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  1. No. It's a capability of the real aircraft. If you have a pod on you do need to pull paddle to get to 7.5g as you would clean. Sure you'd dump the gyro, but you have a better chance of making it back alive. (Winning the fight) Not to mention the paddle switch is you A/P disengage and disables NWS. Also, remember what it actually does... it dosen't disable the G limiter, it gives you 33% more of you available G. Never going to cause a catastrophic structural failure lol. Just crushes a few panels. Mobius708
  2. It's supposed to be like that... Line up the crosses and press and hold cage/uncage. Then you can do a fine alignment. Mobius708
  3. To be fair, the Hornet HOTAS is the same way(or, well should be, depends on what ED feels like implementing), and technically has a *lot* more functionality. It's not really anything special in the Viper when compared to the Hawg or Bug. Even the Harrier has a great system. It really all depends on how much of the aircrafts capabilities are HOTAS-able. A-10 has a ton of system capabilities for being just a CAS aircraft, so it has a system where basically everything is on the HOTAS. (Like even pre set aircraft wingspans for the gun funnel are cycled via DMS lol) The Viper has a higher percentage of systems accessable with HOTAS compared to the Hornet, but the Hornet has much more HOTAS capability due to enhanced aircraft capabilities. I do believe the Harrier is the only aircraft that can cue the TPOD via HOTAS at basically anytime. Real neat system with cuing FLIR and EW too. Mobius708
  4. Once ED fixes the Hornet (and that's basically every system) you'll find that it does everything much better than the Viper in way you never thought possible :) Mobius708
  5. For the second part, to he cockpit lighting must be in night to adjust IFEI brightness. (This will also make IFEI text green) Switch is in the lighting controls outboard of the right console. Mobius708
  6. Yes, everyone on the L16 net. If there's an AWACS, even the A-10 should see it due to the SADL bridge via E-3. Mobius708
  7. All L16 aircraft *should* be able to communicate with each other without a bridge. Mobius708
  8. Not implimented yet. Your set the angle at which you intend to loft so the computer can calculate the point where you should begin the loft to be in kinematic range to hit the target. Again not implimented, but you would have a dashed arc related to your dynamic IZLAR on the HSI indicating when you should begin the loft. Mobius708
  9. It will automatically hold on to tracks in TWS AUTO. Otherwise just adjust antenna elevation as with every other aircraft. You could just center scan volume via AZ/EL TDC if you really don't want to slew elevation directly. Mobius708
  10. Not yet. You should be able to L+S a donor track file. You would also see a circle on the target HAFU symbol indicating that the radar is contributing to the track file. Mobius708
  11. Basically nothing in the cockpit should be readable outside of the HUD as it's infinitely focused. IRL you would peek beneath the nods to read things. It helps if you of course set the cockpit/displays to night and adjust brightness and contrast as necessary. If you lean a bit closer you should be able to read the cockpit displays a bit. Mobius708 Mobius708
  12. Go to the waypoint that you know is bulls, HSI-DATA-UFC press O/S on UFC then enter bearing and range. Mobius708
  13. Creating keyhole references for CAS is a good one. Creating a quick waypoint in reference to bullseye is very useful. AWACS orbits bulls 335 78, just plug that in and you have a O/S waypoint. Lots of uses if you get creative. Mobius708
  14. It's worked most of the time for me, but there's issues. Mobius708
  15. So ED, which is it going to be for our ATFLIR? Right now we have neither, but one or the other should exist. NAVFLIR was a function of the ATFLIR mount + aircraft systems that was functional for a short while, but was replaced/removed in favor of NVGs. IIRC at the same time the ATFLIR platform was upgraded to host an IR maker capability. Are either of these features planned, or will or ATFLIR be stuck in limbo? Mobius708
  16. If the MAVF won't fire and the physical conditions are satisfied (A/G MM, master arm on), then you don't have a contrast lock with the MAVF seeker. You will see MAV crossed out on the HUD. Try caging and uncaging again, if there is enough contrast for the target within the keyhole, the the weapon should achieve a lock if within about 8 NM. As for display color, you can just play with the brightness and contrast, no way to change the actually text color without mods. Mobius708
  17. FYI, NCTR only functions in STT, within 25-30nm and +/- 15° target aspect. SCS depress was the old DCS way to force a CIT interrogation, this was completely fictional and has since been corrected to SCS depress + SCS right. This is due to the SCS depress being a system modifier for other functions we don't have yet. Now a days we have L+S and auto interrogations. Box L+S INT or AUTO INT on the AZ/EL format. (Access in A/A MM via SCS left when LDDI can't accept TDC priority. Mobius708
  18. If only that was true. It most certainly is not working well. Biggest issues are brick timeout affecting MSI trackfile deletion, and incorrect target prioritization with L+S. Not to mention all the missing MSI features, even just the radar contribution circle would be great to have right now. Oh, and MEM is nonexistent outside of STT. Mobius708
  19. I guess I'm trying to say which tape? Like DCS models OFP 15C with elements of 20X. That's what I'm referring to. Mobius708
  20. Any chance you know in what OFP the VMF/DCS CAS format was added? Mobius708
  21. Yes, this^ If you see P/INS on your LDDI turn INS to IFA. Mobius708
  22. It is control stick steering, or CSS. CSS is activated by default with any A/P mode selected. It can only be canceled via paddle switch. Just CSS can be enabled by pressing A/P then ON/OFF. With CSS the aircraft is stabilized as if in a pseudo-ATTH. You can then use the stick in a dampened state to fly the aircraft. You can now also use the trim hat to make pitch and roll adjustments at 0.5°/s and 2.0°/s respectively. Mobius708
  23. It's possible for the speed brake to "creep" out. That is partially why the forward position of the speed brake switch will stay. Mobius708
  24. You need to press and hold cage/uncage until the display changes. If you're still looking right around the HUD it shouldn't fail. Mobius708
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