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  1. I'd also like to report that the issue still persists after a full reinstall of the latest DCS open beta. Basically it's still the same, AI wingen just cannot properly rejoin the formation, even if I pull the throttles way back, nearing stall speed. It happens with all aircraft I've tested it in on all maps. Again no mods installed. I could upload more replay files and screenshots, but all is documented in the previous posts. If anyone tries to reproduce this, try the following. Take off from an airbase with three wingmen and fly away in a straight line. Set throttle
  2. The issue still persists and indeed, I haven't found anyone else with the same issue. I think that implies that it's something on my side. I've ran two repairs by now but I think I'll consider doing a full reinstall when I have the time. I'll keep you all updated
  3. I've taken a look, I have no mods installed right now and to be sure, I've also ran a repair. However, I might consider doing a full reinstall if the issue persists. Like you're saying, I don't think something else could really the the problem then. The module you are talking about btw is the official WWII assets pack I used in that mission.
  4. I've seen your track and indeed all goes as it should... I've flown some more test missions, this time in the Spitfire but for some reason my wingmen just keep lagging behind. Even if I throttle back all the way and fly near stall speed, they get closer but still do not form an actual formation. The wingman just fly slower still behind me. Much like in my screenshots above. I guess it's just the random nature of this bug... confusing Anyway thanks for the help, I guess now all we can do is see if this somehow gets fixed in a future patch. I'll try to find if maybe it's something on my
  5. Sorry if I'm coming across as impatient, but I was wondering, are we going to get a response from an official tester/community manager or something about this bug? I reported this a week ago now and I'd like to see this fixed if that's possible...
  6. I don't understand it too, hence why I reported this, it's probably a bug that needs fixing. In previous DCS versions in which I made many missions I've never had my AI wingmen show this strange behavior before.
  7. Alright here's another .trk file demonstrating the issue. When watching this, note how my wingman's speed drops as he nears me regardless of him being at 100% RPM with full afterburners, causing him to stay behind not being able to rejoin formation. He ends up flying the same speed as me despite me being at only 95% RPM here. Su27 formation bug.trk
  8. I've made numerous missions in the past in older versions of DCS and this worked perfectly fine. I just did a test mission but I forgot to save the replay in my infinite wisdom, but I do have some screenshots again showing the issue. I will re-fly this mission again when I have time so I can attach a .trk file. In this mission, I did the following: 1) Cold start at Bassel Al-Assad (Syria) in a flight of 2x Su-27's, set to ''Finger Four Group Close'' formation in the ME 2) Take-off from the appropriate runway 3) One traffic pattern around the airfield so the AI can catch u
  9. Alright, this is getting a little strange. I decided to do some further testing and I found the issue still persists, also with different aircraft on different maps. I tested this in the Su-27, taking off from Latakia in Syria and found that my single wingman again couldn't catch up. In the mission editor I set my flight to fly Finger Four close formation. Using radio comms in the mission itself I again ordered my wingman to do the same. I flew in a straight line for some 10-15 minutes after doing some circles and my wingman just couldn't catch up. He ended up flying 1.6 nm behind m
  10. Here's two screenshots further highlighting the bug. This is after a cold start on an airfield. I basically flew in a straight line here from RAF High Halden on the Channel map all the way to France on cruise settings in the P-47 (say 50% power or so). The AI seem like they're nowhere near full power to try to catch up. Screenshot 1, here you can see #3 and #4 way back Screenshot 2, same situation as above F10 map view. This is roughly 10 minutes after take off. Another 10 minutes further in the mission #3 and #4 are still some 3 to 4 miles behi
  11. I've done some further testing in the meanwhile and I've found that the issue I described only happens when I take off from an airfield after a cold start from the ramp. Like in your .trk file the bug doesn't happen when starting the mission on the runway I found. Thanks for the help though I'll post a screenshot showing the problem when I have time to clarify things a little further!
  12. Hi all, I think I’ve found a bug with the AI wingmen. They struggle to keep up with the player’s aircraft when ordered to fly in formation, after taking off from an airbase. What happens is that #2, #3 and #4 stay way behind the player, even when ordered to fly in close formation. So far I’ve noticed this in some of my own simple missions, flying the Spitfire IX and P-47D. I’ve uploaded a .trk file below. In this mission I set my AI flight to fly in close (30m) WWII Fighter Vic formation, but you can see them struggling to join up, even when I fly slowly or if I make a
  13. I was very worried that VR performance would be as bad as on The Channel map with all these details, but I'm positively surprised to see that my frame rates are very good, even above populated areas. I did two test flights so far, with the F-16C and F-14B (which to me seem like the most demanding modules in VR, from the ones I own) and above all areas I easily maintained a locked 40 FPS, with only about 60-75% GPU usage. Even above Damascus at treetop level my frames didn't drop below the 40 which is exactly what I'm aiming for so the ASW of my Rift S keeps everything smooth :) This is
  14. I'm on stable 2.5.5 right now. I've done some investigating, the issue seems to be related to ASW, specifically when flying the Tomcat. When I disable ASW in exactly the same mission I get 60 to 80 FPS, but enabling ASW and locking the FPS to 40 feels like just seeing 40 FPS without the ASW, basically, not smooth at all. In the Hornet and Viper, two other somewhat demanding aircraft, the same mission is way smoother and the issue doesn't seem to be there. When monitoring, I found that none of the CPU cores or the GPU usage exceeded 60% when in 40 FPS with ASW on. RAM usage constantly around
  15. I know another long post about VR performance, but please bear with me - (PC specs below) I'll try to stick to the point: in single-player DCS I get good FPS in VR, that means always 40+ FPS so I can play with 40 FPS with ASW enabled on my Rift S which is fine for me. Only problem is that I get enormous frametime spikes in the F-14B especially in any sort of mission with a couple of aircraft engaging each other. Frametimes are higher than 25 ms too. This is not the case when I fly the F/A-18C for example, even in somewhat more complex missions, with say 10 aircraft flying around close to e
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