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  1. I thought it was already on performance but it wasn't, it helps with the extreme drops but it still is not up to the level of other modules. Is there anything know about what this option changes because I can't see a difference? I hope once Vulkan is implemented these perfomance problems will be less of an issue,
  2. I know its an old thread but I also have very low fps in this cockpit compaired to other modules, even with the resolution set to 512. Is this a known issue or is there something I can do to fix it? When it just released it was the AG rader but its not the case now. Have not flow it for a while, my specs are: Ryzen 2700x, AMD RX5700XT and 32GB ram.
  3. I have a similar problem with the GBU-12, they keep missing the target. I used them without a problem before but recently it misses every time. Codes are correct, droping at correct altitude and speed and use the trigger with 15 seconds to impact. Feels like something is not aligned because the bomb is reacts to the laser. Maybe it is something different but it sounds similar.
  4. Thanks for the links I will have a look at it!
  5. That’s definitely true and learning the planes and tactics is a large part of the fun! :book: But I think that some small quality of life improvements and a better in game training will help new players a lot when getting started, which should result in a larger player base and more sales of high fidelity modules. But I don’t want to be negative I’m really in love with DCS, I thought I would spend a few hours in Flaming Cliffs before I got bored of it, but it ended up taking all my free time and I don't even care. :D
  6. Hi all! I wanted to share my opinions as a new player who started DCS without any serious experience with flight simulators or knowledge about planes to maybe point out some things that can make DCS more beginner friendly in the future. I played around 150 hours in 3 months and went all in with several modules, from the warbirds to modern day, I spend way to much money but I have no regrets! Years back I tried DCS with the free Su-25 and did not like it, everything was to sensitive and had a hard time understanding the training missions so I uninstalled the game. But when I got my Oculus
  7. I noticed my GPU is jumping from 0 to 100 all the time sinds the update, before the update it was more stable. Maybe someone else already mentioned it but could have something to do with the performance loss.
  8. I started DCS during the last sale and the bought Hornet, F16 and later the JF-17 (I know that I spend way too much money :) ) But I fly the Hornet way more than the F16, it feels more complete and easier to learn and I like the cockpit layout more. I'm definitely not a expert but if I have to choose again I would go for the Hornet. And I find air to air refueling much easier in the Hornet, but the F16 is the best looking plane ever if you ask me :)
  9. I bought the F16 and gave VR another try and it ran perfect in VR a steady frame rate with 1.4 pixel density and 2x MSAA, even on a busy airport. I also changed some settings in the Radeon software, turned off anti-lag, radeon, chill, freesync and enhanced sync. Freesync caused screen flickering when I was flying on my monitor so maybe that setting reduced performance in VR to. Just wanted to let you guys know what I've changed :)
  10. Same without anti virus and on a other pc, gues its dead then. I was hoping for a magic fix, thanks for all your help!!
  11. Both the reinstall and the sfc scannow did not work: Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.
  12. I installed the trackir software and the USB driver that comes with it if that is what you mean? After doing that it wont show up in the device manager or devices and printers.
  13. Hi, my trackir stopped working a while ago but now I started flying again so I wanted to fix it but I was wondering if someone has got a similar problem with the device. When the trackir is plugged in it nothing happends, it does not show up in the device manager and the leds are off. But the back of the device gets warm as normal. The last time my pc recognized it my antivirus warned me and after I clicked ok the device turned off and never worked since. I contacted support but it they could not fix it remotely and it was outside of the warrenty and was to expansive to get fixed. Has
  14. So I'm not the only one struggling, maybe they will improbe vr performance in the future, back to my monitor then. on Thanks for the reply's :thumbup:
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