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  1. It's quite normal, the ILS is just next to the runway. If not you crash on it when you land!
  2. I have a question about the flight model. On the real aircraft the manoeuvrability was better with the Magic/Sidewinder missile rail installed. Are you planning to modelised it on the module flight model ?
  3. Make sure you are using the "Non-Beta" version of WMR and Steam VR. I use the G2 too and I have a lot of DCS crash since the 2.7.
  4. For the F1 EQ I read there is a "dogfight" mode to quickly lock and shoot the missile. I don't know if the F1 C, E,M have the same ability.
  5. Since the last update the JF17 lose it's speed very quickly on BFM. The controls are more sensitive and we reach critical AOA very fast. Is it a bug or a real update to the flight model?
  6. I'm French and I know the F1 pretty well. They can carry GBU but they don't have any laser designation POD. Only a laser ranging system and laser spot finder for the F1 CT. Only the Irak air force used the ATLIS POD for the AS 30 and GBU. The Morrocan air force can potentially carry the Damocles but I don't know if they really have it. If you want the best airframe you will have to cross your fingers for the F1 EQ5. Sometimes Wikipedia his wrong, sorry mate.
  7. The French Mirage F1 never had Targeting POD. They used the Buddy lasing with the Mirage 2000 D, Super Etendard, Rafale. The F1-M did the same with the F18.
  8. Only Irak Mirage F1 used a targeting POD.
  9. Hi, I'm waiting for my G2 and coming from the Rift S I know it will be a new way to set up the headset and the pixel density. I saw some videos showing differents way to set the PD with WMR and Steam VR but why do we have to do it on both? With my Rift S the settings are pretty easy and I can force the Headset at 40 FPS without retroprojection so I don't have the blurry texture. Could you tell me all the tips for helping me to have the same results with the G2?
  10. I already use a Rift S but I'm thinking about going back to Pancake with better performance and quality. I think a big curved display screen could be a good way to go back to 2D.
  11. Hi, I want to change my screen and I would like to know your opinion about the 49 inch 32:9 screens and how they performed in DCS, how is the immersion, etc.... I have a descent rig with a I9 9900k, 32 g ram, RTX 2080 and DCS on SSD.
  12. The Anti Runway attack is always done on the deck using CCIP delivery, Never at medium altitude.
  13. Superb!!!! Can't wait to have it, one of my favorite aircraft! Thank you very much for doing it for us.
  14. It's a very annoying feature and I don't know what it's suppose to represent. I hope they will remove it soon.
  15. For the Buddy lasing I was orbiting. The rockets are not very reliable aswell.
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