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  1. If I was buying a GPU today I'd likely go for the 6800XT or 6900XT. The NVIDIA line up is all over the place with models being promised, cancelled, replaced, and generally just a fuster cluck of bad marketing / product development. This assumes you can actually find anything to buy of course.
  2. OMFG! You just made my weekend (year?)!!!!1111!!!!
  3. I always turn it on immediately after flipping the tanks open - one less this to forget.
  4. How are you resetting the bios? Menu in the bios or jumper on the mobo? If you haven't tried it then clear via the jumper method. Also, running latest bios? No OC, right?
  5. Interesting. Do you think you should be getting more FPS with MSAA off? What kind of FPS numbers are we talking about?
  6. Tail dragger version of the Yak (Yak-50) could be a good dynamic stand in. It's not era correct or anything and it's not a two seater but between being an appropriate size, configuration it could be a decent stand in and provide a quick win and/or more variety to DCS. Just a thought.
  7. "We heard you don't like root kits so we got you to download this root kit to avoid downloading root kits." Windows Defender is as far as I'm willing to go. I only use Windows for games - personal life/data is on Linux so my use case is not typical.
  8. FWIW, I think GS totally lost SA at the beginning in that round. When he did finally pick out where the fight was he was something like ~15 mi away. He lost SA and ended up leaving the fight area. Beyond that - hard to tell if he could have picked out the other aircraft visually. Youtube compression makes a mess of things.
  9. Never noticed/knew about the ID light. Interesting. Could this be implemented as a mod I wonder? For ILS there are mods to place ACLS on runways so from an operational point of view you can achieve it even if the technical details are different. For the LCD screens there are mods to modernize the cockpit also - I haven't tried them yet. The Sniper would be good. ED's tact has been only to model what was on the current in-game version of the Hornet and not deviate at all. As an example, in the past they have stated they will not do ILS on the Hornet (IIRC). M
  10. In gaming in general I agree. However, in DCS when there is is a lot of assets on a busy map/scenario every tick of the CPU in single thread makes a difference - especially with the jets where the radar systems are basically a whole other (simplified) computer system inside the aircraft being modelled. Even on the WW2 maps - get a flight of 20+ B-17s on a bombing run plus the associated flak, little friends, and red team and then single core performance matters in a big way. I'd suggest that in those scenarios you'd see a difference between a 3600 and 5600X
  11. yeah, 0 to -1 range depending on how much of a rush I'm in to get off the ground (don't go into analysis paralysis to make it exact).
  12. I find the intensity of the pitch/dip varies with the speed at which you slide the throttle forward. Torque effects I guess. FWIW, I typically slide the throttle forward slowly initially until I can feel the rudder "bite" and be useful against the air flow - then I start moving the throttle forward faster but not slammed forward. Runways are long - no reason for it. I spent hours and hours doing touch-n-goes to get the feel of it. It is very distinct/noticeable once you feel it. There's also the urge to over-correct regardless of curves - if you think 30% rudder is needed, try 15-2
  13. I'd try putting the pagefile on the NVME. The nature of swapping means that it potentially GBs of RAM are being swapped at a time so in theory this would allow the NVME to shine at the best bulk transfer performance possible.
  14. Things cost money. Don't spend time justifying your purchases to random strangers on the Internet. If they have the Asus Strix and you have the budget then do that. Personally, for as much as I like flying in DCS I have no issues spending that kind of money on a video card if I get the satisfaction out of it. Time is limited and when I get a chance to sit in the pit I want it to be as awesome as is reasonable/practical. $0.02
  15. Nah, I'm talking about benchmarks of 4 vs 2 sticks of like for like memory. I'll try to scare up where I saw it if I can find the time.
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