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  1. So many options and each one has pros and cons. Virpil has horrible post-sales support, VKB doesn't have a throttle (yet), WinWing doesn't have an F-16 HOTAS (yet) and the WartHog stick has a plastic gimbal (WTF). Edit. How hard is it so mix and match brands and do they need their software running for daily use in DCS, for example?
  2. I use an old Saitek AB8R flight stick. It’s horrible but Warthogs cost a fortune so I’m looking for something. Im looking for a tabletop HOTAS and have a flexible budget. Looking at VKB and Virpil but not sure what to buy that works well with the F-16.
  3. Thanks. I’ll try the p51 first and wait for a Normandy + WW2 asset pack sale.
  4. Hello. I fly the F-16 with and old Saitek AV8R stick since hotas prices are crazy. Would a sink please flight stuck be adequate for the P-47? Whats recommended to fly WW2 era missions in terms of map and asset packs?
  5. I’m asking for a realistic date not a date to appease us.
  6. I appreciate the feedback and discussion with ED staff here but please just be open with us. If we should expect Mavericks in Q2 2022, tell us that and we’ll shut up. And don’t release an update with fonts and light updates just to appease us. We’re adults and can accept bad news, we don’t like false or appeasing news. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  7. Don't worry, ED will release an update with even better cockpit lighting to tide us by until they pull the F-16 team back off the F-18 project.
  8. We were told the F/A-18 and F-16 teams were separate. Now they are both focused on one plane. Wonderful. In a few months we’ll get an upgrade where a couple lightbulbs will illuminate much better than before and nothing else.
  9. You could always fly around and see for yourself. Might not be the best answer but it’s another data point.
  10. I loved flying AV8B at night with flir hud.
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