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  1. Well you seem no longer to reply to this thread then I assume you have resolved your problem and understand now display ratio has nothing to do with it. Anyways, here are my files to get you started. Specially tweaked for TIR. Remember to use Notepad++ free editor to edit LUA files if needed. Happy flying. View.rar
  2. Dear Devs, Please include a connection status feedback in sort of text or progress bar, and progress bar informing the user of mission download or just KB down counter with total weight of mission file when connecting. I have noticed as server admin that new people coming to our server do connect and then possibly click on big black screen of "hang on", windows shows them DCS is timing out, and they disconnect all the time before they even load into the server. Loosing plenty of newb clients because of this and they may think our server is broken or their client is having issues with our server, and all what is happening is client hangs while it is downloading mission from server. Another issue is when first scene renders, there are artifacts like strange sky box and black bottom half of the screen that holds for few seconds... creating even more confusion.
  3. Actually tested in wind tunnel and proven it would work PS. Someone brought this thread back after 5 years! Whoa, back here myself again 5 years older :)
  4. No, that is just math. 1920:1080=1.77.. 16:9=1.77.. ratio, just check on calculator. I'll send you my LUA for view configuration later today. You will place then in %UserName% / Saved Games / DCS / Config / View Confirm you know how to operate your Saved Games configuration files outside DCS WORLD with file manager or file Explorer List me all modules you own.
  5. Would you like to try my files, what aircrafts you would like to be set up?
  6. You have an axis assigned to ZOOM/FOV function that interferes with your setup or you just don't understand how snapviews work. Have you tried setting up your def snapviews with FOV you desire as default?
  7. This is not helping, and irrelevant to the bug man. Btw, I am using TRACK-IR. There is no need guys to post these "fixes", none of them resolve the bug, we all know what is going on for years now. Been customer of ED products since 1996 :)
  8. Nope, it doesn't work like that. What we do is set min and max calculating what is the exact medium in between the extremes. Then you set that medium as default cockpit snap view. And we still want to increase FOV sometimes but only on demand. Example: Saved Games\DCS\Config\View\ SnapViews.lua [13] = {--default view viewAngle = 90.000000,--FOV hAngle = 0.000000, vAngle = 0.000000, x_trans = 0.000000, y_trans = 0.000000, z_trans = 0.000000, rollAngle = 0.000000, }, }, Server.lua local GlobalCameraViewAngleLimits = {30,150} -- {min horiz. FOV in °, max horiz. FOV in °} <- aka Zoom, 150-30=120, 120/2=60, 30+60=90 or 150-60=90
  9. Hello, this is exciting. Let me implement this, do tests with our fearless loyal testers and report back to scripting community here. Thank you for finding time to look at it and best regards!
  10. Thanks for all the replies, I am happy it is just not me going "crazy" over it, enough is enough :helpsmilie:
  11. Server public is gone from multiplayer lobby list after few hours for no reason, yet still running "fine".
  12. I know this bugger is considered now "normal". And I have been resetting view for years after waiting a while. I am really tired of this already. Some of us build cockpits around fixed FOVs. This is a true bugger.
  13. There is this thing that is bugging me for many years. Each time I spawn in the pit... camera slowly zooms for few moments then stops, instead of just locking at my setting of FOV 90 for example. After resetting the view FOV to default (keypad5, then keypad+) or moving zoom axis slider to middle, I am back where I want to be and it doesn't bug me throughout the flight ever again. I am using TrackIR. This happens with every aircraft.
  14. It can't be renamed because OS is not allowing it, I have moved entire DCS folder in Saved Games to another drive for back up and launched DCS again on server. New DCS folder has been created within Saved Games folder in user folder. Excellent! Thx! (+) is now working, mission can be started... after start loading screen shown correctly (the one with HUD at 600feet and 600kts).. server fully loaded and started mission scenario hmm... so, which file got corrupted? Take a look at latest dcs.log all the way to server mission loaded and start - attached in ZIP - still lots of errors, probably unrelated? dcslog.zip
  15. Same issue we have had on <51>SERVER, over 20 clients and we have lots of warps, although network and server performance max capacity are not stressed yet.
