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  1. I am feeling pretty comfortable now with the Vive Pro 2 so yesterday evening I cleaned up/boxed up my Reverb G2 and Index headsets. I had three headsets of cabling running around my floor to desk, looked like a darned spaghetti factory in here lol. Going to be spending a lot more time with the VP2 this week, so it will get a pretty good workout.
  2. If you have run through the MFG software calibration and it still does that, suggest you contact Milan. He is typically very responsive. Only calibrate with the MFG software, never Windows.
  3. I wonder if you maybe got some lenses that were not up to par or something. I feel the edge to edge clarity when looking around with my eyes is pretty good in my Vive Pro 2.
  4. CPU horsepower is holding you back some. For VR ideally one would like to be around 5 GHz especially with higher res headsets like the Reverb G2.
  5. I will have to give this a try for Nine Line, sounds very cool.
  6. You are most welcome - hope it helps. I really like mine, way better than the stock cushions.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NYPV5NL?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details Yes the exact same. It is not pictured but also includes a smaller pad to replace the cushion in the back that is against the back of the head.
  8. Yes no problems. I run a VKB Gunfighter stick, Virpil CM3 throttle, and MFG Crosswind Pedals.
  9. One thing that would really help these higher resolution headsets would be if DCS supported OpenXR runtime for VR. At least until the hardware or game optimization catches up. It gives the ability to set reprojection to 2 frames in 3. Works pretty good in another flight sim. Yes mine are, just laid one on top of the original. Did you also get the pad with your kit for the back part of the headset?
  10. All you can do is lower graphics settings in game and G2 resolution. You will want to be able to maintain 45 fps with motion smoothing on.
  11. Unless one is also into other made for VR games, I don't think upgrading from Reverb G2 would be worth it especially for DCS. You are not going to be able to run it much higher than default Reverb G2 resolution anyway, and the cost of the whole kit is pretty high. I like mine and will keep it, but I already had the LIghthouse 2.0 tracking system that came with my Index. I was using Index for made for VR games with controllers, and Reverb G2 for flight sims. Now I can go to just using one headset again with the Vive Pro 2. But for DCS only it would be just a side grade for the
  12. I am referring to motion smoothing being on. Hmm if I am maintaining 45 fps the artifacts are not that bad for me. Of course this can be subjective too. But yes I agree, Motion Smoothing on and forced to 45 fps in Steam VR with the Reverb G2 is quite good. Even if I dropped a little below 45 fps occasionally it was still good for the most part.
  13. You may need to adjust graphics settings and/or resolution - sounds like you are not maintaining the min of 45 fps at times.
  14. I don't know if this made any difference for me on my end. When I got my Vive Pro 2, I cleaned out everything prior to installing. Uninstalled all WMR, uninstalled Steam VR, then cleaned out any leftover files in the appdata folders. Then installed the Vive Console and Steam VR. And replaced my face pads with the Kiwi face pads. Looks like I will be very pleased with some other games in the VP2, and am ok with it for DCS. So for me looking like it will be worth it, as I can go back to just one headset for all my games. But much more testing to do.
  15. I replaced my face pads with the Kiwi face pads, much better. Also I am not having any light leak at all. I do definitely notice an increase in horizontal FOV over my Reverb G2. I have lenses pretty close. Motion Compensation - must be able to maintain a min of 45 fps. If it drops below, it looks pretty crappy. Due to this with DCS, can't really take advantage of the higher resolution. I am running about my G2 resolution for DCS. Other games can benefit. Have not really seen the other affects like cross eyed, but I have not really used any overlays either.
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