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  1. Guessing you meant "export.lua". Here's what's in it. DCS-raygun.lua and export.lua are in "Scripts" folder Plugged UFC direct into the mobo. Still can't get it to illuminate even directly through raygun. Keep getting the message shown
  2. Bumping this in hopes of gettins some assistance
  3. I’ve tried all of the above and can still not get the MC light to illuminate. Have tried un/reinstalling the device, using different USB ports, reloading ray gun and creating shortcut instead of trying to run .exe from desktop. The light briefly comes on when I plug in the usb so I know it’s not the hardware. This seems to be a nondescript driver issue. Have reach out to the BF contact multiple times but no response. Anyone help please?
  4. I've got the MkIII MCG Pro with twist adapter and I cant get the z-axis (twist) to register when configuring the grip. Can you help AeroGator?
  5. So if you're brand new to DCS, sounds like you'd recommend maybe going through the C101 tutorials and familiarizing with discord (no idea what that is yet) etc. before signing up? I'm assembling a PC (finished tomorrow) and I already purchased the C101 and F-5 (and A-10C because hey...a sale is a sale) along with the PG and NTTR maps in anticipation of enrolling in DCSA. :D
  6. Appreciate the perspective. I'm still wondering...is the "basic flight traning" module (and follow on modules) for the A-10C a good place to get comprehensive training in the aircraft? I know it'll take a while but I'd like to eventually learn to fully utilize the A-10C in online coop. and individual campaigns
  7. If you were brand new to DCS (background as a crew chief with lots of non-PIC flight exposure), interested in being a DCSA student and wanting to buy aircraft, maps, campaigns etc. while the sale is on...how would you go about it? I was an A-10 crew dog so i have my sights set on learning that airframe long term but understand the academy training wouldn't start there. I'm also wondering if I should load up on everything the budget allows for now while the sale is on, or just do one or two and get a feel for what aspects I enjoy to make a more informed decision on aircraft etc. purchases du
  8. I'm a former crew chief on this airframe and can't believe the awesome level of detail in the new update! And thats before even being able to experience it myself. Would you say this BFT campaign is a good starting point beyond the training built into DCS for the A-10? I know the airframe is very easy and forgiving but I've heard the weapons system utilization can be a beast for anyone, let alone a greenhorn to DCS
  9. Hello all, I am building a PC to begin using DCS for the first time and am taking advantage of the holiday sale going on at the moment. In the A-10 Basic Flight Training Campaign it says "The DCS: A-10C Warthog module is required to be installed and activated into the DCS World 1.5 for the campaign." I'm assuming this will work fine on 2.5 OB, correct?
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