  16. I have experienced memory leaks even on server side, after mission was running for few hours with multiple clients.
  17. I have tried deleting: serverSettings.lua file from Saved Games\DCS\Config and start it fresh... doesn't help, the (+) button is still not bringing the popup dialogue with file browser and Mission list is empty... so... I have restored last serverSettings.lua file that always worked, and trying to start the server... attaching both files (with log) (+) button below Mission list still NOT/SERVICABLE If I START the server with mission on the list, last one I had, after deleting all the others to test if (-) works (and yes it does). === Log opened UTC 2016-06-11 19:22:54 00000.000 INFO VFS: Using 'Saved Games': "C:\Users\USDedi\Saved Games" 00000.001 INFO DCS: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows/6.1.7601) 00000.001 INFO DCS: CPU cores: 4, System RAM: 8190 MB 00000.006 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:0 00000.014 INFO Dispatcher: 2016/6/11 15:22 V1508170900 00000.018 INFO INPUT: Device created Keyboard 00000.180 INFO SOUND: loaded 1084 sdefs from "sounds\sdef" 00000.238 INFO SOUND: Using driver: xaudio27 00000.241 INFO SOUND: XAudio2: Using device ID:'{}.{d0a15d5f-d2ca-454b-a745-5efbee02f08d}' Name:'Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High Definition Audio Device)', channels: 2 00000.276 INFO SOUND: XAudio2: channel layout: Headphones/Stereo 00000.276 INFO SOUND: Using SSE FTZ/DAZ mode. 00000.687 ERROR VFS: Can't mount './CoreMods/WWII Units/Liveries' to '/textures//liveries/'. 00000.699 ERROR VFS: Can't mount './CoreMods/aircraft/Hawk/Textures/Avionics' to '/textures/'. 00000.703 ERROR SOUND: can't open proto file ".\coremods\aircraft\m-2000c\sounds\sdef\effects\aircrafts\engines\snecmam53\e_m2kc_combstart.sdef" 00000.703 ERROR SOUND: failed to load sdef Effects/Aircrafts/Engines/SnecmaM53/e_M2kC_combstart referenced in .\coremods\aircraft\m-2000c\sounds\sdef\aircrafts\engines\snecmam53\e_m2kc_combustion_full.sdef 00000.705 INFO SOUND: loaded 19 sdefs from ".\coremods\aircraft\m-2000c\sounds\sdef" 00000.705 ERROR VFS: Can't mount './CoreMods/aircraft/M-2000C/Skins/1/ME' to '/textures/'. 00000.705 ERROR VFS: Can't mount './CoreMods/aircraft/M-2000C/Textures/Weapons' to '/textures/'. 00000.709 INFO SOUND: loaded 10 sdefs from ".\coremods\aircraft\mig-21bis\sounds\sdef" 00000.721 INFO SOUND: loaded 4 sdefs from ".\coremods\aircraft\sa342\sounds\sdef" 00000.749 INFO WorldPlugIns: No 'registryPath' for 'AVIODEV_C-101' 00000.768 INFO GRAPHICSVISTA: Creating Resource "Unicode" of type 5 00000.774 INFO DX11BACKEND: TRUNK renderer init: showShaderError coreCount=1 00000.811 INFO DX11BACKEND: Driver Concurrent Creates - 1 00000.811 INFO DX11BACKEND: Driver Command Lists - 1 00000.811 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadShaders 00000.811 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadCache Bazar/shaders/fxo 00001.890 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadCache done 00001.890 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadCache C:\Users\USDedi\Saved Games\DCS\fxo 00001.918 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadCache done 00001.918 INFO DX11BACKEND: DX11ShaderBinaries::loadShaders finished 00002.054 ERROR VFS: Can't mount './Mods/tech/Kuznecow/Textures/TUG_3913' to '/textures/'. 00002.140 INFO RENDERER: Global metashader cache enabled 00002.140 INFO RENDERER: Loading metashader cache from C:\Users\USDedi\Saved Games\DCS\metashaders/ 00002.140 INFO RENDERER: Metashader cache: 0 (0) cached shaders out of date 00002.236 ERROR DX11BACKEND: rendertarget "rtDynamicCloudMap" not found 00002.237 INFO EDTERRAINGRAPHICS3: edtg::CreateSurfaceRenderItem() 00002.303 ERROR EDOBJECTS: Destruction shape not found AVIASHTAB_CRASH 00002.306 INFO TERRAIN: lSystem::lSystem 00002.611 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:1 00002.856 ERROR VFS: add_location {"My Missions", "C:\Users\USDedi\Saved Games\DCS\Missions\"}: path already added as "My Missions" 00003.537 ERROR DXGUI_EDGE_RENDER: Cannot load texture '' 00005.837 INFO DXGUI: Cannot load font [D:\DCS Program file\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\dxgui\skins\fonts\]! 