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  1. Hey all, I'd love to see either a DCS feature or external 3rd party application that would accommodate dynamic package briefings. With the increase in Dynamic MP campaigns and the longer missions (Blue-flag/DDCS/RedStorm etc) I am seeing in server lists, there seems to me a lack of direction for folks joining after mission start. The general briefing can always stay but I am thinking more of a briefing that is accessible where the packages and info change in response to the mission needs. I envision a tab accessible from role selection that can be clicked and pertinent
  2. just checked the forums again.. sorry i haven't been watching that closely. Yeah i can fly pretty much anything.. I'm focussed in on the 18 right now but i often will hop around to keep things fresh. How often do you guys fly? pm me your discord details and I can always reach out when I'm hopping on. S!
  3. Heya Wulph. Saskatoon SK here. I'm also looking for a new Canadian Group to fly with. PM me if you just want to wing up and fly some missions together.. happy to have a casual wingman. S!
  4. maybe the server is not updated to same version as you yet? just guessing... that is weird.
  5. dooom

    R.I.P Tom_Weiss

    RIP - he was a solid skin maker for sure...
  6. good idea.... i'm going to play with that tonight and see if it works
  7. THANKS! That was super helpful and a great download. I am still hopeful that ED has a DCS sanctioned reference somewhere as I agree that sharing certain documentation can be problematic. Great resource though.
  8. I second this. I have been making some new reference cards for myself and would like to have a card for JTAC comms. I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find any source that explains the comms tree when working with JTAC and their meaning... What does "10 seconds" do? What about "Sparkle" or "Snake" etc... Does anyone have a reference to the JTAC comms and what they mean?
  9. I am trying to ascertain if i can create a markpoint off of the SA page cursor but cannot figure it out. When i hit MK# on the SA it just creates a flyover point regardless of where my SA cursor is. My use case is that i may be using the SA to denote where a wingman went down to manpad or maybe a SAM circle is present... i'd like to make a MK point, WPDSG it and slew my sensors to the area to start a recon for threats. Can this be done?
  10. good start my friend. I like to encourage creativity wherever it may lie. By way of advice, I might suggest you invest some time to build some character arcs in here. In reading your comic I felt you brought some nice visuals but you can still really hook the reader in by investing some time in fleshing out characters. Who are the pilots? Why are they there? Why do we care about them? What does it mean to us? I used to read quite a bit of Commando series comics as a kid... have a look at some of their work and you might be inspired: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commando_(comics)
  11. yup - just tried it tonight and it works just peachy
  12. Hey all, Is the procedure for using the AGM 65E really such a dance now? I tried using it last night and had to use two hands on my flight stick to lock and fire... i MUST be doing something wrong: set LTD/R arm - right side right DDI FLIR - lock target box TRIG Here is where i think i'm screwing up... Once tgt locked, I press trigger on hotas LTD flashes in right DDI, Sensor select left to MAV ... Mav auto uncages and slews to TGT. (I am still pulling on Trigger as when I stop the lock for mav is lost and it starts a search pattern again ) Wait for white box on MAV. Hit pickle
  13. yup i REALLY want this to be addressed... i have two monitors and my kneeboard always pushes to lower right covering my MFD exports. I tried Kneeboard Builder but it just does not seem to work with the moving/resizing.
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