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  1. I am on it too. ...will be running this version on <51>Server any minute, observe then.
  2. Most planes get stuck on all airfields it seems after days of observation on server. They get stuck during taxi for take off, this is common. Rarely they get stuck after landing as it seems they just do not deactivate but stay there without pilot and ladder down.
  3. Oh great <3 A-10C new campaign :) Please upload it to DCS World User Files and let us rate it there :)
  4. Thank you for your work, such automated GCI is a bless. Yet I couldn't get it to work in multiplayer mission, and I am in the dark why it does not work as expected. It just does not show up in the comms menu, know I join as a client. Please check current mission on <51>SERVER dedicated, I am loading your script there seconds after mission starts.
  5. May I use other type of brackets and special characters like?: [] or ' or | Changed myself to CONDITION SWITCH trigger type and first trigger changed flag if group is dead. Second trigger recognizes flag is true, does the command you have suggested via DO SCRIPT... and sends MSG to ALL it is respawning AWACS ...and it works :) Thank you for your input. Updated scenario on <51>SERVER now bug fixed:pilotfly: Will look now into example you sent me just to be sure I have done it properly :)
  6. I'm also learning how to do that. I have tried MISC respawn commands but so far without success. Once you find out how let me know, I'll do so likewise :) I have done it with help from forums :) http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2636801&postcount=907
  7. Next mission load rotation I have realized AWACS had not respawned (issue both on red and blue) and server had not crashed although these flights were already destroyed. Whenever anyone has the time pretty please check for me what I am doing wrong in AWACS respawn triggers.
  8. Hi, I have just found out I am having problem doing my very first respawn script. In this entry at the very end of DCS.log, it may seem I have done something wrong with script, because soon after this entry server crashed...? What I am trying to do is use Trigger SWITCHED CONDITION to respawn dead group from very beginning of its flight plan - cold ramp start (AWACS - 1 aircraft in flight plan). and that was the end of log, server had crashed. I am attaching mission version file used on server. Farewell Caucasus.miz
  9. Anyone had Servman installation process success for DCSW 1.5?
  10. After spawn @ Sukhumi, AI all got stuck, Su-30 had a clipped wing. Repeating bug. It has something to do with collision clearance during taxi. see: http://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=132306&d=1452098984
  11. Thanks Stonehouse! As for recommended AWACS and ScrambleCAP scripts. I have loaded them into mission, but script seems to work (F10 Other radio options appear) in singleplayer session, not when mission is hosted by server. I had to remove Sukhumi from GCICAP script, because look at screenshots below what happens at that airbase when AI spawn :/ and that airbase was not used by clients.
  12. Thanks! Bewsher, A2A missiles are in standard payloads for F-15E.
  13. See how Aim-12s on their aft positions are not in line and their tails clip with a/c fuselage.
  14. Thanks!!! I have implemented your suggestions. Please join <51>Server to observe how it works. On Red side there is A-50 and EWR station, on Blue side there is E-2 and two Hawk search radars in SAM groups. I am unsure whether borders are well designed, is there a limit to number of waypoints? How do you deal with precision in closing the border with last waypoint over first waypoint? There is some bug with message from GCI if border is crossed(?), for CA client it spams whole right side of screen, for aircraft client is blinks fast in top right corner. I am unsure whether spawning is random. I thought all four CAP flights spam immediately upon script loading for both sides. It does not seem so, it is weird. I get different results each time server restarts the mission.
  15. Mission reloaded since then once, and now only CAP flights on BLUE side spawned (flight of 4 and flight of 2), no CAP flights on RED side spawned, hmm... Then it reloaded again and no CAP spawn at all on both sides. Is it random or an issue? I have never seen GCI aircrafts spawn, neither way (border penetrated by opposing force aircraft) Farewell Caucasus.miz
  16. Stonehouse, I got it working! Join now <51>Server to observe how it works, it runs now: Scenario: Farewell Caucasus Version: Alpha And this happened to Red CAP, only 1 aircraft managed to take off ;)
  17. How do you handle messages (f.e. briefings) for clients or flights spawn on server after 1.5 update. Let say I have two flights of 4 clients each. In first flight I would like to display same message to every client in flight, on second flight I would like to display spawn message for each individual client. How do you trigger and script this? Do you use MISC for that? I had no previous knowledge how to do that anyways ;)
  18. I actually wish to work with borders for both Blue and Red but didn't set them up yet. I wish to see the script working first without borders.
  19. Check "<51>Server www.51st.org" on DCSW 1.5.2 multiplayer lobby list. It seems mission rotation works now from within Farewell Caucasus mission where I trigger-action LOAD mission "Farewell Caucasus" again after 3 hours of mission time. It is the only thing I can do, have no idea how to utilize ACTUAL mission rotation list on the server that is a new DCSW 1.5 release feature :(
  20. Fantastic read, LN really cares about its projects. I find LN Bug Tracker exemplary, I wish ED would use bug tracker too.
  21. 1. In A-10C: NWS mode on or off? (HOTAS stick pinky switch) 2. Have you damaged your landing gear or lost hyd pressure to operate it? A-10C is not part of FC3 module, but A-10A is. So are you flying A-10C module in latest DCSW 1.5.2 version?
  22. Yes, same issue. They must change how TGP renders all these units and backgrounding ground textures, as there is no heat glow from units at all.
  23. Hey hey! So I have switched the script LUA file to one you have provided in previous post. The only thing I changed is NO BORDERS to 1 (true) and loaded the script. I have also removed MiG-31BM client slots as it was just an experiment, sorry for trouble. See mission attached. Two cap zones for each side, no border, 2x CAP groups per side, and 2x GCI groups per side on the sea with late activation enabled. Upon mission start MISC is loaded, after 2 second GCICAP script is loaded. I see no planes being spawned on parkings for CAP missions :< Actually I see script is not functioning as expected. What am I still missing? I have basically copied everything from template GCICAP mission, the only thing I changed are red CAP planes from Su-27 to Su-30. Once I get it working offline will update the Alpha version of this mission on <51>Server and test it online. Farewell Caucasus 15.miz
  24. Hi, I have used now "Interim" script instead of "Master" script (there are two release versions of CAPGCI script?). Now, the mission is not crashing. I have used two cap zones for each side, and edited the script enabling no-borders function. I launch the mission, nothing happens. Try and see... Farewell Caucasus 12.miz
  25. I can't warp my head around why script is crashing. Can anyone help? Mission attached. Farewell Caucasus 7.miz
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