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  1. Yes, I think it would be very good for the Shark. Having 12 VIKHRs is overkill, especially for high mountain flying or less intensive COIN engagements where you have only a few dangerous/targets (AAA positions or such) as others can be engaged by unguided rockets or cannon. The report from Chechnya also mentioned that VIKHRs were used only on high value targets.
  2. I don't know, you look right 30 degrees and put the cross at a distance you think is 7 clicks and a short press petro management-forward? After that he will put targeting cross there and if there are any targets a menu will appear. I think it works quite well.
  3. De-block button probably should not have been implemented. Its use during flight is strictly forbidden (IRL career ending). The button is used exclusively on the ground for maintenance/testing of the gun's mechanisms.
  4. But keep in mind that those photos are overexposed and it looks much different to human eye in real life than to a camera lens and from my experience I have to say that much less spectacular.
  5. I am also using FFB and indeed with FFB enabled, due to some reason, rudder trimmer is not working even when on in the special menu.
  6. Thanks for pointing that out, I get it, however it seems that this is not the case of our DCS Mi-24P Hind, as the SAS arrow is moving even when I have feet on the pedals (I am moving the pedals out of the center position). You can see it in this picture, I am depressing right pedal and you can see that the YAW SAS is moving to the left possibly dampening fluctuations (or something else).
  7. Yes Mins, I agree with this, with feet on the pedals heading hold mode is disengaged and the AP does not keep the course only pilot. However with feet on the pedals the AP can still help pilot with yaw oscillations damping.
  8. This is true for the heading hold mode, however there probably are functions of the YAW SaS when feet are on the pedals like yaw oscillations damping. I agree that microswitches should maybe react to changes in the axis values.
  9. Thank you so much for this, I might have found the source of my problems - big curves on pedals, have probably caused that I was fighting the AP. Since I removed the curve from my pedal axis it works as it should (I always leave it on), I also think that it should be always ON as it also provides oscillations damping when the heading hold mode is disengaged.
  10. I think it would be nice and easy to do to allow us to set the weight of cargo/personnel in armament window with the ability to remove it in re-arming to simulate troops/cargo transport. I know it is far from the Hind's primary mission, but it would expand its abilities a bit. Thanks for consideration.
  11. If anyone could enlighten me here. I have rudder trimmer disabled, however when using the yaw AP channel sometimes the AP will push my pedal full right or left and it will stick there unless I completely reset the trim. This usually happens during landing I am doing left final descending turn and AP is pushing my right pedal and I am landing with full left pedal (shouldn't the heading AP be OFF in this case?). If I center my pedal heading AP will fight itself, but the pedal will be stuck right. Any advice for that ? I know I can turn it off for approaches and landings, but I just wanted to understand how it really works to be able to cooperate with the heading channel.
  12. I am sorry, but in my opinion this is just a bunch of over exaggerated general claims based on no evidence, but your feelings, which just shows that you probably have no clue what it takes to create a dynamic flight model. Every point can be easily disproved, just saying that the mass weight and inertia is absent in a flight model disqualifies anything you say about the topic of flight modeling as these are the absolutely basic building blocks of any flight model.
  13. Not the same, trim bug solved for me.
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