00010.246 INFO LuaNET: Loaded - CSAR SLOT BLOCK k v1.9.1 by Ciribob 00010.246 INFO LuaNET: [LOTATC] GameGUI loading... 00010.246 INFO LuaNET: [LOTATC] LotAtc User Mod 00010.246 INFO LuaNET: [LOTATC] LotAtc loading... 00010.251 INFO LuaNET: [LOTATC] LotAtc core loaded 00010.260 INFO LuaNET: [LOTATC] LotAtc lua glue loaded 00010.260 INFO LuaNET: [LOTATC] Load callbacks 00010.260 INFO LuaNET: [LOTATC] Use chat 00010.260 INFO LuaNET: Register callbacks 00010.261 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INIT: Loading Slmodv7_5_074... 00010.262 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: using settings defined in C:\Users\USDedi\Saved Games\DCS\Slmod\config.lua 00010.270 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: ./Scripts/MissionScripting.lua is up to date, no installation required. 00010.274 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodUtils.lua loaded. 00010.276 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodEvents.lua loaded. 00010.278 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodUnits.lua loaded. 00010.281 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodMenu.lua loaded. 00010.282 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodConvMenu.lua loaded. 00010.282 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodPTSMenu.lua loaded. 00010.283 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodPOSMenu.lua loaded. 00010.286 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodAdminMenu.lua loaded 00010.293 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: no stats, loading stats from file. 00010.626 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: using SlmodStats as defined in C:\Users\USDedi\Saved Games\DCS\Slmod\SlmodStats.lua 00011.387 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodStats.lua loaded. 00011.388 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodAutoAdmin.lua loaded. 00011.395 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodLibs.lua loaded. 00011.395 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodDebugger.lua loaded. 00011.396 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodMOTD.lua loaded. 00011.396 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodHelp.lua loaded. 00011.397 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodCallbacks.lua loaded 00011.398 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: SlmodTests.lua loaded. 00011.615 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:2 00011.789 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:3 00012.075 INFO NET: Login success. 00041.144 INFO NET: client has started 00041.215 INFO LuaNET: SLMOD INFO: Modifying netview... results: , true 00046.113 INFO NET: client has stopped 00066.074 ALERT LUACOMMON: Error: GUI Error: [string "./Scripts/utils_common.lua"]:118: can't unzOpenCurrentFile GUI debug.traceback: stack traceback: [C]: ? [C]: in function 'unzReadAllCurrentFile' [string "./Scripts/utils_common.lua"]:118: in function 'getNameTheatre' [string "./MissionEditor/modules/FileGrid.lua"]:571: in function 'verifyTheatre' [string "./MissionEditor/modules/FileGrid.lua"]:538: in function 'setPath' [string "./MissionEditor/modules/FileDialog.lua"]:528: in function 'setInitPath_' [string "./MissionEditor/modules/FileDialog.lua"]:558: in function <[string "./MissionEditor/modules/FileDialog.lua"]:543> (tail call): ? [string "./MissionEditor/modules/mul_create_server.lua"]:330: in function 'onChange' [string "./dxgui/bind/Button.lua"]:22: in function 'callback' [string "./dxgui/bind/Widget.lua"]:310: in function <[string "./dxgui/bind/Widget.lua"]:305> 00078.695 ALERT LUACOMMON: Error: GUI Error: [string "./Scripts/utils_common.lua"]:118: can't unzOpenCurrentFile GUI debug.traceback: stack traceback: [C]: ? [C]: in function 'unzReadAllCurrentFile' [string "./Scripts/utils_common.lua"]:118: in function 'getNameTheatre' [string "./MissionEditor/modules/FileGrid.lua"]:571: in function 'verifyTheatre' [string "./MissionEditor/modules/FileGrid.lua"]:538: in function 'setPath' [string "./MissionEditor/modules/FileGrid.lua"]:507: in function 'setFilter' [string "./MissionEditor/modules/FileDialog.lua"]:614: in function 'onSelectFilter_' [string "./MissionEditor/modules/FileDialog.lua"]:606: in function 'setFilters' [string "./MissionEditor/modules/FileDialog.lua"]:557: in function <[string "./MissionEditor/modules/FileDialog.lua"]:543> (tail call): ? [string "./MissionEditor/modules/mul_create_server.lua"]:330: in function 'onChange' [string "./dxgui/bind/Button.lua"]:22: in function 'callback' [string "./dxgui/bind/Widget.lua"]:310: in function <[string "./dxgui/bind/Widget.lua"]:305> 00187.320 INFO NET: server has started 00188.746 INFO NET: UPNP IGD detected. 00188.749 INFO NET: Internal LAN IP address: 00188.749 INFO NET: External WAN IP address: 00189.048 INFO NET: TCP external is redirected to internal 00189.359 INFO NET: UDP external is redirected to internal 00189.362 INFO NET: Registering server as (port is forwarded by UPNP). 00189.362 INFO Dispatcher: loading mission file: "C:\FTPVAULT\Missions\Farewell Caucasus.miz" 00189.395 ERROR Dispatcher: Error: Cannot decompress mission: open failed 00189.396 ERROR Lua::Config: Call error get_server_info:?:0: attempt to index global 'mission' (a nil value). serverSettings.lua cfg = { ["isPublic"] = true, ["missionList"] = { [1] = "C:\\FTPVAULT\\Missions\\Farewell Caucasus.miz", }, -- end of ["missionList"] ["bind_address"] = "", ["advanced"] = { ["event_Role"] = true, ["allow_ownship_export"] = true, ["allow_object_export"] = false, ["pause_on_load"] = false, ["event_Connect"] = true, ["allow_sensor_export"] = false, ["event_Kill"] = false, ["event_Takeoff"] = false, ["pause_without_clients"] = true, ["client_outbound_limit"] = 0, ["event_Ejecting"] = false, ["client_inbound_limit"] = 0, ["resume_mode"] = 2, ["event_Crash"] = false, }, -- end of ["advanced"] ["password"] = "", ["port"] = 10308, ["version"] = 1, ["name"] = " <51>SERVER modern&dynamic 6h v0.78 10JUN2016", ["description"] = "SERVER DEDICATED of 51PVO \"Bisons\" squadron\ - Flightserver: 51st.hopto.org (URL) or\ - TeamSpeak3: 51st.hopto.org (URL)\ - LotAtc: 51st.hopto.org:10310 [realistic mode]\ Objects Exports Disabled: Re-run your trackfile locally after flight to build full TacView ACMI file\ Rules: Be nice and read your briefings!", ["listLoop"] = false, ["listShuffle"] = false, ["maxPlayers"] = 51, } -- end of cfg This bug brought down <51>SERVER dedicated :cry:
  18. Can't add mission with (+) button, the popup dialogue window with mission file selection is just not appearing. It just quit working. Repair doesn't help. If I start mission (there is only one in rotation screen), stops at black screen.
  19. Hi, My server just paused with this error bug calling line in MIST script. Note, disregard tabs with DAWS etc... all mods are disabled, server is running only latest SLMOD and mission scenario beside MIST runs below CTLD and CSAR scripts without modifications.
  20. Hey Mechan, server does reload mission scenario session every 6h. So if I don't hard restart it, it might not work due to LotAtc bug after next one is automatically loaded. Known bug. I have just restarted it fresh for you.
  21. I do not really know how to rephrase. Maybe if you like drop on my TeamSpeak and we talk and you get a better idea what I am trying to achieve for clients flying RECON in scenario I am developing?
  22. I would love to incorporate your work on <51>SERVER but I feel very intimidated where to begin... So far only following your YT video tutorials just to get accustomed a bit. I feel this is the future, keep doing your excellent work.
  23. I do understand all that, but given the circumstances of newly introduced DCSW bugs, these even break behavior in other scripts, and my limited time as well I need to move on developing scenario forward and things will keep changing per my side. As for DAWS without SLMOD, still issues with SLMOD off, so I don't think I can help with debugging DAWS knowing this now. I'll try it again some other time, will focus now on objective based 6h length rotating scenario. Sorry to disappoint.
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