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  1. This translates to: Shooting down a slow and low moving target with A2A missile is more challenging. Radar guided air to air missiles will miss such target more often then target that moves above 500kph or above 300m AGL.
  2. Okay. Can anyone explain me. Default visibility settings for FC2 are medium (after clean install). If you go to graphics.cfg file you will note Medium is selected. When you change withing ingame options world visibility settings, LOW to MEDIUM to HIGH, then this change does not reflect change in graphics.cfg. There always Medium is selected if you care to go there and check. Why is that? :helpsmilie:
  3. Something I'd love to see is dedicated moderators who update the information and mod versions. As long it is possible. LockOnFiles is great... but over years its UI and database became too cluttered :(
  4. I have tried it yesterday while having some MP gunzo flights. What a great cockpit mod. A must have!
  5. Is this already part of Blindspot'sME from version 1.6? If it is not, if I install this modman file on top of Blindspot'sME will I break something? Since Blindspot'sME comes with own me_map_window.lua. Do you have any information how the mission plays when copied to computers without the mod? Any misalignment then? Or over multiplayer?
  6. People spend so much time tweaking for visuals... but somehow monitor display hardware & software settings are usually overlooked:smilewink:
  7. Awesome. Except that there is no option to adjust elevation and windage for the crosshairs?
  8. I do not agree. I have set my LCD monitor to 6500K, adjusted contrast to 100%, calibrated brightness and then went through some gamma and color calibration software. Took me two days to tweak and find best config. I must say, my pokemon look of Lock On is now officially gone :P I am amazed how well newest A-10C screenies now look like! :D
  9. I kno' :P but is funny to rant like a newb from time to time ;)
  10. Little petition:notify: Since DCS A-10C might improve over multiplayer support (new chat and all)... Then how about asking for option that allows selecting own skin and tail# just how it used to be before? Or even better - have it as server setting... in DCS A-10C or next module.. just lets have that feature back. X2 in this thread... keep our spam..ehm...will alive:D Let ED know how important function it was to us, together for individuals and squads.:yes:
  11. Check my BK 117 screenies from X-plane :) http://www.51st.org/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=2773 I love X-plane for this addon and for experimenting and stuff. Grab some good fighter model, and grab the XFCS plug-in. It's great to fly fastmovers with that.
  12. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?act=idx scroll down to Helicopters in X-Plane section of the forums and MBB/Kawasaki BK 117 in Commercial Vendors Support section BK 117 is addon I use myself - http://nd-art-and-technology.com/BK117_main.html although there are some amazing freeware addons on the same x-plane.org site.
  13. IMHO such gloves are pointless if you can have a large high quality LCD screen with multi-touch support for 300 USD. http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF05a/382087-382087-64283-3181050-3181048-4031739.html
  14. Looks like very low poly Ka-50 :)
  15. Go get X-plane version 9.5x Go to their helicopter forums - they are very active heli simmers.
  16. Little request for new version :) Can we filter the game selection dialog so it only lists the games we wish (have)?
  17. Install Lock On Modern Air Combat and then LO FC 2.0 into different directory and 1.2.1 patch - that's it. I think it was posted to death all over the place (installation procedure), readmes, FAQs and such ;) You can uninstall LOMAC after installing LOFC2 (no point of keeping it). No other patch/pack necessary then the one mentioned.
  18. ...but not the lack of ingenuity! :D
  19. Hehe... I have got to repost this... http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=695901&postcount=6 :D
  20. Do we have any South Koreans on these forums so they can update us how the situation is developing and what is their point of view?
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