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  1. Thank You very much [emoji1316] Now we know the A-4E is just A-4 [emoji13]
  2. Where can we turn on the Write To Log to determine module names?
  3. Thanks for the help. That did the trick.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm trying to setup a different controller profile for every aircraft because my comm-switches are completely different from one aircraft to another because I want them to resemble the real layout as close as possible. But I can't seem to get around the VoiceAttack exposed variables. I tried to make a duplicated of every TX (I have no Joystick assigned to the default TX's in the VAICOM profile) and make a duplicate for every aircraft with "Equal to". But this assignment keeps reacting in other aircraft as well. So I tried the other way around with Not Equal to but s
  5. Could you supply us with the dimensions of the small case left of the main collective handle? I mean the one with the small red button for the laser on it. This would really be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I'm fairly new to VAICOM but I'm loving every bit of it. Now do I fly mostly F-14, F-18, Harrier and A-10C and this while using the TM Warthog. But all of these birds have different HOTAS Comm setups. Is there a way to have VAICOM recognize witch module you are flying and set the correct button PTT settings accordingly? I have noticed in the manual something like Exposed Variables but I have no clue how to tackle the PTT settings the best way. Did anybody succeed in this?
  7. The files are: - bazar/shaders/deferred/gbuffer.hlsl - bazar/shaders/deferred/shadows.hlsl - bazar/shaders/deferred/decoder.hlsl - bazar/shaders/deferred/atmosphere.hlsl - bazar/shaders/model/functions/glass.hlsl - bazar/shaders/posteffects/nvd_common.hlsl and the fix file - bazar/shaders/materialfactory/ils151.hlsl
  8. I get an IC pass failure on the following files. If I delete these, what functionality do I lose? Are they necessary for the MOD? Thanks for the help.
  9. Hi there guys, - I'm getting the hang of using VAICOM and its a really great tool. Now do I have a little problem using it together with SRS. I setup SRS and VAICOM following the user manual of VAICOM. But when I turn on "Allow VAICOM TX Inhibit" I can't seem to get a constant push to talk in SRS using the same PTT as I use in VAICOM. Am I missing something? - And another small question. When I turn on ICS Hot Mic for AIRIO it turns on all the radio's to hot. Even for AI ATC etc. How can I fix this? Thanks for the help in advance.
  10. After the 2.5.6 it’s a good idea to play with the gamma setting.
  11. Hi, First of many thanks for these great missions!! I was wondering how I could get Paddles to contact met on approach on the Stennis. I am on Freq 266,00 but can't seem to get any response from the LSO. Marshall does work.
  12. Was this not listed in the last changelog as fixt? I can't seem to create any new steerpoint in the UFC, maybe I am doing something wrong. I just select an empty steerpoint and change the coordinates in the DED. After entering these, nothing pops-up as new steerpoint.
  13. O God I didn't notice that I had 1.4 installed.:doh: Thanks for the help.
  14. Hi guys, I'm new to voice attack but can't seem to install the F-14 profile. Voice attack gives me an error about a line in the XML file. Does anybody have an idea what's causing this? Best regards Jorik
  15. Hi Guys, I'm trying to lower my Pings in the MP lobby by using a VPN Connection. In the moment I'm testing the VyprVpn but when connected I can't see any servers listed. The VPN Firewall is allready turned off. Does anybody have any experience using this service of any idea what the problem is?
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