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  1. Happy Birthday, Chizh! live long and prosper \\//
  2. Great job, my favorite 3rd party app for DCS. Money well spend! Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  3. I would rather put on wishlist Lynx, it also applies to Naval ops.
  4. Imported Group Gallery - 100 KIAP
  5. Amazing wallpapers. Now at my work place's Co-Ordinator's PC at Aircraft Line Maintenance :)
  6. Me too, I am in since Flanker 1.0, I have used the Ladder as well, flying on 56K modem from Eastern Europe :thumbup: After last 10 years in dedicated Flanker squad I am about to step off and quit flying Flanker for the Hornet and then the Tomcat. ED community has been huge part of my life. Thanks to everyone for everything, but especially to Eagle Dynamics for up-keeping my interest in their software and my sim hobby.
  7. Nice one mate! Are you returning to DCS after Hornet is released? Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  8. Which Adobe Photoshop version is recommended? Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  9. Kindly please continue working on Hawk, there are no reasons to bash this module. It has been very difficult for you guys to develop it into high fidelity module, we know. However maybe you could partner with another 3rd developer to continue fixes, updates and support on your behalf so you may focus on DCS P-40? What I would like to see that is is MP viable. I recall it has been flying zombie even with extensive damage, hit multiple times with missiles and still capable to fight and hit back.
  10. Yes, these were always removed on these maps from 80-ties, in case these maps were obtained by the enemy. However information on most of these airbases exist today either active or rotting away and can be easily located with their runway and taxiways design. If you need it, contact me.
  11. Hi, I hope this post may help in future some developer. I used to stash collection of Poland's late 80-ties military maps 1:50000 in hard prints, however they are available online in easily accessible database. General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces issued maps. COMPLETE SET FOR DOWNLOAD INCLUDING RAW DATA: http://www.3fun.pl/mapa/index.php?download=n-33-130-b I would recommend downloading everything before it is gone from Internet. examples:
  12. I am looking forward for you guys to cash me out! Thanks, I will wait patiently :) Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  13. Although I like new mesh and new trees, something went completely off with how light and colors and contrast is rendered, creating very artificial image. I find new shot unrealistically looking and while 1.5 Caucasus is more realistically looking. This comment comes from myself flying small aircraft in real life at similar altitude in Eastern Europe.
  14. Hi, I am still waiting patiently for another MiG in the line... it might be to early to ask... However will you guys include Poland's skin on MiG-19 release?
  15. Good flying, SF! 51st PVO in Finals!
  16. Congratulations to SF for their WIN of ROUND#3 against Team China, now entering SEMI-FINALS. Good flying everyone!
  17. Great work so far, please continue. Should be in an official update. I have been wondering for long time why this important logistics unit is not in the game.
  18. Forever remembered. That used to be one of the first Flanker community 3rd party sites, ever. o7 Nowadays everything goes YT... ;)
  19. Shaman

    F-4E for DCS

    You haven't seem to notice, F-4 has been in DCS at least ever since LOMAC days as an AI to play with. So definitely not strange to our community or DCS. It will probably one day be designed as a fly-able, however not anytime soon. It has been on a wishlist by many, but multi-crew DCS code has not matured yet. There are plenty of aircrafts in the process of making (beta) and in early development phases, and quite small 3rd party community where most don't even do it for the living but as side volunteery jobs out of passion. We will be quite bust next year with Hornet and Tomcat early releases. Where Tomcat will basically push the envelope by adding multi-crew code on the next level, something that's necessary to make sure F-4 works.
  20. I am just here to thank you for all the hard-work on the framework and the tutorials. Looking forward to return to scenario development later this year and re-learn everything with MOOSE v2.
  21. If the line snaps shouldn't aircraft be on full after burner and on speed to climb away with enough planned fuel to go around? I wonder what has actually happened. There must be more factors than mentioned in news from RT or The Aviationist websites.
  22. First videos, Polish M-346 Master delivery day 14 NOV 2016 overflight and landing at EPDE (Dęblin, Air Force School)
  23. Because I do not follow Alpha, Beta development I would like to ask testers how far are we from true dedicated server support. According to this official message from Jan 2016: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2659915&postcount=13 This was planned feature for DCS World 2.0 to be available in 2016. Have plans changed? Sincerely, <51>Shaman
  24. I gave you my files, try them. Attached to previous post.
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