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  1. Doesn't the A-10A also get TV guided missiles (mavericks)?
  2. Oh I like what happened to the viper's FM/FLCS. Just took a short hop, but it feels proper fighterlike now. Those poor flankers never stood a chance
  3. Guess you won four imaginary cents on that bet, good show, old chap!
  4. Oh I'd buy four or more variants. An early B, a D an E that comes with or without the soft wing and TISEO, a K/N, and a J/S. All of the phantoms!
  5. Ooh that'll be *nice*. Make fictional Athenian and Spartan skins and refight the Peloponnese wars with modern toys. Retell the Persian wars through DCS. This map really tickles the classicist in me.
  6. It's also good to use randomised triggers to activate stuff. It's a bit of a trick, but you can have the SAM be either three units of SA-6 or a single SA-15 or whatever. Same for targets and fighters. Makes the thing infinitely replayable.
  7. Is not ded, is slow. Will come. Some day. Perhaps. I remain hopeful.
  8. In that case, it's going to be complicated Not everything you see on your radar is close enough to be tracked. Might I recommend some of Wags' excellent introduction video's to the Hornet radar? Perhaps you'd rather read than watch. I know I do. If so, check out Chuck's Guide to the Hornet: https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-f-a-18c-hornet/ But perhaps the *best* way to learn is to use the interactive training missions in DCS. Good luck, and keep on askin' questions! There's no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers!
  9. Press the target designation button. If needed, bind one in your controls setup.
  10. Well, I for one am quite happy to see progress in the work and am enthousiastic about the direction and quality of the work shown. Y'all are rockin' it hard it seems.
  11. Dc-3 / C-47 / Li-2 makes most sense. It is iconic, flown all over, fits everywhere.
  12. Afaik there are no "essential" mods needed anymore. But YMMV. On the non-essential mod front there's been a ton of movement. Unofficial AI object packs and flyables of all kinds are out there. Good luck, and have fun!
  13. Il2 is doing that as well. I wonder how much cross pollination there is between 1C and ED. Do they share vodka and war stories over the weekend? Talk shop over the bar? Or is it more of a "they are doing z feature, we should match" thing?
  14. Also some more designs. I would love a viper T, but not this one
  15. Haha ain't that the truth! Rhino powah!
  16. Just flew flight 2. Another top notch effort on the briefing materials. I actually found this actually an easier flight than the previous one, but a much more tense one. Very well written, kudos!
  17. I passed the mission with flying colours (78 score, not too shabby eh) even if one of my LGB's went wild (user error) and I had to lob the iron bomb in for the timed attack. Your scripting and voice acting is very good indeed. I love the tightness of it all. But the chatter on the way in and out is top notch as well. Looking forward to the rest of the campaign. I think it'd be best if the option to "say again coords" would be re-added after use. Jotting down long strings of numbers perfectly is a skill I'd never thought would be crucial to doing the fighter pilot thing, but it's sure fun to pull off
  18. Hi, I just bought and started this campaign. The briefing materials are out-freaking-standing. Bravo zulu. Wow. In mission one I hit this bit of a roadblock: I fly in VR, so quickly jotting down a bunch of coords is not an option. I rather not share GPU/CPU cycles with an external utility to have a scratchpad in the pit. Conveniently, the mission script puts the coords in a text window... *for a short bit of time*. You can also ask for a repeat using the F10 radio. Nice. But only *once*. If one has not rammed the coords correctly into the scratchpad in the scant seconds allowed by aging brain and mission design, it's the re-fly button baby! I am quite sure it's not all that hard to keep the text window on screen until the signal is given that the coords are entered and good to go. In the meantime, I'll pause and scribble, lifting the headset. Cheers, schurem
  19. How about 80s green euro one lizzard hogs?
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