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  1. I can post a track but my tracks never seem to record what actually happened, they are like some bizaro track. In this case though the Track wouldn't show anything, since Jester's radial isn't appearing when I press the correct buttons. (Yes, I've remapped it several times, uninstalled and reinstalled the module.) Beta seems to work fine though. So there is nothing to see, or does the track record on the back end all inputs? Thanks!
  2. no Mods, Ran Repair Was working just fine before the update All other sounds are fine. Thanks, Buck
  3. Updated the bindings with the update (getting the A to work) and Jester AI toggle Menu button is mapped, just nothing happens when I click it. Jester doesn't speak at all as well, doesn't call out contacts, etc. Thanks, Jon
  4. After the latest patch to the stable version Jester is a no show, no talking, I'm unable to bring up his menu at all. It's like he didn't get in the plane and I realize that I miss him! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Buck
  5. good, good.... dumb question, where might I find this log? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for responding! I gave it about 10 minutes once, then once checking the forum I tried waiting over an hour, and yup, on a SSD.
  7. Hi All, I've been playing on stable with no issues and applied the latest update today(DCS Game loads the main screen no problem but when I click on modules the loader will spin a few moments then freeze. Trying to load a mission I select a mission, it will load the first mission screen with the start button, once I click start it will hang on the loading page. Any thought? I tried the Repair tool with no luck. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I got super carrier installed and I'm enjoying it but I'm not seeing any Shadows when I'm on the deck of the carrier. If I start a mission on land Shadows are just fine just seems to be missing on the carrier? Any suggestions anything simple I might be missing? Thanks everyone!
  9. Greetings fellow pilots! Question. I have been using the Stable version of DCS since I started playing. I pre-ordered super Carrier and see that I need to use the Beta, no problem, downloaded with no issue. Now the question is, Is there any way to bring my airplane keep mappings over from Stable to Beta and save me from remapping everything!... thanks fellas!
  10. Mission building too. Corsairs on bombing runs or interdiction will be low where the Zero can shine. Personally, for Japanese planes, I would start with Zero, Val, Kate and Betty. Maybe the Oscar as well. As much as the corsair is my favorite plane of all time I find the naval air battles of 1942 to be much more interesting to simulate as the performance and skill level between sides was a lot closer then later 1944+
  11. Totally agree here, when the battle of the Pacific was in doubt it was Wildcats that did a lot of the heavy lifting. Coral Sea, Midway, Guadalcanal, and the Solomons, etc... great history
  12. Just to add to the data, I did get my Hornet discount and I purchased my Hornet previously directly from the ED website.
  13. Buckaroo13

    A7 Corsair

    I'd love to see the A-7 make it into DCS world as well. With a long service record we could use it from Vietnam era to Desert Storm. A Great stablemate to the F-14 and will fit in with the F-4 and A-6 and F-8.
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