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  1. This is RAM usage and pagefile usage during that same session. And like I said, I had the issue again with the larger pagefile so I don't think that actually did anything to help me. Looks like the GPU might be trying to pull something from RAM or SSD and gets hung up.
  2. Spoke too soon. It happened again tonight and I had HWiNFO64 logging performance while I was playing and saw this. The GPU Bus load spikes and the Memory controller dips. Again I alt tab to task manager and it clears back up.
  3. I had some preliminary luck with one solution. I changed my pagefile from automatically managed to 16384 - 16384. Today I did a mission and did not get any of the sudden and persistent frametime spikes. It doesn't make a ton of sense to me but I don't know what the code is accessing and moving around behind the scenes. This is just a single instance of it not spiking though, so I wouldn't say it's for sure solved. I just had one good trial.
  4. Only AV then is Windows defender, I'll check the priority next time I'm on.
  5. I don't know what you are referring to with "av". I have your shaders IC pass mod, bailey's DICE, SRS, MAM, CAM, and A-4E, but I was having this issue even before. And none of those assets were being used in the missions I'm doing. I had some driver issues over the summer so I did a fresh windows install, and a fresh DCS Open Beta (standalone) install a few months ago. It was doing this even with the fresh install no mods.
  6. So short update I checked the full screen box, verified all the settings and flew a mission. Fired off since mavericks from the f-16 no issues, did a gun strafe of sure helos at an airport and same issue, 17-20fps for about 25 seconds. Alt + tab to desk top and then it went back to normal, back into the game and it's 45-65 fps. I don't get it
  7. So thanks for the tips. Game bar, game mode, hardware accelerated gpu scheduling, fullscreen optimization all disabled already. I've gone through all the "VR Optimization guides", done the Nvidia control panel stuff. I don't normally have afterburner (percisionX1) running and really just use fpsVR because of these stutters. I added in GPUZ just to see if there was anything else going on I could see while I was testing it out but didn't even get to the "bug" before the CTD. Haven't used GPUZ while the issue was happening yet. I would normally think it's windows 10 related (and might still be I
  8. Yes! This is the exact same thing as me. Desktop Windows Manager will spike as well. I'll try motion smoothing again, I didn't get a chance to test out settings after last post, the one time I tried this weekend to play I got a CTD (Just DCS things) about 15-20 min into my flight, I wouldn't have had time to retry it so meh. I had GPUZ up, fpsVR, and task manager, figured something didn't play nice.
  9. The only export.lua line I have is for SRS. pcall(function() local dcsSr=require('lfs');dofile(dcsSr.writedir()..[[Mods\Services\DCS-SRS\Scripts\DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.lua]]); end,nil);
  10. As title states, I'll occasionally see sudden and persistent frame time spikes. Scenario will be I take off with a solid framerate, 45 on the ground, and easily above in the air with as high as 90, but probably 65-70 average. These will be busy missions, MP servers (private dedicated server for my friends and I). I'll take off and fly to an AO, during this time my frame rates will be good, but when I engage an enemy the first time (usually first time) I'll suddenly see spikes in frame times resulting in a persistent low framerate, in the low teens. I'll alt + tab into desktop and check out tas
  11. Are you running slmod? I'd so you make those changes in one of the slmod config files instead of the normal file. The other possibility I have ran into was a Windows permissions issue.
  12. Have you installed the MFG software and calibrated the brake axis?
  13. Simple answer is the Hornet was much more complete at the time of the survey compared to the viper. Viper still lacks harms, HTS, mavericks, jsows, jdams, WCMDs, etc, 90% of ded and MFD pages. A cruise page would be more useful right now than A-G radar in my opinion. For a platform that shines as a SEAD plane you kinda need to round out some of the standoff weapons. A-G radar is pretty useless if you don't have the tools to attack the target once you find it. Priority 1 should be the HARM and the HTS. Then round out the rest of it's weapon options. At that point it'll be closer to where the h
  14. Just like the Hornet, I think new features/systems/weapons will trickle in as they are developed. And honestly everything on their list is more of a priority than A-G radar. That's not to say it won't come, but other systems and weapons are needed more at this time IMO. We need harms and the HTS in the viper, and that should be properly 1
  15. ED had to change the way they protect against piracy. Now due to this none of the mods that require files from other paid modules will work whether you own the paid modules or not. Things like the A-4 will still work but none of the mods that required FC3. There's no plans to fix or change that, it'll be up to the developers of the mods to find a new way to make them work.
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