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  1. Sadly every sensor seems to have a different default setting in terms of slew speed. While the radar and Tpod are fine with their default speed, the Mavs and especially the HARM in HAS mode feel way too fast. And adjusting the slew axis sadly impacts all the sensors, resulting in a slow radar slew when you try to get the HARM or Mav to a slower slew. I wish all sensors had the same default speeds...
  2. Makes sense, tried landing with the nvgs on, was a rather interesting approach
  3. Yeah i guess but the green lights are on during the flight and checking left front panel instruments/switches with nvgs on is like looking into the sun. Is there no way of dimming them? Or is it just not implemented yet?
  4. I wish we could set the gear indicator lights to be more NVG friendly. Is there any switch that does that?
  5. or remove any country restriction, then you'll be able to use them anywhere
  6. Yes you can. Change the code in the ALIC tables via DED to the codes of the hawk. Then your HARM will be able to attack Hawk sites too
  7. You need to press the dfgt button again. Missile override and dogfight overrule any other previously used mastermode. You can only switch master modes once you exit missile override or dogfight. also note that missile override is not the same as pressing A/A on the icp
  8. This helped me a lot for learning how to AAR
  9. I suggest keeping control inputs linear and fly like that for some hours. The viper feels amazing that way. Maybe a deadzone to the rudder for ease of taxi/takeoff with NWS on
  10. A HARM table with all the codes for quick access
  11. In MP i usually set azimuth to 3 and bars to 2, in order for the contact to become a big filled square, you‘ll want the radar to sweep over it twice within 6.5 seconds. It may not be able to do it if it has to scan 4 total bars, since it scans too much sky (altitude wise) before it sweeps over the contact again. you rarely need 6/4 scans if you already know where the contact is supposed to be due to AWACS information on DL. it becomes a different story if you dont have AWACS, then i suggest RWS to search a large area at first with 6/4
  12. Not at all, only stick and throttle
  13. You can double-tap on an empty osb on the bottom and add the HSD just like you add the WPN page when using Mavs. Set if up during your startup sequence so you have it ready when you need it in combat i do that for Dogfight mode aswell as for missile override modes just in case
  14. Yes tms up to lock radar contacts in RWS radar mode. But make sure it‘s actual radar contacts detected from your own radar, not just Datalink contacts. You cant lock on DL contacts if your radar doesnt see them.
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