5. Then lets keep it to this thread. I would rather keep the SLMOD, man. Without it server is just left for the sake of TK bullies.
  6. My PMs quickly run out of space here. Can we switch to 51st.org forum? SLMOD is running, along side DAWS. DAWS is only mod. I haven't modified anything in the script.
  7. Group dead instead of unit, okay, but still it doesn't answer my question. Can I connect damaged with dead? To ensure action is triggered when actually someone crashed or was blown out of sky or exited aircraft in any way (disconnect, eject, back to spectator) while damaged on ground and in air. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  8. Unfortunately I have to confirm this after experimenting to make sure it is in fact a new bug. I am experiencing the same issue with latest DCS World version
  9. DAWS has been disabled, I conducted experiment. This has now been confirmed as new bug introduced with latest DCS World patch. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2802059
  10. Will this be proper two conditions to connect? UNIT DEAD (and) UNIT DAMAGED by common sense I understand that if helicopter was damaged and client leaves it by switching back to spectators, crashes or disconnects from server, it will trigger selected actions? However if he returns to FARP or airbase and attempts repair and then leaves then it won't trigger?
  11. Latest findings. -- DAWS_SaveMission for DCSW 1.5 local MainVersion = "1" local SubVersion = "6" local Build = "2224" -- THANKS TO (cronological order): -- Rider (AMVI) -- Grimes (ED community) -- MBot (ED community) -- xcom (ED community) -- Ian (ED community) -- vicx (ED community) -- Pikey (ED community) -- ESAC_Matador (ED community) -- USER VARIABLES -- object creation local CreateStatics = false -- If this is set to "true", for each dead vehicle/airplane/helicopter a corresponding dead static object will be spawned in the theatre. local HiddenStatics = true -- If this is set to "true", the spawned static objects will be set as hidden to declutter the mission editor. local MapObjectPersitence = false -- if set "true", it will enable the map object persistence mod (BUGGED!) local KeepGroupsRoutes = false -- if set "true", the mod won't delete group routes while saving local ExcludeTag = "Xcl_" -- using this tag as a prefix for group name will prevent those groups to be tracked by DAWS. If killed or moved, those groups won't be affected. local AirUnitTracked = false -- if set "true", if a plane gets killed the plane will be removed from the saved mission. If an entire flight is killed, it will be deleted. local TrackAddedGroups = true -- if set "true", spawned groups will be saved into the new miz file local TrackAddedInfantry = true -- if TrackAddedGroups is "true" and if set "true", spawned units, mortar and manpads will be tracked also, except for those spawned with DAWS AI enhancement mod. -- saved simulation time local KeepContinousMission = true -- if true it will set the saved mission start time at the saving command minute local UpdateSceneryDate = false -- if true it will add "1" day at each mission save. Works ONLY IF KeepContinousMission is FALSE!!! local NightMission = true -- if set "false", it will prevent to set up mission in evening and night hours. -- chat message local theMessageState = true -- if set "true", it will print out any save mission messages (autosave doesn't print anything) -- save process local RadioMenuVariable = false -- if set "true", it will enable the save command by F10 radio menu. If "off", the save function shall be called by script using the DAWS.oncallworkflow() local RadioMenuSingleGroup = true -- if set "true" and RadioMenuVariable is true, it will limit the save command by F10 radio menù only for a group named "DAWS_Saver" local AutoSaveEnable = false -- if set "true", the mod will execute the autosave function every 10 minutes. local AutoSaveFileName = "DAWS_AutoSave.miz" -- this will be the name of the autosaved miz local UseFixedPath = true -- if set "true" will save anytime by any process (manual or autosave) in the exact position defined by FixedSavePath local FixedSavePath = "C:/FTPVAULT/Missions/DAWS_AutoSave.miz" -- lfs.writedir() .. "Missions/" .. "YourCustomFileName.miz" -- this will set the saving position for UseFixedPath variable, when it's true Server paused with this error:
  12. Dear Grimes, I have another problem. I am spawning/respawning a vehicle group which has their own set of waypoints by road then off road (two waypoints) and expect them to follow their route from place where they are to re/spawn. They spawn/respawn properly, but they never start moving to follow the waypoints, just sit where they have spawned (wp:0). EDIT: I will disable entirely DAWS script and see if this is related, as it might be deleting their way-points when saving the mission. This is strange, as server hasn't loaded yet saved-state mission.
  13. Kindly inviting module owners to test several slots for both variants on SERVER dedicated scenario. You shall now score for every minute of flight time within vast CAP/CAS zones from today's version. I'll take care you will have constant updates and have what to do. Developing new features: - L-39C in AFAC tasking will be able to provide intelligence to own collation regarding Red or Blue or Natural ownership of MGRS zones and score when providing new intelligence. - additionally to above, at night time dropping illumination munitions on enemy held MGRS zones will also score points Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  14. Another problem. Each time someone disconnects or switches back to spectator although safe on ground at friendly airport, engine counts this as client's Unit Dead. Must I add another condition i.e. Unit speed above 1m/s? Will try that...
  15. Both edit: Found a work around, need to create completely separate switched condition trigger for each client unit (1 only), without using ORs.
  16. I have made today such exercise in MP to add base for scoring system counting value in lost aircrafts. Switched Conditions : Unit dead (Client1) Or Unit dead (Client2) Or... (several clients and their unit names from different groups, 1 client plane per group and some are 4 client planes in a group) Action : Increase flag X by Y value Send message to All Doesn't trigger at all.. tested only in MP. Is it bugged for clients in MP? Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  17. Here's the result, error. DAWS.oncallworkflow() saving hasn't worked for me
  18. DAWS_Saver doesn't work, even when renamed to actual group name of single client, and I think this is due to bug in DCS with Group.getByName(..), have you tried to rewrite code by unitname instead, like CTLD does it? I am now waiting for server to reach 3h time since mission start trigger, to execute save action via do script DAWS.oncallworkflow(), will then see if this really works. All I need is to have a save at 3rd hour, then a minute more, and have server reload mission from save point.
  19. Would be great if real crates had at least change in appearance to unpacked ones. So they can't be despawned from environment now you mean? Is it big issue? I'll test it out.
  20. Today I have had this error, came out of nowhere? 5782 line? gpId = mist.DBs.MEgroupsByName[groupIdent].groupId
  21. I wish to change values to two respective flags, for blue and red, depending on unit detection then add a timer for cool off period before it can be 'detected' again. I wish to limit table of units (air clients or ground) that have capability to detect/recon.
  22. You can't hack into the in-game scoreboard (default key: ' ), but you can use FLAG values to memorize own scoring system outside default scoreboard.
  23. I have seen a client pilot in it just days ago while observing action on server.
  24. Can't wait to try it out. I'll be back on Tuesday and will implement newest version in scenario I am developing and keep you informed of my progress. Thanks for requested features! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
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