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  1. Makes sense thanks for the suggestion! I will have a look at that in the morning. At least earlier this morning I did have good success learning the Mk 83 and 84 bombs in both CCIP and Auto modes. Got to blow some stuff up anyway.
  2. Thanks will do when I try again in the morning, will advise. I am hopeful! In my prior attempt I could not get the Maverick to uncage.
  3. I think I am already set up with the correct direction as I am heading to that waypoint. Watched Wags video again and he does not do all those steps in Chuck's guide that I am struggling with, he makes it look pretty easy lol. I will start fresh with it again in the morning, think I have had enough for the day today. Thanks to all I really appreciate the help and suggestions. I am determined to eventually get this. I am sure I will be updating the thread tomorrow with any progress.
  4. I give up for the day. Been trying for a while to get this and I think I just keep becoming more and more confused. Even with Jtac lasing the target, the Mavericks just stay in standby mode. Chuck's Guide goes over all these different steps, but at the end says if target being lased by Jtac uncaging the missile will search for any laser in the vicinity, but I am getting nowhere with this. I guess I need an AGM 65E for dummies guide.
  5. Ok I guess I am just confused then, I have AGM 65E loaded and am following Chuck's guide for deploying the AGM 65E. I will read up some more, thanks. Yikes just found this at the end of his 65E guide: Note for lasers designated by others • If you are tracking a target laser by another aircraft or a JTAC, uncaging the missile will search for any laser in the vicinity • If a laser is detected the MAV crossed out indication will disappear and be replaced by the RDY indication The HUD will also display MAV LKD Maverick Locked on Laser) Back to try again, thanks.
  6. Yes that is what I am doing per Chuck's guide. I can't get any further though, apparently am supposed to select an OSB that has FLIR, but I can't find any such OSB. His guide says it is in the TAC menu, but I sure can't see it so obviously can not select it. I tried continuing on beyond that, but it won't let me turn FLIR on. So there is something there I am missing bigly. Sigh maybe I should just give up on the 65E and move on to other bombs. Seems like would be pretty cool to utilize though.
  7. Hmm just watched Wags video for using the 65E and he does not do those steps I am struggling with. Maybe I better have another look.
  8. Well I assume so, it is the specific mission for this weapon. It is the AGM 65E weapons qualification mission. I successfully enter the code for it. Just went through it again taking my time and being very careful - I never get an FLIR option select button on the TAC menu, or any menu I can see. The Mavericks show in standby.
  9. Yes I am following his guide to the letter, am in AG mode and Master Arm is on. I just do not see that FLIR OSB option anywhere. Sure ya would love to have a go with that mission!
  10. Ok so as I am going through my Hornet learning process, I have come to the AGM 65E. This one I am struggling with. I use Chuck's guides for this along with a mission that already exists for learning purposes. This one I am stuck. I do ok up through getting the code from Jtac and entering it, but here is where I am stuck: 10. From the TAC page on either DDI or the AMPCD, press the OSB (Option Select Button) next to “ FLIR”(Forward Looking Infrared) to select the Targeting Pod feed page Monitor the warm up process I do not see any such FLIR OSB
  11. That is more up to personal preference. Just fly and see how it feels and adjust from there if necessary.
  12. Ok I think I have found and corrected the issue. Normally I check for this but I guess I missed it on this one. I got both a new throttle and a new VKB Ultimate Grip in recent weeks. The Ultimate grip has a twist axis, which I have locked as I don't use it. Did some checking this morning, and turns out DCS had assigned the twist axis on my VKB Ultimate Grip to Thrust. And the axis was showing slightly turned to the left, so that I am sure was conflicting with my left/right thrust axis I have assigned to my Virpil CM3 Throttle. Will be flying later on this morning but
  13. Not sure where you are getting that idea. Seems to me in that post of his you quoted his experience was just the opposite ?
  14. Oftentimes I see in the Hornet my virtual throttle in the cockpit will just kick out of afterburner to full mil power with me not moving my physical throttle. Is this normal, ie are there certain conditions that maybe cause this? Pretty sure it has nothing to do with my throttle, I have viewed the axis moving in testing it and see no odd behavior. I recently got a new CM3 Throttle and pretty sure it was doing it with my Warthog throttle previously as well. Thanks for any clarification on this,
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