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  1. Cyprus was the reason i bought this map. Anyone knows when the update is coming?
  2. I have played this one 3 times, i do as fast as i can and still i get a message "you have failed to execute stage 2 of the mission" i do as fast as i can to insert target 4 precise coordinates waypoint and still i get this messages. Has anything to do with my a/c distance from the target? I am asking bwecause i drop the final jsow and i get the hell out of there fast so sam won't detect me and shoot down the jsow.
  3. i just added another 16gb of RAM (32gb in total) and the difference is BIG
  4. i would easily pay without second thought 150$ for a balkan map
  5. Visibility range helped a lot, tomorrow i will work on shadows, i am not ready to live without them yet
  6. there is something wrong.. i lowered terrain textures to low, and it's ok-ish now, but sometimes when i change between aircrafts, (F2 key) i get this error: PC freezes, Reverb gets black (like when off) after 3-4 mins PC unfreezes and DCS in my monitor is 100% working, even the Reverb tracking is working, only thing that doesn't work is image on my reverb it's black, also when this happens sometimes steamvr crashes and sometimes doesn't also i attach my settings plus i run vr at 45 fps, not 90 fps plus i use some of the mods here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=270404 plus i us
  7. Anyone tried the new syria map? I have huge issues, most of the times it can't even load the map, pc freezes, steam vr crashes..
  8. Tried some things, including checking integrity files in steam, and lowering the terrain detail from high to low. It seems that this gave a big boost, it's not perfect now but at least it's okish-fine. Do you think more ram could help push higher terrain resolution?
  9. Hi! Got the new map last night and tried to do a small tour with 2 enemy aircrafts spawning towards the end. At first my pc froze during startup, i had to hard reset it, second try was better but the fps when i got close to the ground over big cities was like 5. Towards the end of the tour when the two jets activated, my pc again froze. Pc specs: i7-8700k 5.0ghz 16gb ram 3200ghz Dcs on ssd Evga 1080ti sc2 HP Reverb VR I use low graphics settings, custom nvidia panel settings, 45fps mode in reverb, custom shaders, and other mods for vr boost. Any help?
  10. I have a problem in mission 3 "First Battle" i have flown it 3 times, all three times we shoot down all the F-14's except 1 that rushes back to the carrier and lands there. then i get a message in Russian which obviously i don't understand but i guess it means "mission accomplished, RTB" or something, and i head back to land to Sochi, then 3/3 i get a result of 50 and next mission is again the same mission. In the mission objective it says: "Prevent a rush of enemy interceptors to the attack groups from the enemies carrier AND held airfields" Does this mean i should wait for a second wave o
  11. Couldn't have said it better :thumbup:
  12. OK! if you say so! :doh:
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