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  1. Most economical with best image clarity in the cockpit would be Reverb G2. Quest 2 would be even cheaper, however it does require a Facebook account to use it. The latest software version for it is getting reports of increasing the sharpness of the image.
  2. Yes you would need at least one, two is ideal mainly if you play other VR games that use controllers. Reverb G2 would be more economical with very similar image quality.
  3. I have not seen any reason why he would not.
  4. I can't imagine being able to run DCS at those high image settings in the Varjo without it being a total slide show. Specs are one thing, actual use in our sims is quite another. And that is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. There is no magic bullet here. I would love to run my newer Vive Pro 2 at it's full resolution in DCS - but it ain't gonna happen on today's hardware.
  5. If one wants to appreciate the VR performance in DCS all one has to do is have a go with MSFS 2020. VR performance definitely better in DCS - IMHO.
  6. You might also consider an add in powered USB 3 card if you have a slot for it. Unless you are just hoping to use this as an excuse for a new build... Edit: Also have you tried a powered USB 3 Hub? I have two of those I use on my EVGA Z390 board and they work great for me. Each port also has individual on/off switches. I would note I have also run an Index on it with no issues. By powered I mean each Hub has it's own A/C power connector. Running a Vive Pro 2 with the Index tracking and controllers now.
  7. I have been running my Vive Pro 2 since mid June and still quite pleased with it.
  8. Perhaps Facebook are taking the first steps now with Ray-Ban. https://www.facebook.com/4/videos/388482975992028/
  9. Yeah back when I was using my Warthog stick and throttle I used Target Script Editor, it was pretty powerful. I will say though now I like just assigning to buttons in game. DCS has probably the best controller setup menu I have seen in a flight sim.
  10. Wobbling would typically indicate a tracking issue. I would try resetting the tracking. In other words go through tracking setup again.
  11. Lol I am retired also and is why I can get 8 hours of flying in a day. I try and tempo it to about 6. I golf three days a week and can only get a couple on those days. Tough life.
  12. Tracks your head movement 1:1.
  13. I have a Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning unit mounted on the wall behind my desk blowing directly down on me. Have never broke a sweat in any of my VR devices.
  14. They are invaluable indeed! Much thanks for all the effort you put into them for us!
  15. Yeah that would be nice - I too do not run any mods.
  16. Normal FOV, 100% SS, PD 1.0, fsr about 0.68 iirc. Gets me to 75 fps on most non-complex missions like duels and instant actions. MP is another story, but I get high 60s most of the time. I hate reprojection with a passion though. DCS settings are medium/high, as is usual with VR, pretty standard. 3090 is undervolted and capped to 1840 on the core freq. CPU is at 4.8. Just out of curiosity, why hold back the GPU?
  17. Perhaps but not seen much on it. Point Control gets a lot of praise so I am just going to be patient and wait on mine.
  18. Wow that is odd. Never had it do that on my end.
  19. Great to know thanks! I should be good for my longer sessions.
  20. Good question - I hope it is long as I have been known to put in a few all day sessions with DCS.
  21. Tell me about it. Prior to VR I never had to have the top GPU or the top CPU. Now that I game in VR I go for the best I can get at the time.
  22. My room is fairly low lit as well.
  23. I get motion sickness pretty easily when riding in a car ( not driving). I had it at first when I got my first VR headset, but got acclimated to it just fine after a week or two.
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