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  1. I will take the Red's GCI role, Coxy. Let's do this.
  2. I was today thinking to sign up for GCI red side, but not many have signed up so I am afraid it is a pass. I am on Discord btw to see what is going on.
  3. Hi, sign me up for RED controller/GCI please - [100☭] Shamansky
  4. Sign me up for BMP-2 fun XD [100☭] Shamansky
  5. 'Proper KIAP operations' ^oo^ Thanks Satarosa for hosting, looks our guys have had fun. We appreciate your time setting things up as always!
  6. Discord server: https://discord.gg/ajwqn2U
  7. 100KIAP official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmCFlhHhVtqSTR65ZgJUJdA
  8. o7 Dedicated 100KIAP & 51PVO controller reporting in - already registered LOTATC controller with 104th server and practiced. - Shamansky http://community.104thphoenix.com/topic/1173-gci-application/
  9. Not only rockets. Plenty of missiles are flying under the ground in F6 view in latest patches.
  10. Broken expected past functionality in all latest patches. To replicate. Go to F10 View as i.e. Game Master Use mouse to select any missile currently active in-game Press F6 You will note you are not observing selected missile
  11. Smashing! Thanks you all on the RED side and BLUE side too for wargaming night! It was good fun to command and coordinate this chaos ^^
  12. Thanks! Glad to be back! :thumbup: We are awaiting Stripy from 100 KIAP (GCI Cadet) to sign up for secondary RED TC slot. If he does, I can focus on the ground action or he will.
  13. I have the same thing. Weird cockpit light source is being added each time ALT+SHIFT+B is pressed (I bring this GPS on screen). Created clean mission with L-39C just. Latest OpenBeta version now.
  14. GO HERE: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=242393
  15. Second post reserved just in case, thx!
  16. We are pleased to release the 100KIAP modern navy dazzle livery, our first official and default livery for 100KIAP Su-33. 100KIAP LIVERIES v.1.0 Jun-2019 - JSGME PACK.zip Our aircraft are out of paint job hangar with fresh new livery! https://100kiap.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3651 - download also from our forums and leave us feedback! Pattern is modern dazzle with naval colours. Hope you like it! Check in DCS and post your screenshots <3 Mod Manager JSGME jsgme_2.6.0.zip
  17. https://100kiap.org/51pvo-100kiap-regiment-command-announcement/
  18. In as Early Warning Controller / GCI. Can also take control of some units using CA module.
  19. I am having quite a problem tackling this even following the documented steps to use it with new dedicated server for DCS.
  20. Hi, I would love to reserve 4x Su-33 slots. I am still awaiting for our members to sign-up for next Friday evening, will release reserved slots if no feedback by Sunday. Can we be launched off the Kuz? [100☭] Falcon (IN, CONFIRMED) [100☭] Coxy (IN, CONFIRMED) [100☭] Kraut (IN, CONFIRMED) [100☭] Blackpixxel (to be confirmed) reserve [100☭] Highway (to be confirmed) Controller [100☭] Shaman (IN, CONFIRMED)
  21. I have landed few modules in the water gently, starting with Su-25T back in the days :) You know planes shouldn't just explode in contact with water? They can break apart most of the time though and may sink fast.
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