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  1. I was very worried that VR performance would be as bad as on The Channel map with all these details, but I'm positively surprised to see that my frame rates are very good, even above populated areas. I did two test flights so far, with the F-16C and F-14B (which to me seem like the most demanding modules in VR, from the ones I own) and above all areas I easily maintained a locked 40 FPS, with only about 60-75% GPU usage. Even above Damascus at treetop level my frames didn't drop below the 40 which is exactly what I'm aiming for so the ASW of my Rift S keeps everything smooth :) This is
  2. I'm on stable 2.5.5 right now. I've done some investigating, the issue seems to be related to ASW, specifically when flying the Tomcat. When I disable ASW in exactly the same mission I get 60 to 80 FPS, but enabling ASW and locking the FPS to 40 feels like just seeing 40 FPS without the ASW, basically, not smooth at all. In the Hornet and Viper, two other somewhat demanding aircraft, the same mission is way smoother and the issue doesn't seem to be there. When monitoring, I found that none of the CPU cores or the GPU usage exceeded 60% when in 40 FPS with ASW on. RAM usage constantly around
  3. I know another long post about VR performance, but please bear with me - (PC specs below) I'll try to stick to the point: in single-player DCS I get good FPS in VR, that means always 40+ FPS so I can play with 40 FPS with ASW enabled on my Rift S which is fine for me. Only problem is that I get enormous frametime spikes in the F-14B especially in any sort of mission with a couple of aircraft engaging each other. Frametimes are higher than 25 ms too. This is not the case when I fly the F/A-18C for example, even in somewhat more complex missions, with say 10 aircraft flying around close to e
  4. Hello fellow virtual pilots, I'm new to DCS (I've flown in plenty of other flight sims before though) and this is my first post on this forum, so sorry if I'm not in the right place for this question. When I fly in VR, I noticed I get massive framedrops when my bullets hit the ground or other aircraft. I have this issue with all aircraft so far I've flown (Spit IX, 'Stang and the Sabre). The smoke/dust clouds effects that form seem to be the issue. DCS runs fine otherwise. Are there any files or so I can delete/rename to get rid of these effects? I get this means less eye candy but I'd
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