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  1. I am on OB. After doing a bit of reading on the issue before the update, I thought this issue might be caused by something else.
  2. Per title. Sequence of events were as follows: 1. Attack rapier - buzzard takes over and I go back on station 2. Iranian C-130 is called and I'm vectored to monitor 3. Forced the C-130 to break and leave our AO (at this point I tell prowler to hold adder back until I return on station) 4. Return on station and tell prowler to send adder in 5. Adder moves to Alcatraz and parks At this point, I've circled for nearly 20 mins on both occasions I've tried the mission. No contact from prowler, adder never moves from Alcatraz. OT: I will say that this campaign so far has been a blas
  3. Thanks Joey, that did it. Everything renders properly, and I finally have my description .lua working. Hats off to you modders out there, this gave me only a small taste of the talent you guys possess.
  4. Very minor visual issue. When you use the emergency canopy jettison, the canopy still remains from the cockpit view (in the up position). This doesn't occur from an external view. Here are some screens showing the issue.
  5. Update: After some more experimentation, it's not as drag and drop as it seems. I can get my image to display just fine, but the normalmap of the surface beneath bleeds through unto the image giving it a weathered or sometimes "rough" look. I've done a fair amount of searching for material on the subject, but I've been surprised at how little discussion or documentation exists. If any experts could shine some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hey T'challa, I assume you meant to say F-18 or f-14 dogfights? AFAIK, all pilots with a G-suit inside DCS share the same G resistance. But yes, you do tend to black out easier just because of the insane G acceleration capability of the Viper vs. other airframes. IIRC, the extra G tolerance gained from the reclined seat isn't implemented yet.
  7. Hey guys, I have some very limited skinning experience (currently using GIMP, I've got the basics down) and have some questions regarding cockpit skinning. I've been trying to quickly slap on a photo to the airframe's cockpit, but to no avail. 1. What format do you usually work with? I'm currently taking the DDS, opening it in GIMP (which then converts it to XCF) then converting it back to DDS. 2. Which compression works best? Is there one set compression that DCS can only use? 3. What's the quickest way to identify certain parts of the cockpit on the DDS without having to
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