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  1. Hi, Yes I've used the kneboard position for alignement. Never being sure wether it's in deg,min,dec or deg,min,sec, i tried converting too, but it's doesn't change much. Also it's a solid 10nm, not the slight 1nm/hour of INS drift.
  2. Hello, I saw anothe rpost about INS alignment but my issue is a bit different : After a full alignment, when I double check my INS wpt pointed to in the HSI, it is off by 10nm N-N-W from the wpt shown in the f10 map. This causes me to miss some interactions. Additionaly, when I choose to go check some tallies at a given GPS coordinates, I can't seem to go to the right location. I don't have the actual values right now, but even when converting to deg-min-dec system, I'm never in the right spot to continue the radio interaction stating I confirm the position of the possible hostile (It worked once but I go shot down a bit later, and can't do it again now). Any idea of what could cause my problem? Thanks !
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