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  1. Amen, same here. But to do so while on the hunt, in a viper or a tomcat.. Haha same happened to me, but it didn't come unexpected at all
  2. Pourquoi pas le deux? Why not both?
  3. Any updates on this project? How's it looking? This going anywhere?
  4. Ooh nice fat newsletter! Man that looks good! I can't wait to see what the future brings for DCS.
  5. So not this wednesday, perhaps next week? Man so close! I am mucho excited for this!
  6. Hey @Jack, could I trouble you for aversion of this in green as well?
  7. Perhaps it is internal testing terrain 2C, only 20km by 20km built to do render tests on the weather engine.
  8. You are quite right of course, and even for fragile things like a viper or a hornet, it would be nice to see the jet break in myriad interesting ways. We might even find that while all gen4 jets are fragile, some are less so than others.. A better simulation of missile warheads should hopefully go hand in hand with this.
  9. I hope the A-10 gets it first. That and the Su-25 need it most, as they get shot up most and are most likely to survive the hits in a meaningful way. Something like an F/A-18C will just cease functioning on any hit. And while it'd be interesting to have it do so in all kinds of interesting ways, the end result of any of those checklists will be CTRL-E anyway. So why bother?
  10. I have no idea what flashes you are talking about.
  11. Bind a button or key chord to vr reset. Lean in. Press it. Sit back. Enjoy.
  12. Mind you, fly it really gently the first couple hours. VR sickness is a thing, and being along for the ride instead of driving enhances one's susceptibility to it..
  13. I'll gladly lay down 50 euros for 'em.
  14. Sim runs much faster for me, great patch!
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