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  1. If I was buying today to build around that GPU I'd probably do a K series Intel CPU just because it has a built in GPU that can be slaved to OBS for recording without affecting FPS. I have three different machines with DCS installed (10700k, 11700k, 5600x) and from a seat of the pants feel there's not much in it but the 11700k does feel a touch snappier. GPUs are 3070 and 3060 Ti. Can't really go wrong with any newer CPU. I'd compare single core performance at cpubenchmark.net and buy by cost/availability beyond that. HTH
  2. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/37634/these-are-the-proposed-paint-schemes-for-the-navys-new-adversary-super-hornets Look pretty slick! Would love to see these on our "antiques". Lol
  3. No, that is how I buy modules as well. Best capabilities really don't matter - just what interests me. In the case of the Hind, I have the Mi-8 (on sale, impulse buy) and really warmed up to it; figure the Hind will be more of the same but bigger boom-boom. I'm not really interested in the Apache. But am interested in the Kiowa when it comes. Need this kind of livery for the Hind:
  4. I think that at this stage of the war the writing was on the wall for the Nazis forces so taking a kill for every encounter was worth doing to win the war of attrition. I would expect that earlier in the war when Nazi production of aircraft and pilots was still high staying with the formations would be doctrine to ensure delivery of bomb loads to get to the latter state of attrition. $0.02
  5. So, who has printed the Authentikit stuff for the Spitfire? Experience with it?
  6. FWIW, full fidelity F-15C would be day one purchase for me. Fox-1, Fox-3, whatever variant is practical to model, don't really care.
  7. Fantastic. Love all your livery work.
  8. From what I read it was going to be delivered as two different maps. Might be old news. Really, the maps need time notated "layers"...
  9. I tweaked on that as well. At the time I took it to mean the ability to ferry troops and/or extended multi-crew. The implication was that there were new features coming. Did I read somewhere that ED is planning on extending/adding to CA, group troops, playable characters? Are we reading too much from Matt's reading of a script? Like all things ED/DCS, we won't know till we know.
  10. Are you on Intel? If so, install the Intel QuickSync drivers and utilize your Intel CPU integrated GPU to capture on the iGPU with OBS without affecting your NVidia GPU frame rates.
  11. Can't speak to Shadoplay but maybe experiment with OBS? I've never noticed a difference when using OBS.
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