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  1. Hi Maverick, Thanks for your feedback. As i understand you, srs is not very popular on open servers?.. Since last updates, it is auto connected and that is a very nice feature for me because i don't like to put out my vr headset all the time to enter the server adresses ;) So, i need to go on more planned missions? The problem is theses servers are private majorite of the time. It's a bit like racesim that i play also, if you want to have a good race, you need to go on an private event. I understand that very well but as i'm not sure to be there on r
  2. Hi all, i'm using DCS since a time now and i was always afraid by the online play. I know i'm passing away from something very nice and i want to try it. I'm using voice attack and vr. I think my srs implementation is correct but when i join a server, i can't hear others. I feel alone and i'm not sure it's because of my configuration. I read alot of player uses discord or ts. Is it right? Not a majority uses srs? If i want to test or progress in this way, what are your advice? I precise that i can't be there and play when i want bec
  3. Thanks for your reply. Im' testing always in worst case scenario. IMO it's the best to do but yes, dcs is very demanding with pimax. I just found something is that using pitool rendering at 2 and steam at nearly minimum, i have better fps (2 to 5 more not a lot). Inverting the process or even using 1 at each give less fps. So Pitool redering seams less hungry than steam vr. ;) My 5 cents
  4. Hi, still the begining i'm having some doubts about my fps. Maybe you can help me on the settings that needs to be used and tell me how much fps you have. A saw some tell about 80pfs etc.. I never reach that level. My config is i8086 anniversary (5ghz in turbo) 64 gig ram 3200 nvidia 2080 ti SSD 1 ter. PImax 5k+ I have the latest drivers and pitool and a new fresh windows install. In the mission immediate action f14 rampstart i reach from 30 to 36 fps depending of different settings inside DCS. Pitool is 1, steam vr auto. Is it no
  5. Yeah,its a well know problem. One thing that i have see is that the shorter the replay is, the less mistake it has. Of course, that's logic if replay feature is made as a push button timeline. One small update from ED would be to have a reccord punch in/out buttonto create multiple tracks. For example, you start cold and dark and punch in reccording when on the catapult or lined up. Punch out when climbing. Punch in when begining a combat, punch out when over. Punch in when on landing, punch out when on the ground. Like this, it would create shorter tracks1.2.3
  6. No other people interested? @MAXsenna thanks for the support lol ;)
  7. Hi, i'm searching since the begining how to get rid of the replay problems in DCS (I know tacview but it's well made for tac analyses but not made for artistic point of view.) It also give big problems with vaicom pro (startup process using command for ground power for example would'nt work in the replay track, so no power, no start...) So, i created this thread to focus only on replay features, bugs, tips, suggestions, questions, even petition lol... I put some interest in that point because i think imho that, not only for users but also for the externa
  8. Hi @hollywood. Can't use edit or other functions of editor since last update. Add aliases or other features buttons in editor are without effect. Any idea? * Fund the problem. Was related to wrong registry settings for dcs path. I use Beta and was on stable switch in config. My bad. ;)
  9. Hi, i'm using this very nice module since release but i find one big thing is missing. I'm a voice attack user with vaicom pro version and i didn't hear any AI planes responding or even communicating with the carrier. Tried without vaicompro, it's the same thing, i feel alone. That's an immersion breaker for me. If you plan to use this ATC model and develop it further, i think that AI must be involved precisely with it;) My 5 cents Cheers
  10. Thanks a lot for the fast answer and right one, now it's working :thumbup::thumbup:
  11. Hi, i've test this method but no luck. I've used hornet ball and tried to make Tomcat Ball. So, first i've entered tomcathornet ball ( insert tomcat in front of hornet) Then, delete hornet with delete key. Add new. result= hornet ball1 ? I miss something? thanks
  12. Hi, i don't know if already suggested but i think a cool idea would be to implement an action replay option. This replay feature would be the same as for racesim. You pause the sim, go to replay mode and see your actions from different views. Fast forward and backward from some seconds to more time. ( 180 seconds is good but for DCS i would prefer more time backward;) ) I think it would be so cool and it's missing really. You have a so beautifull sim, why not been able to see it form different perspective ;) Cheers
  13. Hi, had some troubles last week but all look near normal now. Except that i have a doubt about my command library. I use Vaicom pro license, chatter and airio. I have a list of 839 commands in vaicom pro list. Is it the normal default value? I tell it because i can't use the command "scan sector, angels..". I see it in voice attack "profile" "extension packs" but not usable or recognised in game. Thanks for reply. Last but not least, still no airio.vap file in voice attack "extensions" subfolder, only a vaicom pro for dcs.vap file in "apps" subfold
  14. @Ixsapper Ouf course i did. I have placed the dll in the exte,sion subfolder but nothing more in the zip file is present
  15. Hi made a fresh install but still "AIRIO commands are not available" It's recognized but... Commands are added in VA profile but export folder does not contain "vaicom pro airio.vap" WHat's wrong please ;)
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