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  1. If you are still looking for servers to fly on I'm currently hosting a server that is public and allows all modules, the maps I'm hosting at present are Persian Golf & Nevada. PM me for details i will make a server post bellow once i get a chance too. :thumbup:
  2. Hi i had to do a reinstall of my windows 10 :( and i cant find my pro licence key is there a way of recovering it from their site? T.I.A Smoke :thumbup: EDIT: Disregard found it
  3. Me again i followed your instructions and placed the .lua in my /config/MonitorSetup folder but now I'm getting the gauges / screens on my left hand 1080p 2nd screen yet they are still not showing on the tablet / in app any ideas?
  4. Thank you i really appreciate your time & help :thumbup:
  5. Hi I've just sent you an email with my details and debug.txt file as I'm having issues getting this to work on my Android Tablet as well. Thanks in advance Smoke :thumbup:
  6. I got round this issue by changing the site location to Russian and checked out with a Russian payment system (that DCS Use).
  7. Hi I'm trying to buy the Viggen but i cant finish the order due to this issue (see image) I've tried using Chrome & MS Edge both do the same.
  8. To be fair they don't leave the canopy open on a ship either.
  9. I'm using a head-tracker (DlanClip) and the ejection handles are now covering switches like the APU and others near to the right side of the thrust levers, I'm also having issues with the HUD too, (it is almost unusable for me). EDIt; Not checked the lighting as yet
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