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  1. Check out Growling Sidewinder's Youtube channel. Not sure if he has done Jeff vs Tiger but he does have videos of each in different scenarios.
  2. Bismarck v1.5 works. Bismarck vs Hood is a long protracted battle so far - 30 mins. B is winning I think.
  3. True, true. Would like to see some civilian shipping also. But doesn't hurt to ask - Tirpitz could be a skin if not that fussy.
  4. I have the brakes mapped to an analog control and never have an issue with over-braking - well, unless I do something obviously dumb.
  5. FWIW I have the same issue getting the Bismarck to show up. I took a quick look at adding/removing Germany and Third Reich from the lua without any luck. Anyone been able to work around this issue? This is on stable - haven't tried OB yet. In other testing... Point blank 1-1 battle between the Missouri and the Yamato the Missouri always wins quickly - Yamato magazine appears to go up and she sinks. Hood (early) versus Yamato the Hood always wins but it is a longer battle and the Hood takes some good damage. Nothing scienti
  6. Yeah, kinda "baity" on my part - but I'd really like to see a P-40A/B in DCS, use that engine model to bring a P-38... Mariannas... AI Zeros coming...
  7. Supposed to be coming with the new weather in 2.7
  8. Use 7-zip - it is free, open source, and can handle most all commonly available compression formats: https://www.7-zip.org/
  9. At this rate I'm seriously thinking about getting a pilots license and a real Yak-52. Might be cheaper in the long run.
  10. I am watching the market on and off. I would like to upgrade my 2070 Super to something more VR friendly and move the 2070 to one of my graphics workstations. I play at 4K currently with lots of detail turned on. The on again - off again 3080Ti is currently on again. I have a feeling that price-wise it will slot between the 6800XT and 6900XT. It will likely be closer to the 6900XT but possibly a touch faster and/or just generally better for MSFS2020/DCS at 4k and VR. It seems there are similarities between running 4K and VR and also between DCS vs MSFS2020 so those are
  11. Thanks for that. Took me a while to get my bearings wrt what was where - really turned around. Failing memory and all that. Found the old PMQ we lived in though. Ha. I remember there being more civilian aircraft there but again could be failing memory or they've since been dragged off.
  12. Post '74 works for me. There is (was?) an abandoned Shackleton at Nicosia. Us kids used to sneak out to it to mess around in it.
  13. Let to the party - anyone know what version of Nicosia we are getting? The bombed out and abandoned version? Static Shackleton and stuff? Green line assets?
  14. I can get behind the P-38 and P-39. And the A-20 and A-26 - might as well throw in the B-25 while we are at it. On the German side the Do. 335 would be freakin' awesome. Here's some cool "sim" images instead of grainy B&Ws or colour ramp queen pics: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?204612-Dornier-335-WWII-Heavy-Fighter-German-Luftwaffe
  15. SWAPR is great. Can't live without it when making missions at this point.
  16. Also, @philstyle has a decent video on landings with the Spit. After watching/implementing the ideas in that video I had a Eureka moment a few hours later and landings were no longer a big deal.
  17. I think that if people get frustrated with the Spitfire or others... take a break and go take the TF51 for a spin. I did this a coupple days ago when discussing things with a friend that was new to DCS. I hadn't flown it in almost a year. I was shocked/surprised at how docile and easy to handle it was on the ground and how it seemed to jump into the sky on take off. This is after after messing around with the other warbirds for the last year. So, if people could take a step back and fly the TF51 I think they would see concrete improvement if feeling discouraged.
  18. I think it is just a matter of not bothering to put in the amount of time to understand how to fly this plane in DCS. Putting aside whether it is accurately modelled or not... There is no reason why anyone can't take-off and land like a "pro" in the DCS Spitfire as shown on countless examples on Youtube. That said, I'm suggesting this with the caveat that the user has a joystick, rudder pedals, and analog brake handle. I can't imagine being successful with a keyboard but there's probably people that have done it. If this old fart can do it with a
  19. Civ version with/without doors would be great.
  20. This weekend LTT did a build with a Mini-ITX+ EPYC mainboard and the Asus 3090 they used (waterblock - stripped back) really got my attention.
  21. If I was buying a GPU today I'd likely go for the 6800XT or 6900XT. The NVIDIA line up is all over the place with models being promised, cancelled, replaced, and generally just a fuster cluck of bad marketing / product development. This assumes you can actually find anything to buy of course.
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