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  1. Hey, yeah sorry I never got round to sending you the file - been crazy busy at work. Glad you figured it out. Yeah that’s the only problem, the speed brake doesn’t auto retract. I’ve just learnt to deal with it now, and it’s part of my landing procedure to manually retract it. Maybe someone smarter than me can figure out a better way of doing it - I thought about using the other button on the left throttle (the 2 way momentary press up and down) as that’s more like how it functions IRL (I believe) but I decided against it for consistency between modules (plus I need that switch for other stuff). Obviously my lua file is essentially assigning a digital function to what is really an analog switch so it’s a bit of a fudge. Maybe you could use one of the levers on the bottom of the throttle too (though personally I like having the speed brake on the throttle itself)? Options to think about anyway!

    1. GremlinIV


      Hey Dude me again Just bought me a AV8BNA Harrier - and guess what it has a funky airbrake control that my x56 doesnt like when i use the SLD switch unless i use the Delay method like i had on the F18.

      (only 3.5 seconds this time cos its slow)


      anyway was wondering if you know any code trickery for the default joystick file for the Harrier.  It looks completely different from the F18, has no equals this and that etc, and it also seems to be an icommand not a Hotas_command.

      Im assuming the icommand is an axis thing maybe.


      I havent tried just adding your line to it as the name has changed to airbrake from speedbrake etc, so it is clearly different.


      Not sure if you know of a fix like the f18 one or have the knowledge to know how to make one, but if you do id appreciate it.  Fumbling with a 3.5secs delay for airbrake out and then often it not retracting unless you cycle another 3.5 seconds is a pain....



    2. GremlinIV


      Ahhh lol no mind i fixed it - seems stt software was playing up i had used the f18 profile and edited it to the av8 i deleted the delay on the sld but seems sttt wanted to keep it in the background - a few deletes and computer on off got it to accept that wasnt what i wanted it to do and let me delete it and just a a B and a B in it which now works -


      Also the harrier airbrake is weird anyway as it sticks out on the ground and when in landing config - but i wil work that out lol - got rid of the delay again so all is well


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