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  1. http://www.lockonfiles.com :) I recommend upgrading Lock On 1.0 (1.02) to Flaming Cliffs 2. No one here supports ancient Lock On version.
  2. These tips are no longer valid in final release manual. Correct pages are now 591 - 621 that include checklists.
  3. This is totally new for me :) I have learned "WEST BEST, EAST LEAST" during my PPL training, works since then great for me. Headaches gone :)
  4. http://www.diskeeper.com/ Not sure if it is better, since I haven't tried O&O and I am hearing first time about it. However I have been using Diskeeper successfully for years.
  5. Any quick survival guide for NVIDIA users? So far I had to use hardware Anti-Aliasing (x16) and Anisostropic Filtering (x16) and I controlled it with NVIDIA driver. Should I use now software Anti-Aliasing and default texture filtering instead (don't know what ED uses there) what comes with newer DCS engine? What's kinda annoying is that both BS and WH share same executable names, and NVIDIA driver detects DCS:WH as DCS:BS.
  6. Just so you know. We have a very smart code that pick ups any illegal activity or suspicious out-of-the-blue behavior that totally stands out of the crowd. There were cheaters who tried to conceal they were cheating, but it still picked them out. We monitor very closely such pilots with additional tools. It usually ends with hard ban. There is absolutely no tolerance policy for offenders or cheaters on 51st server. There is no way to get a second chance. Ban information about such players is being passed (ALWAYS) to other server admins. A friendly warning for all who even attempt to try any illegal activity on our server... plus a friendly invitation to join <51> flight server for all legit pilots :) ...from your most friendliest 51PVO POLITICAL OFFICER ^^
  7. Pilots have an easy say for calculating magnetic heading from true (map) headings: WEST BEST (you add to true heading from map) - by WEST i mean WEST DECLINATION EAST LEAST (you subtract from true heading) In case of Georgia EAST declination. 6 deg EAST (6E) or (+6). TH-MD=MH WEST BEST -> TH-(-MD)=TH+|MD| see? you add it (BEST) ... so in case of 10deg W of magnetic declination and true heading of 100, magnetic heading to follow is 110 EAST LEAST -> TH-(+MD)=TH-|MD| you substract it (LEAST)....so in case of 10deg E ...... true heading of 100, magnetic heading is 90.
  8. Shaman

    Sound problem

    Kuky, there is no way to play on X-FI card with FC2 or any DCS without sound issues. I have own X-FI Titanium and I went through the same thing. I have purchased USB stereo speakers and it works now fine. You can as well get USB stereo headphones.
  9. What do you suggest? I am lazy bastard, LOL? I currently working hard and saving for new PC for VRS F/A-18E and DCS A-10C exclusively. If I can run these at max settings, I will be able to eat BF3 for breakfast. I agree that devs should aim high, however devs that work behind EA projects are contracted under short time-terms and do not have time to optimize their applications, what causes unnaturally higher hardware requirements compared to independent developers. My current setup was top-end 3 years ago.
  10. I have seen gameplay teaser - no Battlefield game ever looks like this (gameplay wise). I am currently playing Bad Company 2 and Vietnam. Previously I spent lots of time with BF2142. I have played BF2 previously too but didn't like it honestly so I don't have huge hopes for BF3. The thing about BF3 gameplay teaser is that it screams - your PC won't run it like you want it.
  11. I did I did :) Damn 22:26 already. 5 am to work... gotta resist temptation to play with it more;)
  12. I have same thing for quite long time. I express myself better in English that in my native language. It is also easier to explain what I have on mind. However it has been the other way around many many years ago ;) English is "lingua franca" of aviation, that's for sure. So if you are really into aviation, perfecting your English is the way to go.
  13. I have been seeding official torrent for entire day, ratio of 3, at 300kb/s. Thank you to everyone who have been seeding it too.
  14. http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/02/21/source-libyan-pilots-defected-to-malta/ Knowing what horrors can happen from people still loyal to the regime to their families and loved ones, and closest clan members... they still decided to not to fire weapons on own country man and flee to Malta. I believe they are now in huge stress because of that. What a great act of courage and sacrifice. It is unthinkable what these men have to go through now.
  15. So do I have to uninstall A-10C Beta 4 and clear its folder? (and clear any registry entries?)
  16. Thanks guys, Riptide, Pilotasso and rattler, I appreciate it. I don't know now what annoys me more, my sound problems in FC2 or two noisy dogs of my two different neighbors from the same floor :ermm: ASUS Xonar DG is inexpensive solution to my problem (if it works). I will try to look around for different drivers, however you know - I risk breaking other games with some beta or unofficial drivers that I have never had problems before.
  17. I got this card, because my on-board AC'97 HD 5.1 chipset-something was giving me even more issues with LOFC. Getting X-FI fixed them all, but I was back on Windows XP SP3 back then. However since I switched to LOFC2 and Windows 7 x64, I have these weird issues. I really don't agree with your claim that Soundblaster is bad. I am a gamer and play-through most AAA titles, and I haven't had problems with X-FI platform so far. When I switch output to stereo only 2.0 (or headphones) these problems do not go away, they are sounding kinda "different" though.
  18. My Flaming Cliffs 2 is giving me terrible sound issues. Windows 7 x64 + Soundblaster X-FI (latest drivers, all windows updates) Most obvious one, is that engines and russian RWR is almost dead-quiet in the cockpit, and sound cut-offs entirely for some equipment most of the time and comes back on. When I turn my head (TIR) in the cockpit to check 9 or 3 o'clock I can hear the engines then. In external views thing go even more crazy. There are so many issues it is tough to explain them all. Can someone help me with this? Devs? Tech.support? I have been using Windows XP SP3 (legacy 32 bit edition) previously. I have attached my DXDIAG. DxDiag.txt
  19. Server is already busy. GCI are doing great work. Remember to join out TeamSpeak3 server! SERVER SUPPORT DESK http://www.51st.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=7
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POKO & TEK :holiday::photo::drunk::hehe::balloon::clown: :beer: :cheer3nc::bounce::thumbsup::alien::prop: :clown_2: :juggle::yay::clap::punk::smoke::pilotfly:
  21. So far Crysis had the best dynamic character animation I have seen in a game. ArmA and ARMA2 animations are bad, I mean bad! Check this: http://www.gametrailers.com/user-movie/crysis-character-pipeline/112437 watch it entirely, my favorite part that made me wow back few years ago is how character adjusts dynamically to terrain he's walking on (slopes f.e.).
  22. Wow! I have pre-ordered it too. I have such great time with first Crysis and its gazillions of mods and maps. I love Sandbox2 editor where you can make your own scenario and have pure fun with its physics. I totally bite my tongue, cuz I had to decide between Bulletstorm and Crysis2, but in the end I feel Crysis2 will be benchmarking tool for years to come and some great mods will come for it. Another thing that Crysis2 convinced me over Bulletstorm is lack of n00b-ware aka Games for Windows Live.
  23. The only plane I have from Captain Sim is C-130 X full package. Bought it when they discounted it to 9.99$ somewhen in last days of 2008. It is great, but I am not flying it anymore. It has terrible bug - cold-start isn't working as advertised.
  24. Maybe not as fully featured like VRS TacPak is supposed to be, but already available to play with! http://www.captainsim.com/products/w001/
  25. IRIS planes are messed up UFO-s. Sorry that you felt for their marketed "detailed flight model".
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