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  1. @jocko417... which USAF font did you use to create the U. S. AIR FORCE markings? I'm using Amarillo USAF for a new tail number and for some reason my lettering is ever so slightly bolder than yours. I'm recreating the F-104C that achieved the last altitude record held by the F-104. So far so good, but the lettering looks off. (Great fun matching up the ID numbers near the speed brakes!!).
  2. Sounds good - that will be important for the skin I'm going to spin up. Thanks! It's probably not likely, but I hope we can get some variations in the models to account for the version spread of the aircraft. The modeling differences don't seem to be substantial, but I may be speaking out of turn.
  3. Cool! I notice a gap - no F104G-06 files. Is this an omission or "just the way it is?" Thanks, Jocko - most generous of you to include this!
  4. Thanks, Jocko, understood. Having a bit of curating isn't a bad thing. A bit of artistic license is okay too, accuracy isn't a life or death thing. Although it would be nice if VSN might release a "C" version for we detail nerds. I was just glad to find the record breaking jet so that I could do a bare metal F-104 replica without having to perform major surgery on the rudder that comes with the kit.
  5. Cool. Do we have to have our user skins approved by ED before we can post them? After a bunch of research for an F-104 kit build, I've discovered that there is an exception to the shorter vertical stabilizer on F-104C's, where the fin/rudder is about 20-25% shorter longitudinally than on the F-104G, as modeled by VSN. (The 104C fin/rudder doesn't stick out over the exhaust quite as far as the G). The exception was 56-0885, the aircraft used to recapture the speed, time to climb and absolute altitude record when held by the F-104. It had the tail section of an F-104B grafted on instead of the normal "C model" tail. Not to count rivets or anything...
  6. You need to be a bit more specific than that... I suggest reviewing the installation instructions. It's easy to miss something, especially if you aren't installing in the correct user/Saved Games folder.
  7. German Air Force (Luftwaffe) F-104G's based at Luke AFB in USAF markings for upgrade training.
  8. The guys making all of those incredible DCS videos must be very, very patient fellows!
  9. Jocko417 has been hard at it with many new liveries popping up, including two USAF bare metal versions. Quite tasty!
  10. +1 With the re-release of the VSN F-104, this is another target that one would love to have in their sights. Or to "escort."
  11. It is SLICK! Fun times indeed. First time into the Mission Editor for this noobie, and first '104 landing at Groom Lake in the appropriate livery (on the first try - couldn't keep it straight, but it wasn't a flaming wreck either). A license to learn!
  12. @jocko417, these are awesome looking skins - and I never had any idea that the Starfighter enjoyed such a smorgasbord of different liveries. I wonder if your approach would happen to have a series of layered Photoshop PSD files that would enable others to paint other variations - especially those of us that have a particular unit or aircraft in mind. You're only one dude, dude! In the X-Plane world (and perhaps DCS!) this would be a "paint kit" of sorts. Any possibility?
  13. EF2000 lives again. Can't wait to hear "FINALS, GEAR DOWN" on this one. Gets me all gooey inside, remembering when DiD made 1024 x 768 flight simming into a "thing," and how this stimulated my early cockpit building efforts. Times have changed. Also: Great going on the merge. This will be a wonderful furball... erm, collaboration.
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