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  1. You can see in this video that the missile used to fly around 14m (@11:48) : When they achieved lock onto the target they used to descend even lower in sea skim mode (pop up in the video), a little below 10m, avoiding any radar lock by the enemy ship.
  2. CM-802AK always fly at 50m and sometimes 100m. It used to fly around 10m some months ago, but now the missiles are always intercepted by ennemy ships because they fly so high. Sometimes a missile just disapear for no reason. CM-802AK.trk
  3. Thank you Heatblur for this fantastic update ! About the lighting, Cobra mentionned a long time ago that the radar colour would be adjusted. Since 2.5 the green colour has changed and doesn't match the real radar anymore : Is it still planned ? Anyway thank you for the hard work.
  4. Are the EXP modes still planned ?
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