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  1. Huge dissapointment about Cyprus not being in 2.7 patch. I hope it's not a dead project already..
  2. For sale: HP Reverb G1 V.2 (revised version) Professional Edition. Excellent Condition will ship only in EU via Posts. Box, papers, controllers (unused) included Price: 400€ +shipping Can send as many photos as you want if anyone is interested.
  3. WPN page is unsubale for me, idk why, tdc slew is SO sensitive, in FCR and TGP works PERFECT, In mav WPN page it's extremely difficult for me to slew
  4. no, this is the first time i read about it... thanx, i will test it
  5. No, i did now, but it describes same thing as i do
  6. I don't know what else to do.... i watched all videos, i asked in ED Discord, none can help and i am not the only one with the same issue. Mavs do not auto handoff. only way to work correctly is by visual mode and then work with the slew cursor on the weapon MFD page, which is extremely difficult because it is completely unresponsive. So, what i do is this: i use almost exclusively the G and D mavericks, TPOD in Auto handoff mode, WPN page in PRE mode, i find the target with the TPOD and lock it by doing TMS Up long, i do this at 8nm distance or less. it works EVERY SINGLE time in an
  7. a few months back, someone here on this thread shared some .ini files in which you could enable/disable motion vector with just a double click. this suddenly stopped working, i enable motion vector and fps still trying to jump to 90. Has something changed? how can i enable again motion vector?
  8. Cyprus was the reason i bought this map. Anyone knows when the update is coming?
  9. I have played this one 3 times, i do as fast as i can and still i get a message "you have failed to execute stage 2 of the mission" i do as fast as i can to insert target 4 precise coordinates waypoint and still i get this messages. Has anything to do with my a/c distance from the target? I am asking bwecause i drop the final jsow and i get the hell out of there fast so sam won't detect me and shoot down the jsow.
  10. i just added another 16gb of RAM (32gb in total) and the difference is BIG
  11. i would easily pay without second thought 150$ for a balkan map
  12. Visibility range helped a lot, tomorrow i will work on shadows, i am not ready to live without them yet
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