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  1. This is idiotic, 7 months and this still has not been fixed. Charging top dollar for modules and they do nothing, this developer sucks.
  2. It will not even go where the pipper is pointing. I am also running the stable version, how it works on the other version i have no clue.
  3. Confirmed, the Grom is not following the beam and the radar will not lock either. Well if we are lucky this will be fixed in a couple of years.
  4. Not working for me either, the radar will not even lock and the missile is not going where the pipper is aiming.
  5. 1080Ti is more close to 2080 in performance. I have 2070 in one machine and had 1080Ti in my main machine which i switch to a Rtx3000 series card. The 1080Ti was faster then my 2070.
  6. So how is this map when it comes to missions and online activity? How is the fps in vr, i have a 3090 and the Reverb.
  7. I have the G1 and just got the G2 and for those that has an IPD between 65 and 67mm you can just keep your G1 cause it was not a big upgrade at all. The G2 has Glaring/Godrays that are very noticeable, the G1 don't have this. When it comes to tracking i have never had any issues with it on any of my units that is G1, G2 and Samsung O+, not on the headset or the controllers.
  8. AMD has driver issues? No...that can't be true :music_whistling:
  9. After deleting all the files in the save folder it is working again.
  10. Thanks, i will try to delete them and see if that makes any difference, if not then this is a new bug.
  11. When i set a mark like B1 or M1 on the map it don't work when i load the cartridge. It does show up on the kneeboard on the groundcrew page but when i load it with the 9099 code it do show a direction that is not bearing to the actual waypoint and the range is set to the maximum of 40 Mil I do it like this, And also why does it store old waypoints that i made months ago? I have to cycle through a bunch of them on the kneeboard before i find the one i made today. What folder/files are they stored in so i can delete them?
  12. The Virpil base is very high quality but the TM stick is higher quality, but i do use the Virpil stick cause it has more buttons and you can't have enough of those when flying in VR. I am happy with the warthog throttle but i have done some modding on it. When it comes to Saitek it is pure garbage, I use the combat rudder pedals that came with my rig when i bought it, but are going to replace them when they break.
  13. Was thinking about the B550 with the 5800X myself but i have to see some reviews with DCS and this cpu first, also planning on upgrading to 64GB ram. HL Alyx is awesome btw, have paused it till i get the Reverb G2.
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