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  1. Thanks for sharing Pato, realy great job!:thumbup:
  2. Thanks SkateZilla every thing works perfect on my end.:thumbup:
  3. Thanks a bunch Hawkeye, I was hoping for this.:thumbup:
  4. Yes Badbud, experiment with Axis Tune until you find a good preference.
  5. DD_Fenrir, Thanks for the advice Buddy, will give it a go. :) Edit: Thanks DD_Fenrir, Iv got it now, I can land now. I owe you Buddy.:thumbup:
  6. Congrats dburne, Iv mastered taking off, but landing, I still have to keep practicing. It is fun learning though. :)
  7. @Legman, I too Have those problems, some times I can get airborne some times not.
  8. Gents, I have an X-52 Flight Controller. When I try to Load Profile the common .lua unless i pick all files and it doesnt work in game Control Profiles. My question is do I need to use diff.lua or .prO? Im confused about this, please help!:noexpression:
  9. Very good, Gerax comes over now and again. Any way Happy Holidays to you and yours...
  10. Hey Rock, Im Bravo from SAS. Glad to see you doing skins, your one of the best. Cant wait to see what you turn out for the Spit. <S>
  11. YES, I got it figured out. Thank you so much for your Valuable Help.:thumbup:
  12. OK, buddy, Ill check and post, Thank you for your Reply My Friend. :)
  13. Well I got the guns to work, but I cant shoot Rockets. Its some thing Im not doing on the Armament Panel. Work in progress I reckon.:huh:
  14. What or how do I set a X-52 Weapon release? Iv been watching the UH-1H Traning Video but nothing I try works, What am I doing Wrong????:cry:
  15. I found this thread very helpful. Thanks to OP and all who responded.:thumbup:
  16. And then I put out my hand and touched the Face of God!!!
  17. Roger that Bro, Im doing the same thing., It'll be a nice way to welcome the new day, sleep tight man, see ya in the morn.:thumbup:
  18. Not yet in Arizona time, but the surprise is going to be very nice. :)
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